igi - Microphone Peg + PLUS (2017)

igi - Microphone Peg + PLUS (2017)

Name: Microphone Peg + PLUS (2017)
Company: igi ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 230 g ( = 0.51 lbs )
Infos: Introducing the MICROPHONE PEG PLUS, 🎤+ 🎤+ 🎤+ The plus is for the extra 3mm in diameter on the cylinder part of the peg, the ball stays the same. This peg retails for $64.99 , weigths in at 230 grams a pair with the aluminium caps compared to 200 for the original one and is also compatible with all caps and extenders. We know some of you out there might appreciate this peg that gives you a more classic feel, yet has the edge you might need to stick to that pivot you´re working on. Go and ask @bikingdervish how he likes them.
Color black


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