Cinema Wheel Co. - FX Freecoaster Hub

Cinema Wheel Co. - FX Freecoaster Hub

Name: FX Freecoaster Hub
Company: Cinema Wheel Co. ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 650 g ( = 1.43 lbs )
Infos: Material: 6061 aluminum hub shell

Colors: Black anodized (available in both RHD and LHD options)

Features: Includes 3 slack adjustment washers to allow fine tuning for riding preference

Axle: 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle with 6mm internal hex

Axle Nuts: 14mm threaded steel nuts (14x1 thread pitch)

Non-Driveside Cone: 23mm threaded allow nut (x1)

Driveside Cones: 23mm threaded steel nut (x1)

Driver: 9-tooth chromoly driver with polymer bushing and sealed cartridge bearings

Flange Offset From Center: 28mm drive side / 26mm non-drive side

Pitch Circle Diameter: 58mm drive side / 46mm non-drive side

Bearing Code: 6902 (x2), 6002 (x1), 7905 (x1)

Spoke Holes: 36 holes

Weight: 22.95 oz

** FX Freecoaster Hub Guard

14mm push-on 7075 aluminum hub guard made to replace the existing non-drive side hardware on the Cinema FX freecoaster hub.

Weight: 2.15 oz
Axle 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle with 6mm internal hex
Color Black anodized
Spokes 36


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