United Bike Co. - Nathan Williams Signature Grips

United Bike Co. - Nathan Williams Signature Grips

Name: Nathan Williams Signature Grips
Company: United Bike Co. ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 0 g ( = 0.00 lbs )
Infos: "Nathan Williams Signature Grips. Nathan had a few requests on his signature grip “it has to feel good” being the most important, so it needed to be soft yet durable. He also changes his mind like the wind, flanges one day, flangeless the next, and length is important (to catch barspins!)
We took a simple ribbed design, and tackled problems by getting tech and using a slightly wider rib, with staggered heights and recessed cut outs that provide durability, but combined with the soft density compound make the grip soft and “squashy” to the feel. Smaller grooves that lock into your fingers help prevent the grip from slipping out of your hands, and being able to cut down the grips in three different ways to your preferred length mean this is a grip to suit almost everyone."

Ultra soft compound
Staggered diameter ribs with horizontal slices for ´squashy´ and comfortable feel
Medium diameter
Can be trimmed to 140mm or 130mm by using cut guides
155mm long
United nylon bar ends included
Black, Camo & Tie Dye
Color Black, Camo & Tie Dye


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