Fly Bikes BMX - Pantera 2 Sergio Layos signature (2007)

Fly Bikes BMX - Pantera 2 Sergio Layos signature (2007)

Name: Pantera 2 Sergio Layos signature (2007)
Company: Fly Bikes BMX ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 670 g ( = 1.48 lbs )
Infos: "Many people as asked us why we made this V shape bar. Well, here is why. The main reason is because we love the look of it. Most of the bars are similar now so this gives it some kind of personality. You know that bars must flex a bit. On the rest of the bars, you have 2 points for that. With this design, you have 3 points so the flex stress is more distributed."

10 degree back
4 degree up
Color flat black, pearl red, dirty green
Height 7.3"


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