Animal Bikes - Javeline Front Hub

Animal Bikes - Javeline Front Hub
Name: Javeline Front Hub
Company: Animal Bikes ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 280 g ( = 0.62 lbs )
Infos: A low flanged, 36 hole hub, the Javeline front hub is CNC´d from 7075 aluminum and features a female axle design. The 7075 aluminum cone spacers feature a stainless steel bearing contact to prevent deformation/binding that happens to aluminum cones over time. Both the hollow axle (with a hex broach) and the bolts are chromoly for durability. The 10mm bolts are designed to work with either a 17mm socket or 6mm allen key.
Axle 10mm bolts
Color black, red, blue, purple
Sealed yes
Spokes 36
Type Front


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