Éclat - Surge Nylon Pedals

Éclat - Surge Nylon Pedals

Name: Surge Nylon Pedals
Company: Éclat ( Official Website - All parts of this Company )
Weight: 419 g ( = 0.92 lbs )
Infos: All the grip and none of the weight. The Surge pedals are easily the best pedals on the market for grip. Constructed of a nylon/fiberglass blend, the Surge pedal features a knurled concave surface, hardened crmo spindles and reinforced construction. Simple, effective and lightweight, the Surge pedal combines the best aspects of a nylon pedal without sacrificing pedal grip.

injection molded nylon / fibreglass

knurled top surface / crmo spindle / slim lightweight design / logo surface detailing
Axle 9/16"
Color black, blue, white
Sealed loose ball


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