Tioga - PowerBand S-Spec (Kevlar) 1.85"

Tioga - PowerBand S-Spec (Kevlar) 1.85"

Name: PowerBand S-Spec (Kevlar) 1.85"
Company: Tioga ( All parts of this Company )
Weight: 295 g ( = 0.65 lbs )
Infos: When races are won by a fraction of a second, reducing weight and drag without disrupting other functions can be the difference between first, and well, not first. The PowerBand S-Spec is a no compromise tire designed specifically to reduce drag and save weight up front. Ultra lightweight sidewall matched to low profile "speed strip" tread makes this the absolute lightest (and in our opinion, the fastest) front specific race tire in the world.

PowerBand 20 x 1.85" S-Spec
120 TPI Cyclex Casing
UTC Rubber Compound
Folding Bead
10.41oz; 295g
Color black
PSI 110
Size 1.85"


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