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A little session with Benjamin Hudson

We just posted the video of Matthias and Benjamin the other day but it's quite easy to be a ben-fan. Check those super smooth jumps straight to the pedals .. 

Gino in Slow-Motion

Gino is quite the smooth operator on the bike and an amazinly positive person. You will always see him smile at contests no matter if he pulled his combos or not. For his latest edit he was filmed at the famous Amsterdam spot by the river. If you don't like slow motion footage then this video is probably not for you. For the rest of you: enjoy!

Get It - Flatland How-To Channel

We found a little pearl hiding on Youtube. The Get It BMX Flalatland School channel is posting how-to videos regularly for about 2 months now. They started with some very basic tricks and already moved on to more advanced stuff like hang-5 and steamroller. There are no comments but the footage is pretty good with slow-motions and sometimes different angles. Certainly another helpful resource for beginners!

Get It - BMX Flatland School on Youtube

Art Thomason and his black frame

Art dedicated this edit to his new frame color (black) but he also has some new tricks and combos!

"I painted one of my Hoffman Strowler frames black and put it together for a different look and feel while I have more time to explore different tricks in the contest off season. Some of these are complete combos, some are just part of a bigger trick still in the works, and some are just something I thought of, did once and will probably never do again."

Game of Bike: Matthias Dandois vs Ben Hudson

Time for a good old game of bike! Matthias is visiting Santiago de Chile and filmed with Benjamin Hudson. Very entertaining battle! Enjoy!

Australia: Autumn Jam Winners

Winter is coming .. to Australia. The Melbourne crew held the Autumn Jam at the famous IMAX spot last weekend. As far as we can tell it was a relaxed jam but they awarded a few riders. Check the happy winners below. A few photos by Azam Norddin have been posted in the Melbourne Flatland Facebook group.

Riders of the day: Thore Saggau and Calvin Tan
Most Improved: David Rooney
Encouragement award: Jovan
Photo: Azam Norddin‎

Poland: Martin Drazil wins Flat is Back Jam + Photos

Today the Flat is Back Jam and contest took place in Lodz, Poland. Looking at the photos it seems to be really well organized with a 50sqm osb floor in a pretty nice venue. Organizer Julian shared the results with us and some great photos by Witold Ancerowicz. Thanks guys! Congratulations to Martin Drazil who won the pro class!

1st Martin Drazil
2nd Tomasz Bianga
3rd Michał Sepkowski
4th Pawel Spychaj
5th Daniel Opiola

Photos: Flat is Back Jam Gallery by Witold Ancerowicz

Keelan Phillips flowing like a champion

Check out Keelan's latest edit called flow! Three flowing flow combos from flowmaster K and he probably filmed them in a couple of minutes. Looks like someone is ready for the contest season! There is also a second new video from the local skatepark.

Galaxy Contest Pro Highlights

The annual Galaxy contest in Indonesia took place about 2 weeks ago. You may have seen the results. In the meantime some footage popped up. There is a pretty nice edit on Facebook but you have to be friends with the Level Ground account to watch it. We asked them to make it public. Besides that you can find a couple of highlight edits on Youtube that are a little darkish. The one above shows the top 3 riders of the pro class finals. Check the video section for another 16min edit of the pro class.

Aloha Jam - 2016 Video and 2017 Date

The annual Aloha Jam on Hawaii is going to take place on August 19 this year. Bobby is also organizing the flatland mansion again so you can easily stay on the island with some fellow riders. Spots in the mansion are limited - first come first served. You can find all the details on the website: Aloha Jam 2017.

Furthermore the 2016 video is now online in all it's Diversion glory. Check it out!