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Colombia: Jam Sado in Bogota

Dub is currently in Colombia and dropped us this poster of an upcoming jam in Bogota. It's scheduled for February 26 at Parque Los Sauces. You can find the full poster and a Facebook link in the event section: Jam Sado

Ninja Jam 2017 in Paris Edit

Alex held a little jam in Paris last weekend. It was not the grand international Ninja Spin but rather a cozy Ninja Jam with the French homies. Maxime Cassagne was there with his camera (drone?) to film the action. Enjoy!

Adam Kun in Costa Rica

Adam is in travel mode! His sponsor Monster is sending him to all corners of the world. At the moment he is in Nigeria - check his Instagram for updates. A while ago one of his trips lead him to Costa Rica. The video and article was posted a few days ago on the Monster website but didn't get too much attention. Check it out!

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KOG 2017 Round 1 Canceled

The first round of King of Ground 2017 was scheduled for April 15. Due to urgent renovation works at the venue the stop has to be canceled. You can find the official announcement on their website:

Progression Sundays with Paulo Gepulango and Toto Awing

Thanks to Paulo for sending his latest edit! He had a sunday session at his backyard spot with his homie Toto Awing: "having a good time and pulling some weird things this afternoon". Clearly the best way to spend your sunday!

Shinichi Kiba - 2014 to 2016

Some of the best clips from the past 2 years of one of the most progressive riders out there! Shinichi Kiba is a true master on the front wheel with his technical switches and combos. Enjoy!

Patrick Coelho from Brazil

Aggressive new edit of Patrick Coelho from Bahia, Brazil! No clue what the little horror movie clips between the combos are about but together with the music it creates a cool theme for the edit. Check it out!

Yevehnii Savvatieiev - 2016 Compilation

Yevehnii Savvatieiev from the Ukraine put his best 2016 clips together for this edit. He was travelling a bit last year - the footage was filmed at home in Ukraine, China and Belarus. Smooth combos with a couple of big jumps, enjoy!

Chad Degroot - Kaleidoscope Bike Check

Fresh little edit and bike check of Chad showing a new colorway of Profile parts that looks pretty cool:

"It was so fun to make this video. Have wanted to try a few things for a minute and they worked out. Checked them off the list. I am not Latino but I am proud of this "Kaleidoscope" parts from Profile Racing and I can't thank them enough for doing one amazing job with detail. So proud. Thank you for watching and please share, comment, or hit me up and let me know what you think" -Chad D

George Manos - IG Compilation

Not following George on Instagram yet? No problem, he put a compilation together. It's cool to see the footage in higher resolution so you get all those little technical details. Skip the first 30seconds to go straight to the pegless action!