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AFA Round 1 and Scoring System

Only 2 weeks until the first round of this year's AFA series! We saw their new promo clip on IG and found some updated information on their website. You can find all the details in the event section: AFA Round 1.

The format is going to be best of 2 runs with no finals. The scoring system of the series has been simplified as requested by the riders: "Each placing is worth a pre-defined number of points. We add up all the points at the end of the year and that's your standing". You can find a scoring table on 

Good luck to all the riders for round 1!

Events: A-Style Jam, Autumn Jam, Tangent Jam, Galaxy Contest ...

What's new on the event list? Here we go ...

March 11th in Indonesia: Galaxy Contest
April 2nd in Australia: Autumn Jam 2017
April 15th in Japan: A-Style Jam
October 7th in United States: Tangent Jam 6

Furtheremore BMX Cologne mentioned on Facebook that we can expect street, spine and flatland this year. See you in Cologne!

You can find the complete list of upcoming events here and we ask you to submit missing events.

Maple Vibes - Top 3 Edit

Thanks to Steven Lapsley for this first piece of footage from Toronto! You'll get to see quite a few combos of the top 3 pro class riders Dominik Nekolny, Jean-William Prevost and Takahiro Ikeda. Enjoy the show!

Canada: Dominik Nekolny wins Maple Vibes

It was time again for that cold winter weekend in Toronto with the warm and cozy contest spot inside the Better Living Center. Dominik won the pro contest of Maple Vibes for the second time in a row! Congratulations! 

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Takahiro Ikeda
4th Bo Wade
5th Jason Plourde
6th Steve Bergon
7th Jean Francois Boulianne
8th Bryan Huffman
9th Todd Carter

1st Etienne Bergeron
2nd Adrian Furniss
3rd Danny Sirkin
4th Ron Monis
5th Shaun Lapsley
6th Craig Gaudet
7th Steve Lapsley
8th Kevin Washington

1st Brandon Fenton
2nd Bertrand Williams
3rd Paula Hesser

Did you take some photos? Please don't hesitate to share:

France: Flat The Power Round 3 on April 1

The third round of the Flat The Power series is going to take place on April 1 in Paris. Like the previous two rounds the battleground will be a night club. This time Raphael Chiquet is going to battle Joris Bretagnolles so don't expect too many front wheel combos!

Check the videos of the first two rounds for some impressions:
Round 1 - Alex Jumelin vs Raphael Chiquet
Round 2 - Alex Jumelin vs Matthias Dandois

What is Matt Wilhelm up to?

Wondering what Matt Wilhelm is up to these days? He has been doing anti-bullying school assembly programs for a while now which deserves respect and is a great alternative to doing regular shows. For the people out there who are wondering what his program looks like he put a video on youtube with clips from his program as well as TV appearances. The kids seem to love it! Keep up the good work Matt!

Caen Indoor Highlight Edit

Nice highlight edit of the Caen contest last weekend featuring the open class as well some footage of the girls and lower contest classes. Enjoy! Thanks to Agostini films!

On the Facebook page of the French Championship a few podium photos have been posted in the meantime but we haven't seen the full results yet (click here for pro top 3). Drop us a message if you saw them somewhere:

Toyosu Jam Vol.3 Edit and Vol.4 Date

The Toyosu Jam in Tokyo, Japan is becoming a monthly event. This is the video of the February jam. They wrote in the video description that more riders were attending this time and the weather played along as well.

The next Toyosu Jam will be Vol.4 on March 19. We added it to the event list: Toyosu Jam Vol.4

James McGraw and the no-scuff progress

At the beginning of the year we mentioned James' no-scuff challenge. He made some progress in The meantime and put this edit together:

"February 2017 has been the most progressive month I have had for scuff elimination. Other than the first combo everything is scuff or kick free. #scuffgate just got bitch slapped. I have been pushing hard and not to long ago Austin Luberda (AKA the young american badass) dropped a video of him doing a variel to variel and it motivated me to push my self to pull a combo that has variel to variel with nothing in-between. I am super happy to say i hit my goal and then some."

Master of Creativity 2017 - Registration open!

Yeah! Master of Creativity 2017 is starting! Once again the online video competition is challenging riders to film the most creative and difficult tricks. The process remains the same: register, film before the deadline, submit your video, get judged, go to the next round and repeat. 

The rounds:
Round 1 - 25 second clip until June 1st
Round 2 - 30 second clip until August 1st
Round 3 - 30 second clip until November 1st

The judges: Martti, Viki, Effraim

Register on