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Best of Wastl - July to September 2017

Not following Sebastian Grubinger on Instagram? No problem .. Wastl had a little flu and too much time (according to him) so he put his best IG clips together from the past months. Enjoy!

Follow him on IG: @wastlgrubinger

Melbourne Flatland Scene Spring Jam Photos

Thanks to June and David for sharing photos of the recent Melbourne Flatland Scene Spring Jam with us. Looks like everyone had a great day at the IMAX spot. There must have been quite a few fun contests - at least we spotted all kinds of starting lines for steam roller races and so on ;-)

Photos: Melbourne Flatland Scene Spring Jam 2017

Sietse van Berkel - Spinning in Utrecht

A classic case of better late than never. Sietse shared this nice edit with us earlier this month. It's a project of a film academy student. Above is the short version with the riding parts. There is also a longer cut with an interview but no subtitles.

'For my study at the Dutch Film Academy, I got an assignment to make a video portrait about someone. I have seen Sietse's skills on a TV show before and I was very impressed. That was for me the reason to approach him. In the end we had a very nice day with a successful result. And this is only a small part of the video portrait.' - Pjotr Schelling

Hungary: Sport Zone BMX Flatland Contest

Rob Alton dropped us updated information on the Sport Zone Contest in Hungary. 

Here is our official teaser video for the Veres BMX FLATLAND Veresny. The local support and enthusiasm has been great and we are looking forward to a great contest and fun day for the kids, parents, Master and Pro Class. I will be posting videos from as many confirmed riders as possible to help promote our sponsors and of course the event. So PLEASE guys if you are coming confirm it on the Facebook Event page and please send me a short HD video (under 45secs) clip with your name and class as the file name, example: 'Rob Alton Pro Class'. Send files over to If you use the mobile wetransfer app just put your info into the message part. I will also try to stream the event live from our Facebook Page on the day.

Find the poster, links and further information in the event section: Sport Zone BMX Flatland Contest

Living Room Battle - Joris vs Markus

After the Perche Riding Festival Joris and Markus had another fun battle. It’s kind of 16+ as you can guess from the title ;) Prepare for a flatland striptease ..

Belgium: Dez Maarsen wins Antwerp City Drops

The City Drops contest provided a sunny weekend for the crowd, riders and especially Dez Maarsen who took the first place. Congratulations! Fat BMX posted a couple of photos on Facebook and organizer Gilles promised some more updates as well so stay tuned!

1st Dez Maarsen
2nd Martin Drazil
3rd Gino Stuart
4th David Hoffmann
5th Sietse van Berkel
6th Barre Neiryinck
7th Markus Schwital
8th Jorrit van Drumpt

Chris Böhm - Passion 2017 Edit

We all know that Chris is very passionate about flatland and never too shy to show that ;-) For his latest video project he went to Amsterdam with video maker Jseva. Besides great editing and filming they put a couple of new links and switches in the video. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek: Colony Exon Tires

@flataustralia posted a photo of the new Colony Exon flatland tires. As you can clearly see the maximum pressure is 110 PSI and there was probably no way to write that even bigger ;-) They come as 20 x 1.75 and should be a great addition to the Colony Exon flatland range. More details are yet to be announced.

France: Perche Riding Festival Results and Footage

The Perche Riding Festival already took place 2 weeks ago. Congratulations to Thomas Noyer on his first place! There is a little video of the event with some footage of the flatland contest towards the end. It's not the most spectacular edit ever but check it out if you want to get an impression.

Top 3
1st Thomas Noyer
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Gurvan Le Bloc'h

Toyosu Jam Vol.8 Highlights + Next Jam Date

Yukipkoproject keep those Toyosu Jam edits coming. Here is the August edit! Super relaxed and fun to watch as always. Enjoy!

The September Toyosu jam is going to take place this weekend: Toyosu Jam Vol.9