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Markus Schwital - Kunstform Edit 2018

Markus and video maker Robin Kachfi teamed up for this video that turned out really good. They filmed at different spots in Stuttgart, Germany where Markus is living. If you want to take a look behind the scenes then check out this video (in German).

Raphael Chiquez wins FISE Le Grau du Roi

It's a family victory for Celine Vaes and Raphael Chiquet at the FISE Xperience stop in Le Grau du Roi last weekend and the Coupe the France overall ranking. Now we just need their kids to compete. Congratulations! 

1st Raphael Chiquet
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Thomas Deschenaux
4th Thomas Noyer

1st Celine Vaes
2nd Caroline Carbonne
3rd Tamara Vedian

Tartiflat Jam 4 Edit

Etienne Giraud kindly shared this edit of the recent Tartiflat Jam in France with us: "As always, a very good weekend in the Alps at Annecy : tricks, challenges, cheese, food and beers. Lots of riders came this year form Lyon, Grenoble, Zurich, Paris and more. Many thanks to Autum bicycle for the parts and The Roster for the delicious burger!"

How to Nose Manual with Davis Dudelis + New World Record

Could you imagine a better person to explain a nose manual than the world record holder? We can't! In this excellent how-to-video Davis is taking time to share all his knowledge on the trick. It's really detailed but still fun to watch. We'd love to see more videos like that.

Davis has also set a new world record for the longest nose manual recently: 382m. Stay tuned for the edit!

Brazil: Overground Round 3 Results

Bruno Morotti aka Zebu won the 3rd round of the Overground Series in Brazil which puts him in the first place of the overall 2018 ranking. Congratulations! You can find the results of the 3rd round below. All the results and the overall ranking can be found on
Check M.U.F.Midia on Facebook for photos and clips.

1st Bruno Zebu Morotti
2nd Sergio Balu Ricardo
3rd Francisco Lima
4th Romulo Guerra
5th Camilo Verissimo
6th Gilberto Rocha
7th Luiz dos Santos
8th William Prado
9th Hudson dos Santos
10th Caio Alves

1st Eduardo Argeli
2nd Rogerio Mesquita
3rd Gabriel Ribeiro
4th Alex Bolani
5th Reggys da Silva

1st Rogerio Cesario
2nd Waldei Fernando Moreira
3rd Eder dos Santos
4th Leandro Calistro Da Silva
5th Rafael Paes

Annul Pale from India - 2018 Update

We don't get a lot of information from India but every now and then a new video of a talented rider pops up. Last time we mentioned Annul Pale was in 2016. Check out his progress! You can also follow him on Facebook.

Japan: Flatark postponed to 2019

Ark League posted on Facebook that the events (including Flatark) is postponed to 2019. Many riders probably booked their ticket already. Can anyone out there organize a nice jam in Kobe on the former contest weekend?

"ARK LEAGUE 2018 official announce to whom may concern.

Apology and notification for postponement of ARK LEAGUE 2018.

Thank you always for supporting ARK LEAGUE. We would like to take this opportunity to announce that ARK LEAGUE 2018 will be postponed officially.

Due to the prolonged adjustment on date and venue of the 2nd round skateboard world competition, there is a high possibility that overseas riders will not be able to participate in SKATE ARK on October 26, 27 and 28.

ARK LEAGUE has been aiming to hold the world's high class tournament in Japan since its establishment. With the situation above, we judged that the timing is not appropriate, and decided to postpone the ARK LEAGUE 2018.

We plan to schedule it on spring of 2019, and once date and location are confirmed, it will be announced on the website. If you are already registered, there is no need to re-register for next spring as it’s automatically counted at our end.

Again, we apologize for those who is looking forward ARK LEAGUE 2018, participants and sponsors who are supporting the contest, Kobe City of local administration, and everyone involved in the ARK LEAGUE. We promise that we will return with larger scale, and would appreciate your continuous support for ARK LEAGUE.

ARK LEAGUE executive committee."

Yan Dudli - 5 Years of Riding

Yan Dudli from Luxembourg is celebrating 5 years of riding with this edit. Thanks for sharing! He wrote that he wanted a different kind of look for his video and teamed up with Fabio Di Biase. Keep riding Yan!

Joel Schallhorn in Osaka

Back in March Joel moved to Osaka, Japan for work. What a globetrotter! In this video he focusing on some of his unconventional breakless tricks. Enjoy the show!

Japan: Chimera Games Vol. 6

Tamao Nakamuro dropped us some information about the Chimera Games Vol. 6 in Tokyo, Japan. It's a huge festival with live music and different contests including flatland. There is a pretty big total price money of 12 million yen (2 million for the winner of the open class). You can find all the details from Tamao in the event section: Chimera Games Vol. 6