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France: BSF Flatland Contest

For the 2nd time Flatland will be part of the BSF festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Jean Bulhon is organizing the contest which takes place on December 2. There is a 1000€ prize money and a registration fee of 15€. 

Links and details: BSF Flatland Contest

Jean William Prevost wins Battle in the Rockies

Dub is the boss ... 4th win at an AFA contest this year. Clear overall winner of the 2017 series. Congratulations! Mates came all the way from the Czech Republic and found his way to the podium as well. James McGraw streamed at least some parts of the contest live on Facebook. There are many longer clips on his Facebook profile.

Top 3 Pro
1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Mates Tucek
3rd Will Redd

Photo: @bikingdervish 

The latest Takato Moriya madness

Takato Moriya is an outstanding talent. It's hard to believe that he is really just 8 years old?! Check this combo. 

Takato entered the Flat Ark this year and got 15th out of 51 in the Novice class. Makes you wonder what the other Novice class riders did ... 

Tampa Bay Labor Day Jam 2017 Highlights

Two days of Florida jam news in a row.. Yesterday we mentioned the upcoming jam in January and today it's time to look back to the previous Labor Day Jam. Really nice official highlight edit by Jay Marley. It's kind of funny how everyone is sitting on chairs around the spot. Check it out!

USA: Gasparilla Jam in Florida

Tampa gets a second jam besides the annual Labor Day jam. The Gasparilla Jam is scheduled for January 28 which is the same weekend as a local festival. The jam will host a bunch of little contests: Best Front Wheel, Best Back Wheel, Best Front & Back Wheel, Best Old School Trick & Best Trick. The judges are Chad DeGroot, Marcos Paulo De Jesus and Mark Eaton. As you can see everything is already well prepared and you can find much more details here: Gasparilla Jam

Com'in Lyon 2017 Photos

Here are some impressions from last weekend’s Com’in Lyon contest. Thanks to Laetitia for sharing her photos.  Scroll down a bit in the news for the results.

Photos: Com'in Lyon 2017

Gilles Van de Sompel in Tokyo

Gilles did his own little Toyosu Jam in Tokyo. Here is the story: "Sunday the 22nd of October 2017, typhoon Lan, the 2nd largest tropical cyclone ever known, reaching speeds up to 250km/h, hit Tokyo Japan, cancelling the originally planned Toyosu Jam Vol. 10. Miraculously the day after, my last full day in Japan, was sunny, giving me the chance to ride this legendary spot! Hope you enjoy!"

Thomas Noyer wins Com'in Lyon + French Cup Results

Congratulations to Thomas Noyer! First place in the pro class for him at Com'in Lyon this weekend. He stepped up from the 2nd place in the qualification to the top while Markus Schwital from Germany went from 1st place in the qualifcation to the 4th.

Com'in Lyon was also the final of the French Flatland Cup 2017. Matthias got first followed by Alex and Thomas. Congratulations guys! You can find all the results below - thanks to Laetitia for sharing them and the live stream on Facebook.

You can find a recording of the Com'in final here.

Com'in Lyon Pro Class
1st Thomas Noyer
2nd Kevin Jacob 
3rd Raphaël Chiquet 
4th Markus Schwital
5th Jean Bullon
6th Sakis Doumas
7th Chris Böhm
8th Rémi Dunoyer
9th Romain Donelier
10th Kevin Meyer

French Flatland Cup Open Class
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Thomas Noyer
4th Joris Bretagnolles
5th Kevin Jacob
6th Raphael Chiquet
7th Romain Dodelier
8th Thomas Deschenaux
9th Fabien Stephan
10th Renaud Meloni

Watch Flat Ark Live

The finals of the Flat Ark will be streamed live on Facebook. According to the schedule the broadcast will start at 5:30PM local time in Japan which is 9:30AM CET. Spread the word!

In case the embedded video doesn't work check the official Flat Ark page for a new link.

Heresy - Across Edit with Alexis and Wastl

What's black and white? A Heresy edit! Alexis visited Wastl in his hometown Vienna and if you are paying attention you'll see Markus Redlberger dropping some short street-flat combos. The whole edit is quite street-flatish and we should probably mention that Vienna is a much nicer place than the video description on Vimeo suggests ;-)