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Jean-William Prevost wins Ninja Spin

Dub seems to be unstoppable and wins another big contest in France. Congratulations! Thanks to Laetitia for sharing the results and several live streams on Facebook during the weekend. Check Frenchy Flatland for the recordings.

1st Jean-William Prevost
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rd Matthias Dandois
4th Moto Sasaki
5th Kevin Nikulski
6th Joris Bretagnolles
7th Dustyn Alt
8th Raphael Chiquet
9th Thomas Deschenaux
10th Oleg Efimov
11th Sakis Doumas
12th Bo Wade

Photo: Emma Colin

Paul Chamberlain wins Downunderground Round 2

The second round of the DUG series took place in Bridport this weekend. Paul Chamberlain won the Open class. Congratulations!

Open Class
1st Paul Chamberlain
2nd Simon O'Brien
3rd Lee Kirkman

Photo: Flatland Australia Facebook

The Wonder Women of Flatland

The Rad Girls released their new edit featuring some of the most talented female riders out there. They also posted a comment on Facebook:

'Today the greatly anticipated feature film "Wonder Women" opens in theatres. Its the first of its kind and is being celebrating everywhere, and rightly so. Rad Girls BMX believes strongly in encouraging girls/women to forge their own paths and follow their hearts. To be their own Wonder Woman; To reject type casting and push gender barriers over the edge. To be the leading role in their own life.

Today is also the day that the greatly anticipated "Rad Girls: Legacy" edit is unleashed unto the world. This video features real Wonder Women of flatland BMX. From the youngest riders to the vets, BMX is for everybody. We are hoping to inspire the next generation of Rad Girls, to carry on the Legacy that women do and can ride Flatland.'

Freestyle Now - Team Edit

The Freestyle Now squad put a big new team edit together featuring all the different sports from bmx to skateboard. Flatland is well represented by Jason Parker, Paul Chamberlain, Tanh Ga, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen and we probably even missed a name or two. All the riders are at their homespots, most of them in sunny Australia and then there is one poor dutchman in his windowless flatland cave. Enjoy!

Shaun Jarvis has been interviewed for an Australian radio show about the upcoming Downunderground contest this weekend. Check the interview and more details about the contest.

York Jam 2017 Highlights

It was that time of the year last weekend - York Jam time! We haven't seen the annual group photo yet but according to the edit a lot of riders showed up including an international guests from the Czech Republic. Check it out!

Riders: Jim Cavanugh, Scott Powell, Stephen Cerra, Freddy Brown, Bryan Huffman, Sunny Singh, Martin Drazil, Jilliepoo & Dezairay, Bill Nitschke, Trevor Watring, Scott Denoncourt, Kevin Washington, Scotty Duszlak, Trey Leeper, Will Danner, Mark Mcgrade and many more!

Ares - Minato Seat and Stealth Seatpost

Ares came up with a new flatland specific pivotal seat called Minato Seat. It will probably remind you of the famous KHE Watanabe which is hard to find these days. In order to produce a plastic seat like this you need a casting mold which is an expensive thing to make and only economical if you want to produce a lot of seat. That makes it almost impossible to get a prototype made but the clever guys at Ares found a company that would make a sample using a 3D printer. You can find more details on that prototype including a photo here.

Eventually they decided to go into production and the seat will be available later this summer.

Retail price: 3400 yen / 30 USD
Delivery time: around the beginning of August 2017
Size: 180.96 mm
Color: Black Only

As we read on Flatlandfuel (you can preorder already) 'The tip has 3 cutting patterns in increments of 5mm so its easy to make it smaller and lighter to suit your preference'. A matching seat post will be released as well. The new version of the stealth seat post has a length of 330mm and will be available around August as well. More details on the ares website where you can preorder as well:

Toyosu Jam Vol. 5

Time for the monthly Toyosu Jam edit! Number 5 is featuring a bunch of talented young kids as well as talented and well-known 'older kids' from the pro class. Enjoy!

Varo Hernandez - 732 shows in 11 months

Varo is a show machine! He did 732 shows in the past 11 month for the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Now it's time for him to go back home to Spain. But before leaving he filmed the cool little video above at the stage where he did the shows. 

Autum Complete Bike - Stay Hungry Edition

Autum came up with a reasonably prices complete bike for beginners. It's not too heavy with 12.5kg / 27.5 lbs and costs 599euro: "With our very first AUTUM *STAY HUNGRY®* BMX Flatland complete bike we only had one goal in mind - to create the best BMX Freestyle complete bike possible for a serious start into the BMX Flatland world for the most reasonable price possible. We think that we realized that pretty good! To all the young cats out there - STAY HUNGRY practicing your first BMX Flatland tricks and enjoy your time on this important little bike..."

Top Tube length: 18.7 inch
Chainstays length: 13.4 inch
Head angle: 74.5°
Seat angle: 71.5°
Stem: 35mm
Bottom Bracket: Spanish BB
Crankset: 3pcs CrMo 170mm
Pedals: Black Plastic Pedal
Front & Rear Hub: 10mm Axle
Front & Rear Rims: 36H, black
Brakes: Front & Rear, Gyroset
Gear: Alloy 25T x 9T FREECOASTER
Pegs: Aluminium 4 pcs, knurling
Weight: 12,5 Kg
Colors: White & Black

More information and photos:

Renaud Laspeyres - Spring Edit 2017

Can someone go and film Renaud please? This edit doesn't look like much and there isn't even music in it but make no mistake, the combos are amazing! Renaud is very dialed, doing hitchhiker kickflips and seems to have a lot of fun with his rear brake as well. Enjoy!