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Oleg Efimov - Moscow Edit

Oleg Efimov made a little stop in Moscow during his trip to the Bike Days contest. Ivan Chaplygin filmed this little edit with him at a famous spot in the Russian capital called VDNH. 

BMX Cologne 2018 Pro Flatland Finals Highlights

We put some highlights of the BMX Cologne 2018 pro flatland finals together with footage of all the 12 finalists. Enjoy!

Click here for the results and here for a little special with Yu's full run.

13 Year Old Yu Katagiri - 3rd Place Pro Finals BMX Cologne 2018

Yu is an incredibly talented young rider from Japan. He took the 3rd place at the BMX Cologne 2018 competing with some of the best and most experiences pro riders in the world. Here is his full final run except for the first couple of seconds. Spread the word!

Dominik Nekolny wins BMX Cologne

Congratulations to Dominik on a well deserved first place at BMX Cologne. Very remarkable is the 3rd place of a very young talented rider from Japan (Yu) who impressed everyone today.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Yu Katagiri
4th Jean William Prevost
5th Benjamin Hudson
6th Yohei Uchino
7th Terry Adams
8th Sietse van Berkel

TED Talk: Viki Gomez about Freestyle

Viki had a really cool talk at TEDxLuxembourgCity. After a little flatland demo he talks about Freestyle in flatland as well as other areas of life. Don't expect any crazy tricks in the demo and skip to the talk if you're interested!

Alexis Desolneux - Coalesce

That's one of the longest video parts of Alexis that we've seen in a while and it's a pretty good one. Street, flatland, street-flat .. Alexis has all kinds of skills. Enjoy the latest Heresy edit!

France: Alex Jumelin wins Open BMX Flat Baillargues

Alex won the 1st round of the French Flatland Cup (Coupe de France) at the Open De BMX Flat De Baillargues. Congratulations! 

Top 3
1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Thomas Noyer
3rd Raphael Chiquet

Photo: @cepious IG

Dustyn Alt wins Urban Culture Games

Sounds like a German invasion of Prague .. Dustyn Alt won the Urban Culture Games in the Czech capital followed by Wolfgang Sauter. Congratulations! Where was Dominik? Probably planning a counterstrike. Thanks to Martin Drazil for sharing the results.

Top 3
1st Dustyn Alt
2nd Wolfgang Sauter
3rd Michal Kupec

Coupe de France Schedule 2018

3 stops of the the French Flatland Cup (Coupe de France) have been announced. They are all managed by the FISE organizers. The first event is this weekend in Baillargues. The following two are FISE Xperience events and it's cool to see flatland being part of even more FISE events. You can find more details and links below.

June 16th - 17th in France: Open de BMX Flat De Baillargues
June 29th - 1st in France: Fise Xperience Reims
September 26th - 30th in France: Fise Xperience Grau-Du-Roi

Aloha Jam Promo Videos

Just in time before the 2018 Aloha Jam we get 3 beautiful promo clips with footage of the 2017 event. Above is the first one of the three. Here are part 2 and part 3. If you like what you see then it's time to book your flight to the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The next Aloha Jam week is starting in about 3 weeks from July 3 to 10.