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Matthias Dandois - Haro Street Flat Edit 2018

Oh yeah! Rad new street flat edit of Matthias. He has been working hard on his street skills as you'll see - jumping huge sets of stairs and grinding a massive rail at the end. That facial expression at the end is priceless. Yes, it was a very long handrail! In between the intro faceplant and the handrail we get a lot of nice technical street flat combos. Enjoy the show!

Switzerland: Matthias Dandois wins Bike Days 2018

Congratulations to Matthias! It's the second consecutive win for him at the Bike Days and his birthday. The trophy should make a pretty decent birthday present! There is a recording of a live stream on Facebook if you are really keen to see some footage right now.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dustyn Alt
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Jean Prevost
5th Chris Böhm
6th Masato Ito
7th Didier Genet
8th Oleg Efimov
9th Francisco Lima
10th Minato Sato

Photo: Matthias Facebook

Barcelona Edit by Olivier Hoareau

Barcelona is always worth a visit and full of concrete that's more or less waiting for flatlanders. A crew of Spanish and French riders spent a couple of days in the city. Olivier Hoareau filmed a rad edit. What more can we ask for? Enjoy!

Some of the faces in the video: Anne-Sophie, Romain Dodelier, Dorian Vasseur, Alex Nazaret, Gazou and Alberto Moya

Japan Cup Results: Moto Sasaki wins

Moto Sasaki won the Japan Cup contest on April 29. Congratulations! The Japan Cup is a new championship contest series in Japan, organized by JFBF which is the Japan Freestyle BMX Federation. You can find more information on the series in Japanese on Below are the results of the different flatland classes. Besides Flatland the Japan Cup is featuring Park.

Flatland Elite
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Takahiro Ikeda
3rd Ryosuke Takagi

Flatland Amateur
1st Yuichiro Asai
2nd Kiyo Hayakawa
3rd Ryuga Matsumura

Flatland Under15
1st Kira Komagata
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Ruo Hayakawa

Flatland Under12
1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Kenta Kobayashi
3rd Syun Ishikawa

Photo: Yoshihiro Shinde

Dominik Nekolny - One Take of Madness

Wow! This is raw footage but it's not cut for a reason. Dominik is really dialed and killing it in his good old underground garage. Enjoy!

Alex Jumelin - Humble Edit

Time to check out that new signature frame in action! In February the Coast Cycles - Humble frame has been announced. Obviously Alex got used to it in the meantime. Sick edit! You can already pre-order your humble frame/fork/bar/pegs through

Denes Katona - The Rolling Stone Full Video

Oh yeah! This one is going to be a classic. It's basically a compilation of Denes' best combos since 2011. You'll get to see whiplashes and nose manual in all forms, shapes, variations, colors ... but it doesn't get boring at all. It's just 17 Minutes of super hard tricks. The legendary OG Marton made super that everything is edited properly so just make sure you don't miss that video!

France: Joris Bretagnolles wins Astrolabe 2018

Congratulations to Joris on his victory at the Astrolabe! Looking at the result list it seems that quite a few people found their way to the north of France. The girl class had 6 competitors as well which is great. If you take a close look you'll find quite a few Jumelins in the result list. Alex' kids are starting to compete as well. If there was a family ranking they would clearly win!

1st Joris Bretagnolles
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Gurvan Le Bloc'h
4th Fabien Stephan
5th Raphael Chiquet
6th Francisco Lima
7th Romain Dodelier
8th Charles Paty
9th Maxime Luchetti
10th Kevin Meyer
11th Yannick Chauvel
12th Etienne Giraud

1st Romain Mitride
2nd Romain Labroche
3rd Herve Laville
4th Stephane Scheid
4th Nils Vaugeois
6th Pablo Alves
7th Kevin Fessenmeyer
7th Julien Picq
9th Nathan Jumelin
10 Jerome Lavaste
11th Alexandre Paroussoglou
12th Vincent Bernard

1st Gabin Jumelin
2rd Arvid Laurent
3rd Mathis Mineo
4th Alban James
5th Eliot Lemire

1st Celine Vaes
2nd Melissa Droll
3rd Tess Duble
4th Eva Andre-Benoit
5th Kalix Jouanneau
6th Louise Seigneur

Photo: Joris Bretagnolles

Far East Cycles - Slimdawg Fork Hub Combo

Jean-William Prevost announced a new innovative Far East Cycles product. Here is his comment and explanation on the Slimdawg:

"I'm blessed to have Far East Cycles produce my signature flatland fork-hub combo this year. The name is SLIMDAWG. 85MM width instead of 100MM. The concept is simple yet the implications are great. Ride longer pegs without getting further away from the wheel, or just get closer to the center of the wheel! More clearance without having to pull more! It will be sold with a carbon/aluminium hub shell or entire aluminium CNC'd hub. Will be available only for 10MM axles at 2 price ranges. Stay tuned!"

We like the attention to the detail! Let's see if this might become the new standard.

Germany: Highway to Hill Flatland Contest

The Highway to Hill BMX festival is featuring a flatland contest this year. The location is the famous Mellowpark in Germany's capital Berlin. On Saturday 12th May there will be qualifications for amateur and pro followed by the finals on Sunday. The flatland contest is part of the German Championship. You can find more details here: Highway to Hill