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Brett Downs - Freestyle at 50

Happy Birthday to Brett Downs!

"After spending my life on my bike, this is what freestyle at 50 years old is to me. It's been a great ride."

Brett's riding still looks pretty impressive! Most 20yo riders will be jealous .. keep riding!

Spain: Viki Gomez wins O'Marisquino Contest

Check that result list! Quite the spanish party ... and Viki took the top spot on the podium of the annual O'Marisquino flatland contest in Vigo, Spain. Congratulations!

1st Viki Gómez
2nd Alberto Moya
3rd Varo Hernández
4th Keegan Alves
5th Gonzalo "Pola" Bellarti
6th Santi Notario
7th Didier Genet
8th Íñigo Arroyo
9th José Ramón Ramírez
10th Andrew Marques
11th Aapo Arias


Franceline from France - August Edit

Alexandre kindly shared this video of his girlfriend Franceline with us. They are from France and it's cool to see there are some flatland ladies out there that you probably never hear about. Franceline seems to be working hard on all kinds of McCircle variations. Check her sunny August edit!

Martin Drazil wins Over 8 Bar Flatland Contest

Congratulations to Martin Drazil! He took the first place in Komarom, Hungary at the Over 8 Bar Contest. Below are the results which Flatland BMX Hungary posted on Facebook right after the contest. Good job guys!

1st Markóth Szabolcs
2nd Venczák Bence
3rd Lisztes Konrád
4th Attila Tóth

1st Csaba Orosz
2nd István Túri
3rd Varga Tamás
4th Gelencsér Ádám
5th Császár Balázs
6th Peter Miklósi
7th Attila Bordacs
8th Ákos Bordás

1st Martin Drazil
2nd Dénes Katona
3rd Mates Tuček
4th Tivadar László
5th Fülöp Vidákovich

Best trick: Császár Balázs

Belgium: Antwerp City Drops Contest

Gilles Van de Sompel‎ is organizing the second edition of the Antwerp City Drops contest. It's going to take place in the center of Antwerp, Belgium next to a medieval fortress. The qualification will be on Saturday 23rd September followed by the finals on Sunday. There is no entry fee for riders nor spectators but a 1750eur price money.

More details: Antwerp City Drops

Viki makes every day count!

Viki started a video series. He is trying to post a combo every day. We posted his Day 1 clip on IG or you can find it here as well. Day 2 is featuring a fresh back wheel combo. Follow Viki on Youtube for more updates.

Hungary: KTGM Jam 2017

The annual KTGM Jam is coming up soon. This year it's scheduled for September 2: "KTGM JAM will be hosted for the 8th time in Budapest, Hungary, where flatland thrives once again. Get ready for a remarkable weekend with insane tricks and friendly faces in a breezy environment. Riders from all around Europe will meet up on the huge spot of KTGM (3500m2, 38000ft2) for the weekend, crowned by the JAM on Saturday, to train, chill and get motivated."

You can find more information, links and videos of the previous years here: KTGM Jam 2017

The jam will take place 1 week after the Bauer Flatland Fest so it's a cool opportunity to spend a week in Hungary and visit 2 events.   

Gino - Amsterdam Session 2017

Here are some fresh moves of Gino straight outta Amsterdam! As usual in Gino's edits you get some slo-mo footage of his smooth combos and there are a few clips of his homies as well. Enjoy!

Wagwan BMX Frame Sneak Peek

You may have heard about Wagwan BMX already. Moto Sasaki and Yohei Uchino founded the new brand together. Both of them posted photos of their new bikes on Instagram yesterday (Moto, Ucchie) and Moto commented that he had some trouble earlier this year but want to make good use of the remaining season. The frame is supposed to be available soon but that's all the information there is. The design looks classic and it should be a strong frame if it's supposed to withstand some of the tricks those two are doing ;-)

You can follow Wagwan on Instagram and Facebook.

Hajnacs Mihaly from Hungary

Here is a video of a young shredder from Hungary. There aren't a ton of new riders out there these days but Mihaly is certainly one of the more talented ones. Enjoy his summer edit!

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