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FISE Flatmob Promo Video

Not too long ago we mentioned that Alex was looking for riders for a video project before the FISE Montpellier. He obviously found some and here is the result!

Mission Flat Results

Last weekend was a busy contest weekend! The Mission Flat contest took place in Texas. Congratulations to Will Redd on his first place in the pro class! You can already find a lot of photos and clips in the Texas Flatlanders group on Facebook.

1st Will Redd
2nd Art Thomason
3rd Bobby Burge
4th Ruben Rdog Castillo III
5th Cesar Rangel

Photo: Jacquelyn Guerrero‎

Spaceark League Results

The Spaceark league contest was held today in Kobe, Japan under beautiful sunny sky. The result was posted on Bekko's blog together with the podium photos. Congratulations to the winners!

The open class was team battle.
1st Team Junior High Students. (Takumi & Shiyuu)
2nd Uchino Corps, the first
3rd RussiaJumpei

1st Shoki Satani
2nd Muru Yasuda
3rd Toshiyuki Shimomura

1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Mizuki Konodo
3rd Akimitsu Nishiki

How to G-Turn with Matthias and Alex

Can you make it?! is featuring a pretty universal trick this time that you can use in many ways and even for street riding. As usual Matthias and Alex are doing their best to explain the technique in detail. Great job guys!

Previous episodes: 
Hop Barspin
Nose Wheelie
- Bunnyhop Tailwhip
Forkglide and barspin

Simon O'Brien wins Downunderground Video Round

Congratulations to Simon on winning the video round of the Downunderground series in the Open class. In Expert Thore Saggau from Germany (who is currently in Australia) won and in the Beginner class David Rooney took the first place. Check out our previous post for the links to the all the videos.

Open class
1st Simon O’Brien 203 points
2nd Paul Chamberlain 186 points
3rd Lee Kirkman 164 points
4th M Aristyo Rahadiyan (aka AIS) 144 points
5th Clint Millar 143 points

Expert class
1st Thore Saggau 213 points
2nd Matt Wootton 195 points
3rd Shaun Jarvis 190 points
4th Scott Hone 187 points
5th Trent Karow 186 points
6th Leigh Waddingham 180 points

Beginner class
1st David Rooney 166 points
2nd Rusty Eylward Pilko 146 points
3rd Alexsandra Louise 120 points
4th Jo Hilis 87 points

Dustyn Alt - Berlin Edit

Awesome high quality edit of Dustyn Alt rocking different spots in Berlin, Germany. The guys from also filmed Kevin Nikulski's National Gallery edit last year. Enjoy!

FISE World Series Schedule 2017

It's a big year for FISE because it's the 20th anniversary. The party is getting started soon with the classic FISE Montpellier. On top of that Flatland is going to be present at each stage of the FISE World Series which has 4 stops including Montpellier. All semi-finals and finals will be broadcasted live on FISE.TV, the IMG network and on the French channel SFR Sport 3.

Stages of the 2017 World Tour:
- Montpellier, France from 24 to 28 May
- Budapest, Hungary from 16 to 19 August
- Edmonton, Canada from 15 to 17 September
- Chengdu, China from 03 to 05 November

Last year Alex Jumelin won the FISE World Series followed by Matthias Dandois (2nd) and Adam Kun (3rd).

Jean-William Prevost wins AFA Round 2

Congratulations to Dub on his victory at the 2nd AFA Round in Florida. He also won the first round and should have a pretty comfortable lead in the AFA ranking now. The next round takes place in Belleville, IL on July 1.

Top 3 - Round 2
1st Jean-William Prevost
2nd Tyler Gilliard
3rd Art Thomason

Photo: @wanderlustxautumn on IG

Joel Schallhorn - Birthday Tricks

Joel in full effect .. he just turned 29 and put this birthday edit together with all the new tricks he learned. He'll explain that to you in the beginning of the video. Then the fun starts .. pegless tricks, skateboard combos and all kinds of signature break ya neck styles. Enjoy! Happy birthday!

Bike Days 2017 Roundup

Ok, ok, we promise this is the third and final post in a row with some news or footage of Matthias ;-) After all it's his birthday week so let's give him some love!

The video above is the best Bike Days edit we've seen yet. It's from the official Bike Days Facebook page where you can also also find a few photos. There is another cool highlight edit by Kin Rot on youtube and a quick phone edit by Frank Lukas.

You can check the single runs thanks to Effraim:
- Dominik Nekolny - 8th Bike Days 2017
- Masato Ito - 7th Bike Days 2017
- Dustyn Alt - 6th Bike Days 2017 
- Kevin Nikulski - 5th Bike Days 2017
- Thomas Noyer - 4th Bike Days 2017
- Alex Jumelin - 3rd Bike Days 2017
- Jean William Prevost - 2nd Bike Days 2017 
- Matthias Dandois - 1st Bike Days 2017
- Matthias Dandois | Jean William Prevost | Alex Jumelin Top 3 Bonus Round Bike Days 2017 

And last but not least 3 interviews:
- Catching Up with Davis Dudelis at Bike Days 2017
- Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017
- Catching up with Dustyn Alt at Bike Days 2017

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