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Full Swing Contest Highlights

The Full Swing contest took place in Kobe 2 weeks ago. Kazuki Kawanishi made sure we are not missing any highlights. Thanks for the great video! Watch out for Shinichi Kiba who won the contest! Click here for the results.

Nohanded Whiplash 2.0 by Matthias Bonnecuelle

Remember Matthieu's nohanded whiplash in Cologne last year? In the meantime he took things to the next level and does some kind of nohanded gturn whiplash. Can you imagine how much practice it must take? Respect!

Philippines: Renz Viaje wins Phil Bike Expo Contest 2015

On the weekend there was a big contest at the Phil Bike Expo in Manilla. The organizers invited Matthias and Viki to judge the national flatland contest. Renz Viaje won so we can probably call him the Philippine Flatland Champion! Congratulations! 

Top 3
1st Renz Viaje
2nd Alan Alfaro
3rd Paulo Gepulango

Indonesia: Jean William Prevost wins IOXC Flatland Contest

First of all RIP Taufan Munggaran (17). The young street rider died after a crash at the street course of the IOXC contest. Taufan was burried today. Our condolences to his family and friends.

It's a sad way to start this post but nevertheless we want to congratulate Dub on his first place at the IOXC flatland contest!

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Hafiz Bin Abd Wahab
3rd Toon
4th Boom
5th Mat Dagu
6th Haris Effendi
7th Paktam
8th John
9th Aristyo Rahardian
10th Ahmad Kamal B Kamaruddin

Germany: Flatland Fanatics on November 7

The Flatland Fanactics contest is back! After a break the 4th edition is going to take place on November 7 in Stadthagen, Germany. The contest will start in the afternoon and there will be a master and pro class. As usual you can expect a good wood floor and a little after party. Check the event page and facebook for more updates and news: Flatland Fanatics 4

A Walk in the Park with JFB

There is a always a spot - you just need to find it! Our friend JF is an expert when it comes to finding spots so it's not surprising to see him riding somewhere in the forest in a park near Quebec. Enjoy some solid combos from the woods!

Martti Kuoppa Contest Footage of UK Championships 2015

Yeah! Martti is back on the contest floor with all those new stem styles. Remember the big retirement from 2011? .. ha! Forget it .. of course he won the UK Flatland Championships last weekend. Congratulations! Above is footage of him and Matthias, unfortunately they are quite far from the lens. Here is some more footage of Martti.

UK Flatland Championship Results
1st Martti Kuoppa
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Alex Jumelin
4th James White
5th Keelan Phillips
6th Josh Briars
7th Steve Green
8th Aran Gillian
8th Dino Jeffers
10th Jason Forde
11th Bodean Maarsen

RealCitySpin 2015 Highlights

DUB's RealCitySpin in Montreal was one of the biggest contests of the year with riders from around 16 countries making the trip. Today we have a nice highlight video showing some of that magic! Lots of good moments, great riding, and with some commentary by Martti - click play!

France: SeongHoon Lie wins Parisiana Jam + Photos

During the Paris 'car-free' day, parisian locals organized the second edition of Parisiana Jam on September 27th at the famous Opera spot. Congratulations to SeongHoon Lie on the first place! We assume it was the best trick contest of the jam. 

1st SeongHoon Lie
2nd Florent Guyennon
3rd Renaud Meloni

Thanks to Dwix for the results and to Djou for sharing his photos with us, check the gallery: Parisiana Jam 2015

The Return of KGB

Unless you just started riding you probably heard of KGB or even rode one of their frames. It was the company of Viki Gomez and Martti Kuoppa. About 6 years ago they stopped that project and followed seperate paths. After a few suspicious facebook posts in the last couple of days it's now official: KGB is back with a new frame called Soul Rider. It makes you wonder what happened to Orbea (Viki) and Jungle Rider (Martti)? However, the new frame looks nice and clean. It will probably take a little while before it gets released.

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