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Coast Cycles - Alex Jumelin Humble Frame Prototype

Everyone was wondering with whom Alex might have teamed up for his new signature frame project. Now Alex revealed his little secret:

'Here is the "humble" , my new signature frame by @coastcycles. Coastcycles is more than a bmx company. Coast Is a bike label with a strong knowledge in the bike industry. Quality, strong and light. We worked really hard with the team in Singapore to have this 1st prototype ready for the new contest season. I'll be in SG next week to test it and film an edit.'

We're looking forward to see the new frame in action. Stay tuned! The photos are from Alex' Instagram.

Argentina: La Carbonera Contest

The second edition of the Carbonera Contest in Merlo is scheduled for April 28th. Merlo is a suburb of Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. According to the poster they will have 4 classes and a best trick contest. You can find the poster and Facebook link here: La Carbonera Contest

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Fight the Winter 2018 Results and Footage

Dominik won the Fight the Winter contest in Germany for the 3rd time in a row. Congratulations! The format was best out of 2 runs and the whole contest was very well organized just like in the previous years. Dominik had the best first run so after the first round it was already clear that it would be quite hard to beat him. Thanks to Erik Hogers you can already watch many runs on Youtube and see for yourself. Just click the names below.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Alberto Moya
3rd Dez Maarsen
4th Sietse van Berkel
5th Wolfgang Sauter
6th Dustyn Alt
7th Markus Schwital
8th Michal Kupec
9th Rayk Hahne
10th David Hoffman
11th Markus Reich
12th Sebastian Grubinger
13th John Krämer

1st Gino Stuart
2nd Malte Orth
3rd Florian Kluth
4th Erik Hogers
5th Benny Hill
6th Jorrit van Drumpt
7th Michael Piccolo
8th Steffen Peter
9th Maik Speer
10th Jan Schmidt
11th Bodean Maarsen
12th Frankie Cirelli

Nao Yoshida and the flat world

Nao is an artist on and off the bike. His world is truly flat like the name of the edit suggests. If he is not riding then he’s drawing and painting. Flat surfaces are his friend. This stylish new edit by yukipkoproject does him justice. Great filming and editing! Enjoy!

USA: Battle At The Border Contest

Steven Lapsley is getting busy organizing the upcoming summer contest season. The Battle At The Border is schedule for mid August. Still plenty of time to plan your trip. It's going to be part of a big car show in the Niagara Convention Center in Buffalo, NY. You can find a few more details here: Battle At the Border.

Double Trouble - Dustyn Alt X Kevin Nikulski

Look at those two trouble makers having a great time! Kevin Nikulski and Dustyn Alt from Germany - that's true bromance right there and a whole lot of tricks. Dustyn must have spent quite some time behind the computer editing it besides filming and riding. The results is worth all the effort. Enjoy!

Matthias - VANS Edit

Awesome new VANS edit of Matthias! He escaped the european winter to San Diego and filmed with Justin Kosman. Very nice selection of spots and good to hear a couple of words from Matthias as well. Check it out!

James McGraw - No Scuffing Style

James has been working on his combos to eliminate scuffing. There is nothing wrong with a good old scuff but it's clearly a question of style as well. This video is pretty much the result of several years of practice and finetuning. You'll see that James is really stoked on pulling some of the combos. Good job and congratulations on reaching the no-scuffing target!

Hungary: Weekend Session at Sport Zone Edit

Rob Alton and a couple of friends had a quick weekend jam at the Sport Zone spot. Check this nice little edit! Looks like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the cozy indoor spot. Thanks to Rob for sharing! The next bigger jam would be Veres Jam in March.

Gasparilla Jam Footage and Results

Here is some raw footage from the Gasparilla Jam in Tampa, Florida last weekend. Terry had a pretty good day winning most of the little contests as well as the pro class. Congratulations! You can find all the results below. Thanks to FlatlandSquad for uploading the footage to youtube, you can find part 2 here.

Best front wheel: Terry Adams
Best back wheel: Bo Wade
Best front and back wheel: Terry Adams
Best trick: Terry Adams
Best oldschool trick: Mike Alvarez

Pro Class:
1st Terry Adams
2nd Tyler Gilliard
3rd Dax Wolford

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