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No hand combo by George Kikos

Yeah! Dope spot and an amazing no handed combo by George Kikos: "Many years ago I had thought to complete a combo without hands,today finally i make it true!"

Germany: Zuppermarket Flatland Contest in Trier

The Zuppermarket contest is back! Kunstform and We The People are going to host it in the famous Project-X skatehall in Trier, Germany. This is the spot where Viki is practicing as well, you may know it from some of his videos. Daniel at Kunstform dropped us all the hard facts:

When: 19.03.2016 (starting 11 Uhr)
Where: Zuppermarket Skatehalle Trier (Projekt X) (
Classes: Pro / Master
Price money: 1.500 Euro

"The Zuppermarket Skatehall in Trier is one of the nicest place to ride your BMX. Not only the ramps, pumptrack or the trampoline are worth a visit but also the big flatland area where you can practice your skills. Even Viki Gomez discovered it and is practicing there regularly. Enough reason for a relaxed session in form of a contest!"

Details: Zuppermarket Flatland Contest

Quentin Pelorson - J-Spin Combo

Quentin is building a combo around his insane J-Spin. He is now riding Ucchie's signature frame Good Speed. Seems to suit him very well!

Street-Flat with Terry Adams and Chad Degroot

Terry and Chad had some fun in Louisiana working on their street flat skills in the skatepark. Terry is even jumping on a skateboard at the beginning of the video .. quite entertaining! Enjoy!

Hidenori Ishizaki - 10 Years of Flatland

Forkone kindly pointed out this new edit to us. It's Hidenori Ishizaki anniversary edit! He has been riding for 10 years and became quite the backwheel expert! Check those backwards manuals!

RIP Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra was a great athlete and an inspiration for many of us. He was also a husband and father of 2 kids. Hearing about his death is shocking and it's impossible to find the right words. Rest in peace.

The media release of the Greenville Police department:

"At approximately 4pm today, Greenville Police responded to the 200 block of Pinewood Road for an apparent suicide.
Upon arrival, officers discovered Dave Mirra, 41, of Greenville, sitting in a truck with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had been visiting friends in the area a short time before the incident.
Considered an icon in the pro-BMX world, Mirra, was instrumental in bringing the sport to the City of Greenville, which now is home to more than 20 professional BMX riders. The record-holding athlete is survived by his wife and two children.
"We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many around the world with his gift. He called Greenville, North Carolina home and was as humble a guy talking with kids on a street corner about bikes as he was in his element on the world stage. A young life with so much to offer was taken too soon," said City of Greenville Mayor, Allen Thomas.
The Greenville Police Department will be handling the death investigation. The family of Dave Mirra would appreciate privacy during this very difficult time.

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, you are encouraged to seek help through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-TALK.

Chief Holtzman and Mayor Thomas will address the media tomorrow, Friday, February 5, at 9:00 AM at GPD Headquarters."

Monthly Flatland Event Schedule - February 2016

We are starting a new series of regular posts to keep you up to date about upcoming contests and jams. At the beginning of the month we'll post a list of the events.

Here is what's going on in February. Fight the Winter in Germany is going to be bigger than last year with an additional practice day on friday. In the US it's time for the second round of the Flatopia jam series - another way to escape the winter for a bit. The ABC of Flatland contest in France had a few difficulties finding sponsors but Kevin Meyer is going to manage it with a small budget nevertheless.

February 19th - 20th in Germany: Fight the Winter 2016
February 20th - 21st in France: Caen BMX Indoor 2016
February 20th in the United States: Flatopia43 El Nino Winter Blast Jam 2016
February 27th - 28th in France: ABC of Flatland
February 27th in the United States: St Martin Legend Jam

What's missing on our list? Please submit events here.

Malte Orth's Apartment Indoor Spot

Almost every day Malte Orth from Germany is posting a video on Facebook of him riding his indoor spot. The room looks tiny but Malte is used to it and can do some impressive combos in there. David Hoffmann visited him and brought his camera to film this spot from a few more angles than the usual videos on Facebook. Super cool footage, some music would have been great tho ;-)

If you have the opportunity then make sure to visit Malte's contest in 3 weeks: Fight the Winter

Bike Check: Sebastian Grubinger's Heresy Ascend

Check that clean bike! We asked Wastl for a bikecheck: "The AscenD 20" is the perfect frame for my size. Also I like my bike to be quite light, and it is! I really take care of that. The HERESY and PROFILE products I run are light but at the same time they are very stable and I can trust them. I cut my bars a bit because it feels more confortable for some tricks. I run the seat quite low, cause since a while I havn't done tricks where i need to hold it. I don't like the griptape on my pegs, but since I ride outside in winter, even on wet floor, the griptape helps not to slip off the pegs with wet shoes. Can't wait for spring to take it off again:-) I love my ride!"

Frame: HERESY Ascend 20“
Fork: St.Martin AJ Fork
Handlebars: HERESY AscenD 9“
Headset: HERESY Path Headset
Stem: MADERA Push Stem 48mm
Grips: Odi Longneck
Barends: Plastic
Crank: PROFILE RACING Mini Magnutanium Crank 165mm with TI Axle and Bolts
Sprocket: PROFILE RACING Spline Drive Sprocket 23t
Pedals: MOTO Reflex Pedal
Chain: Cult 410
Seat&Seatpost: HERESY REIGN Seat & Fiend Seatpost
Frontwheel: PROFILE RACING Mini Hub, Alienation Deviant Rim, MAXXIS Grifter 1.85 foldable
Backwheel: PROFILE RACING Zcoaster, Alienation Deviant Rim, MAXXIS Grifter 1.85 foldable

Recently Wastl announced that he is riding for Maxxis Tires in 2016. Their foldable Grifter tires weight only 370g / 0.82lbs.

Markus Reich - Lost and Found 2015

Nice edit of Markus from Germany. If you've ever seen him at a contest or jam then you know his smooth style. Steffen Peter who keeps getting better and better and making videos was behind the camera.

Markus is also helping to run the Dirt Force Bikepark near his hometown. Recently someone broke into the park and stole their equipment. They are asking donations on

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