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Autum 2018 Product Launch and Preview

In about 1 week on January 20 Autum is going to launch their 2018 parts collection. If you happen to be in Berlin, Germany then you can join them in their store. The rest of us will find the new stuff on

A new 2018 frame has already been revealed: "One highlight of our 2018 collection is for sure Kevin Nikulski´s PIVN signature frame! This FlatStreetWhatever allround machine will be available in sizes 19,9" / 20,5" / 21" in translucent matte black and translucent matte hazegreen."

Stay tuned for more details ..

Far East Cycles - Turbo 2018 Frame

Let's take a look at the updated Turbo frame for 2018. Dub is rocking the 19.3" version of it and the 18.8" version is still available as well. The frame got a little heavier but that's probably the weight of the longer top tube version. 4 colors are available including banana which Dub rode to victory at numerous contests last year. A few more details: Far East Cycles - Turbo 2018 Frame

One Love Jam Motivation by Bene

Only 1 week left to the start of the new jam season in California: OneLoveJam 2018. Bene put a little motivation edit together featuring a few local flatland guests as well as some ladies doing their workout. Check it out!

France: Astrolabe 8 Date

Save the date! Yannick dropped us the date of the next Astrolabe contest in France. The 8th edition will take place at the usual spot in Conde sur Noireau. There will be price money for the pro class but details are still to be announced.

Date: April 21 - 22

HF Monthly Edits from Japan

This is the latest HF Monthly edit of December 2017 featuring different Japanese riders. It's the third video of the series that Hiro Uchiyama started in October. HF stands for Hiroki Films which is also the name of the youtube channel. You may have seen some of the footage on Instagram already if you follow @hiroki417.

Check the previous edits as well:
November 2017
October 2017

Joel Schallhorn - 2017 Highlights

It's that time of the year .. let's take a look at the 2017 best-of videos. Joel emailed his highlight edit with all kinds of wild stuff on and off the bike. Stuntman-life!

Mexico: Azteca Jam 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Azteca Jam in Ecatepec, Mexico has been scheduled for March 10. More information will follow later but according to the organizers the date is confirmed so riders may plan their trip.

Sebastian Grubinger - Quarterly Report Q4 2017

Companies are reporting their figures quarterly and Sebastian is reporting his tricks for the 4th quarter of 2017. Instead of numbers we get a lot of technical tricks. Sebastian, you made the flatland shareholders happy!

New Events: Flatland's Unlimited + Winter Escape Hawaii

The CFO crew is bringing us the Flatland's Unlimited 2018 date as a christmas present. Merry Christmas boys and girls!

Flatland's Unlimited 2018 will take place in Toronto as usual on March 2-4. They already announced a nice 4500 USD pro purse and further information will follow next week.

A little tired of the cold season? The Aloha Jam aka Bobby Carter is there to help: "Riders! Winter got you down? We have an escape plan! Aloha Jam presents Winter Escape Sessions February 9 - 15, 2018. We’ll be riding and going on adventures all week hitting different spots around the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Book a flight to HNL Airport. Aloha!"more details

Dub - Made in China

Excellent new edit of Dub! Some of you might be wondering what's the connection between Dub and China .. here you'll get all the answers and a bunch of sick combos on top of that!

"In February 2007, I left for China to do shows in an amusement park for 11 months, totally unaware that that experience would change my life forever, I now find myself going to China 2-3 times a year, I speak and read a fluent Chinese Mandarin and run some bmx teams in China!

Now more than 10 years later I revisit Shenzhen and lay down some previously unpublished tricks on some of what I thought were the most iconic and favourite of my spots ; OCT Shenzhen IKEA underground parking lot, OCT Shenzhen Walmart spot and beautiful ShiminZhongxin (市民中心)spot at the end. I used to live in a place called BaiShiZhou (白石洲) within Shenzhen (深圳) , an area now set to be demolished in the coming years to build apartment towers. I am very grateful that everything lined up so I could film it the way I saw it back then before the past was erased.

You might have heard of Shenzhen City, an old fishing village just north of Hong Kong turned into a World Class city in some 30 to 40 years! It is often referred to as the NYC of China! I've always wanted to document this ''second life'' I lead and hope you can enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to your device!"

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