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Waldemar vs Viki - Luxemburg Session

Waldemar and Viki met in Luxemburg at Viki's homespot for a session. What a combination! Two of the best riders out there! Check the video! Viki wrote that more footage is coming: "This is round 1 of the beginning of some episodes pushing the limits! Cant wait for the next session!"

Voodoo Jam 2015 Prejam Video

Hey guys, here's a little bit of footage from the Voodoo Jam Prejam, by Jim McKay. Check out the Superkids from Japan - they were shredding!

Poland: Martin Drazil wins Master Musztarda Jam #11

Martin won the 11th edition of the Master Musztarda Jam in Poland. Congratulations! We just saw that the Polish Neverpegless store is sponsoring him from now on. Looks like a rather successful weekend trip to Poland for him!

Top 3
1st Martin Drazil
2nd Alex Hruby
3th Tomasz Angus Bianga

Let us know if you have some photos of footage:  

Dominik Nekolny - BigShock Energy Promo Edit

Cool little promo edit of Dom for his sponsor BigShock Energy. It was already posted on Facebook earlier this week. We like the slow motion scenes, it would be cool to see a proper slow motion video Dom's hardest switches! Oh and he's riding street now .. check the video. Bunnyhops .. manuals .. madness!

Japan: Hisato Yamashiro wins Momo Jam

The Momo Jam took place yesterday in Yamanashi pref, Japan. The prize was a delicious peach ("Momo" means peach in Japanese). Hisato Yamashiro won the final battle against Yadon and we hope he got a nice big Momo! BMXboze already posted a video of the top 9 riders in the Hi class and Miyuki Shiga posted the order of the battles in Japanese on Facebook.

Matthias Dandois wins Voodoo Jam 2015 + Footage of the Finals

After 6 years Matthias did it again! Congratulations on winning the Voodoo Jam! Little Voodoo history lesson: last time he won was in 2009. Dominik (2012), Tsutomu (2013) and Ucchie (2014) won the contest after the break in 2010 and 2011.

Bobby / Diversion TV broadcasted the whole contest live on Youtube and you can watch the recording. We'll probably get see some edits soon!

We also did a little math .. Viki got 5th but should still be the leader of the World Circuit Ranking with 2840 points. Matthias should be 2nd now with 2836 points. That's tight! The round is the Real City Spin in Canada.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Yohei Uchino
3rd Dez Maarsen
4th Takahiro Ikeda
5th Viki Gomez
6th Toon Pakphum
7th Nauto Tamaru
8th Jason Plourde
9th Williams Perez
10th Will Redd
11th Hiroki Uchiyama
12th Tyler Gilliard

Colombia: Juan Camilo Niebles wins Summer Street Ride + Photos

Last weekend the Summer Street Ride contest took place in Cali, Colombia. Jonathan Camargo shared the top 3 results and a couple of photos with us. Congratulations to the winner Juan Camilo Niebles!

Top 3
1st Juan Camilo Niebles
2nd Jonathan Camargo
3rd Isaias Beltran

Photos: Summer Street Ride 2015

Voodoo Jam - Live Stream

Can't make it to New Orleans? Bobby aka Diversion TV is in charge of bringing the Voodoo Jam to your screen this weekend. The live stream is going to be available on Youtube, it's already scheduled there, go to Diversion Television to see the starting time for your timezone and to set a reminder.

Hungary: Holiday Contest Photos and Video by Sevisual

Thanks to Sevisual for sharing photos and a video of the recent Holiday Contest in Hungary with us. Adam won the contest last weekend - click here for the results.

Photos: Holiday Contest 2015 Gallery

Jean-William Prevost talks Flatland

Dub did a video interview for talking about flatland, traveling, his lifestyle, the upcoming Real City Spin contest and more... It's one of the best video interviews we've seen in a while. Check it out!

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