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Aloha Jam Hawaii Report by Bobby Carter + Photos

In typical Diversion style I wanted to create something a little different, a little epic, and at times exotic...all while tapping into the soul of BMX and all the good vibes and experiences it can bring into our lives. It's been over 20 years since there has been a flatland related event in Hawaii and it´s was the perfect environment for the concept of a BMX Holiday. Hawaii is a magical place with a paradise like environment, perfect for BMX and adventure. Aloha Jam is for everybody. You don't need to be... read the whole article here.

Bobby also collected many photos from various people: Aloha Jam 2014 Gallery

Chanpru GAME 2014

This fun edit has a lot to offer. Lots of fun "lifestyle" type of footage, and behind the scenes, along with a number of awesome pro riders busting out. Personally, I liked the backwards front wheel plasticman around the 1:10 mark, but there's plenty more to enjoy here!

Mateus Beckmann - Flatland and Street 2014

I'll be honest, I had to watch only a couple minutes of this at a time. There is an absolutely staggering amount of skill and trick variety to digest here! Watching Mateus gives the impression that he seriously can learn anything. If he's not already one of your favorite riders, he should be after you watch this! Wow!

Greek Icebucket Flatland Challenge

Chris came up with an online Flatland Challenge in the Icebucket Challenge style. Do your combo and nominate 3 riders! 

"Flatlanders of the World! My name is Chris Vasileiou I am from Ioannina Greece, 27 years old and my occupation is medicine.... However flatland bmx is my life and I have been riding for 12 years! Watchin all these challenge games on the web I had the idea to create a flat challenge that will promote flatland in Greece and motivate the very few but faithfull riders here. So I started making a video with one combo and inviting three friends of mine to continue... However my friend Sakis Doumas had the idea to make it worldwide so every rider is free to challenge anyone in the world! This is not a contest there is not any prize just a jam on the web! The economic crisis does not allow for everyone to travel so its sth to motivate each other!!! The rules are simple: 1 week deadline after you were challenged by another rider and 3 riders maximum that you can challenge! I have challenged my friends George Kikos, Sakis Doumas and Alex Alexandridis and waiting for their combos! Everyone is welcome ,its a jam and its purpose is to make flatland more known in the right way! No hostility just good vibes! Let the challenge begin! Peace!"

Please post your videos to the Flatland greece Group:

Mates Tucek - Autumn 2014

Here is Mates' latest update! Frontwheel, Backwheel.. it's all there! We hope he has a winter spot to progress even more in the coming months.

Shintaro Misawa - Flow #3

Shintaro once again comes in with a fresh edit full of links that explore his ideas. So inspiring seeing this kind of nonstop progression!

Never Gonna Stop TODOROKI Squad!

There's some neat stuff going on in this video. Forkone and Akilla take turns busting out with lots of unorthodox moves, and decade variations, respectively.

James McGraw 2014 Progression

Live from the TintaDome comes James McGraw and his relentless pursuit of back wheel wizardry! This edit encompasses some of his most progressive achievements on the bike these past 6 months, and if you watch closely, there's even a rarely seen bike flip in there. Check it out!


Jason Plourde and Jean William Prevost blow the roof off this edit! So much good stuff here! Very cool to see Jason adding more front wheel to his back wheel links, and DUB...well, you know he's on fire right now. Don't miss this one! DUB also has a new site that features his unique pegs, pedals and more.
For more info check the site at

Viki Gomez - Spaghetti Legs

I think it's safe to say that many people love a nice plate of spaghetti. Viki brings us a nice edit of spaghetti LEGS, and I'm pretty sure you'll love that as well. Bon appetit!

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