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Flatland School 3.0 by Markus Schwital - Results and Photos

For the third time Markus Schwital organized a flatland school event in his hometown in the south of Germany. He shared photos a little report with us. Once again we have to thank Markus for doing such a great job and would like encourage you do to the same!

"Throughout the past month I have taught 13 children the basics on their BMX bikes. Every weekend I met with them and the training was a lot of fun for them. Now as a final event we did a contest for the kids with prizes mainly sponsored by Kunstform as well as Maruel Clothing, Shokomonk and Redbull. Last weekend every kid had a run and you could really see good progress. Now that I finished school I might do more in this direction, let's see! I'll keep you posted!"

1st Carlos Schwital
2nd Tim Emminger
3rd Wassily Brennecke

Photos: Flatland School 3.0 Gallery

Royan Contest Highlights

This is one of the best contest edits we've seen in a while. Great filming from many different angles! It certainly does the contest justice - we were impressed by the number of riders that competed (results). Enjoy the footage!

Big Heresy Frame Update + Pegs and Seat

During the Astrolabe we posted a spy pic of the new Heresy flatland frame on Instagram. Today Heresy released all the details on their new frame and it's basically a whole range of flatland and street frames. They are all based on the original Ascend frame but depending on the top tube length there are changes in the geometry in order to make the longer frames more street compatible:

"We’ve been riding the AscenD 19’’ since its creation, 4 years ago : 4 great years of progression and fun on our bikes. The goal was to make a frame inspired by the riding we wanted to learn—not the trends of the market, hoping to make this frame a classic design that would stand the test of time. More and more riders of all ages and riding styles take notice and are expecting more size options of AscenD frames to match their needs.

18’’ (kids, flatland) (not pictured)
18,5’’ (flatland) (not pictured)
19’’ (flatland)
19,5’’ (flatland)
20’’ (flatland, street)
20,5’’ (flatland, street)

Far from being just a suite of different sizes of the same frame, these 6 AscenD frames have been created as 3 pairs:

- The 18’’ and 18,5’’ are shorter versions of the original 19’’ with the right adjusted proportions both on the front and back triangles for a well-balanced frame fitting kids or small riders.
- The 19,5’’ is paired with the 19’’, only different in design by the length of its front triangle.
- Finally the 20’’ and 20,5’’ are « natural » evolutions of the 19’’ as well : we had been dreaming of these frames as the combination of classic elements (BB height, standover) meeting the progressive AscenD design. The result is two longer but responsive frames with a unique design, crossing over the blurred lines of two worlds who have never shared so much riding than in recent years : Flatland and Street."

In addition to the new frames there are some really good looking new pegs and a pivotal seat:
108 Pegs
Reign Seat

Brazil: Overground Results and Footage

The first round of the Brazilian Overground Flatland Series 2015 took place last weekend in Itapevi. There were 4 classes and Bruno Zebu won pro. Congratulations to him! Below are the pro results and the top 3 of the other classes. Lisias (11th) didn't make it to the podium but he put a cool video together of the contest. Enjoy!

1st Bruno Zebu
2nd Romulo Guerra
3rd Sergio Balu
4th Mateus Beckmann
5th Gilberto Rocha
6th Erik Soares
7th Francisco Pekeno
8th Fagner Richter
9th William Buiu
10th Luis Arroz
11th Lisias Tabarelli
12th Gian Carlos

1st Pedro Nascimento
2nd Pedro Luz
3rd Babalu

1st Daniel Sansao
2nd Alex Mendes
3rd Hudson dos Santos

1st Lucas Gasparini
2nd Lucas Hideki
3rd Eduardo Cavazzana

Riders in Barcelona - Viki, Moya and Varo

Fresh promo movie of the Spanish GG.M.image team featuring Viki, Moya and Varo Hernandez. Haven't heard of them before? Sports lawyer Alexandra Gobran and Viki officially founded GG.M.image in 2013. They are managing 4 riders at the moment. Check their website for more details:

Jody Temple - Summer Short '15

Jody Temple comes in with some very technical (as always) moves in this short but great new edit. So good!

Dub's new Rodeo trick

Dub is a master on the backwheel and has been working on this trick which he calls Rodeo for several years. Much respect for his perseverance! Check this comment he posted on FB:

"Currently injured at the knee I have to put the bike aside for some time , but here is a trick I've been working on for the longest time. It took me three years to finally get to the other side of the bike witthout scuffing or braking , just pure pivots and turbines switch footed on the peg and on the pedal. It might look easy but the complexity of this trick is quasi unfathomable.This was shot on the trip to Barcelona for the Barcelona Extreme competition..."

Fusion Jam: Gergely Szajer wins + Photo Gallery

Not only the Mulafest had a bunch of fun contests but also the Fusion Jam in the Netherlands. You can find all the results below. We assume the hard crash award wasn't planned and wish all the best to Gilles who looked a bit destroyed by flatland crash standards ;-) Gergely Szajer from Hungary / Germany won the regular contest. Congratulations! LastMinute Media shared a big photo gallery with us including some ramp and concert photo as well. Check it out: Fusion Jam 2015 Gallery

Progressive rider award: Jorrit van Drumpt.
Hard crash: Erik Hogers (tie with Gilles van de Sompel... get well soon!)
Bike limbo: Gilles van de Sompel
Rolling trick battle: James Alberto
Knock out game: Pim van den Bos
Fork glide race: Ruud

Normal tricks jam:
1st Gergely Szajer
2nd Barre Neijrynck
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Omar Lammers
5th Aborigino Sandino Stuart
6th Jorrit van Drumpt
7th Ron Lichtenberg
8th Kiran Kertodirjo
9th Jos Hady

Spain: Matthias Dandois wins Mulafest Flatland Contest + Video

Update: Moya is uploading the final runs. Above is Matthias' winning run. We'll add links the other runs to the results list.

 won the Flatland Contest of the Mulafest in Spain. Besides the fun contests (we posted the winners yesterday) there was a seeerious contest as well. As you can see below a few international pros showed up besides the usual suspects from Spain ;-) Congratulations Matthias!

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dez Maarsen
3rd Guelo Monzon
4th Miguel Tardio
5th Alberto Moya
6th Alex Jumelin
7th Mario Garcia
8th Varo Hernandez

1st Jose Sanchez
2nd Inigo Arroyo
3rd Byron Vela "Seco"
4th Guille Street
5th Alvaro Sardinero
6th Carito Peich
7th Lucia Gomez
8th Roger Gracia

Mulafest in Spain - Many Results!

There are jams and contest all over the globe today. The first results we've seen are from the Mulafest in Spain. The guys did a lot of fun contests with a little price money of 10 to 20eur. Below are the lucky winners!

Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Suicide: Miguel Tardio
Forkglide Race: Mario Garcia
Longest Steamroller: Varo Hernandez
Longest Gerator: Varo Hernandez
Fastest Spin: Varo Hernandez
Ride with other bike contest: David Carmona
Best Trick Pro: Alberto Moya
Bet Trick Amateur: Byron Seco Vela
Jam Fight: Dez Maarsen

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