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Enemy Components - New International Team Riders

Enemy Components from the Philippines are adding 2 new riders to their international pro team. In 2017 Keelan Phillips from the UK and Dan Hennig from Germany/Switzerland are going to represent the brand in Europe. Furthermore Joel Schallhorn is joining "La Familia" which is more like a flow-rider team. Paulo Gepulango dropped us a few official words as well:

"It’s a great honor for us that you guys represent our humble team in both the international and local scene.

We also added some few riders to our Enemy family. These guys showed much support for our brand and they will continue to help us with our brand recognition and promotion.

And lastly, thank you so much to all the riders who submitted thier profiles and videos. You can still submit your progression videos to our fb page from time to time. Who knows, you might be added to our team soon!"

IOXC 2016 Highlights

The Indonesia Open X-Sport Championship 2016 took place a few months ago on the first October weekend. Besides many local riders the IGI crew was rocking the contest and Dub took the first place. Check this nice highlight edit for some impressions!

Toulouse Sessions

A new day and a new edit from France! This time we get to see session in Toulouse. Great to see many riders out on their local spots despite some colder weather. Keep riding guys! Towards the middle of the video there is a cool street flat line and don't miss Joachim Sontag in the background of the last scenes - hitchhiker with his hands behind his back. Enjoy!

Riders: Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joachim Sontag, Maxime Cassagne, Thomas Noyer, Rémy Dunoyer

3 Days in Bordeaux

Thanks to Maxime Cassagne for dropping us his latest edit. He and a whole crew of French riders had some winter sessions in Bordeaux. While Bordeaux is pretty far in the south of France it does get chilly there during the Winter. Recently a private indoor skatepark opened where some of the footage was filmed. It's called Hangar Darwin if you are interested. The video is feature a bunch of riders including some of the French flatland ladies! Check it out!

Riders: Aude Cassagne, Alexandre Jumelin, Maxime Luchetti, Michael Husser, Anais de Azevedo, Rouchdi Aroua, Pierre-Alexandre Postel and Maxime Cassagne !

Steve Mulder - 2016 Clips

That was almost a bit too short! Steve's boomerang combos and decade's are quite entertaining to watch. We checked his vimeo channel for more goodness and found those Rolaid clips. Enjoy!

German Flatland-BMX Championship 2017 - GFC

This year Germany will have an own Flatland Championship. At the moment 5 stops are planned but most dates are yet to be announced. The series kicks off in February with the annual Fight the Winter contest in Göttingen. Below you'll find a rough schedule. 
February 17th - 18th in Göttingen: Fight the Winter 2017
Spring in ???: Surprise Stop 
July 1st in Ahlbeck, Usedom: Eastcoast Flatland Jam
Summer in Dresden: 100 PSI 
Autumn in Stadthagen: Flatland Fanatics

There is also a Facebook page where we'll probably find more details soon:

Moto Sasaki - Inspire Edit and Interview

The Japanese Inspire magazine is creating great video portraits of interesting people. Their latest video is featuring Moto and he explains flatland and his career in the sport. The video is not only made for the hardcore flatland riders out there but for a broader audience. They also added English subtitles for the non-Japanese speaking people out there. Enjoy!

Living the Nose Manual Life

Keelan is living the Nose Manual dream! Check this video from a recent christmas session. It was all filmed on the same day and obviously brakeless. A few days ago Keelan also posted a video with a freestyle football player. This one was reposted by the People Are Awesome Facebook page and got half a million views. Well done guys!

Hidenori Ishizaki - ZAI12 DVD Part

Hidenori Ishizaki is quite a machine! This is his video part from Akira Okamura's ZAI DVD 12. You may know his creative backwheel combos from previous videos. Super technical, super hard but also looking very dialed. We are wondering what else is hiding on the latest ZAI DVD (trailer). You can get it from digit in Japan. 

Mindanao Jam Results and Video

The first jam and contest of the year took place in Davao City, Philippines. More than 20 riders came to the spot and had a great time! There were some fun battles as well as a best trick contest. Jayson Conde had a great day winning 3 of the little contests. In the meantime Paulo Gepulango already put a video together. Check it out for some impressions!

Fork Glide Race: Jayson Conde
Longest Backyard: Alvin Blanco
Longest Lardyard: Jayson Conde
Funky Chicken Battle: Paulo Jerome Enguito
Best Trick/Combo: Jayson Conde

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