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BMX Cologne 2019

The annual BMX Cologne will take place on June 21st – 23rd. Mark the date in your calendar and check the press release for more details:

"This year we are „CELEBRATING 35 YEARS“ of most significant BMX Freestyle Event in the world! To do it right, we’re bringing back the official IBMXFF BMX Freestyle Worlds to Cologne.

We are bringing you everything from BMX- ROOTS & CULTURE to HIGH CLASS BMX ATHLETES and plenty opportunities to PARTY and ENJOY yourself in an authentic BMX FESTIVAL ATHMOSPHERE. World Champion Titles are waiting to be taken home in the disciplines DIRT, SPINE-PARK & FLATLAND. Come and celebrate with us."

Deco - Terry Adams 2019 Signature Frame

The new 2019 Deco TA frame will be available in March. It's the second version of the frame and there will be a 18.9" as well as a 19.5" top tube length. It comes with removable 990 tabs, mid BB and built-in chain tensioners. The weight is around 4.3lbs/1.95kg. You can find all the specs in the parts section: Deco TA 2019 Frame and pre-order the frame from flatlandfuel or Deco.

Want to see it in action? Click here.

Bacolod Backyard Session

Paulo Gepulango dropped us his latest backyard edit. He and some friends had a session to celebrate the new year. He said 'hope you like the 90's vibes also' - we hope so too ;-)

New Events: Flat Ark, Ovalo Flat, Indoor Caen

We have some fresh 2019 event dates for you from all over the world. The biggest news is probably the new Flat Ark date in April. After last year's contest was canceled it's moving to a new location in the east of Japan. Furthermore there is a contest in Chile next week and the annual Indoor Caen in France.

January 12th in Chile: Ovalo Flatland Contest
February 23rd - 24th in France: BMX Indoor Caen
April 27th - 29th in Japan: Flat Ark 2019

Sebastian Grubinger ESPN Feature

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of Sebastian Grubinger from Vienna, Austria. He told us that he more or less accidently met a guy who was filming for ESPN latin america in Austria. They filmed some clips a couple of months ago which now turned into 3 short movies which are broadcasted in 12 countries. 

Check out the other 2 parts:
Part 2
Part 3

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings! We hope you are enjoying your xmas presents and a couple of great days with family, friends and your bike.

The Irish crew got together for an xmas jam at their indoor spot called the Thunderdome. Check out their edit...

Fourpegsbmx Team Video 2018

The Fourpegs shop from Austria put a little year end edit together with clips of their international team riders. Enjoy!

Riders: Mihaly Hajnacs, Sebastian Grubinger, Gilles Van de Sompel, Sietse van Berkel, Gurvan Le Bloc´h, Khaled Huerta

Dub - Puro Flat 3

Dub has a little goodie for us in the xmas season:

"2018 riding by Jean William Prévost, Part 3 of PURO FLAT video series filmed during Summer and Fall. The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through The Flatland. Filmed at 3 spots in Canada and 2 more in spots in Japan and China.

There are 2 new tricks I`m really happy with in this edit, some new combos and the rest of it layed out with some chill vibes until the end. I hope you enjoyed the PURO FLAT series. Don't hesitate to follow, like or comment on my videos on my channel."

Watch the previous episodes of Puro Flat:
Puro Flat 2 Spring
Puro Flat 1 Winter

Tim Knoll 2018 Edit

Once again Tim Knoll is on a mission to mix flatland with an artistic kind of ghetto workout. His video already had half a million views on Facebook within a couple of days. Thanks to Red Bull for showing flatland to a big audience even if it's a slightly different style of riding. Check it out and enjoy the shows!

Fight the Winter 2019 Contest

The 2019 date of one of the best German flatland contests has been announced: February 16. There will be a pro and master contest with 1000 eur price money. It's also the first stop of the German Flatland-BMX Championship 2019. All the details: Fight the Winter 2019

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