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Deco - Pass the Seat Edit

The Deco guys came up with a fun idea for a team video. They sent one of Terry Adam's new signature seats from one team rider to the next asking every rider to film a clip. Here is the result! 

IGI Jam Edit

About a month the IGI Jam took place in Yokohama just a few days after the Flat Ark contest. The guys seem quite happy with the jam and video which is awesome: "Watch this video which combines awesome riding and communicates the dreamlike vibe of the jam. It is brought to you by Yuki Itoh, FEC team rider. Thanks everyone that came out to take part in the IGI/FEC JAM!"

VANS Iceland Trip with Matthias Dandois

Matthias and some of his VANS teammates went to Iceland to film the second chapter of the Palmistry Guide video series. The production quality is pretty high as you would expect from a VANS video. Matthias is showing his street flat skills and you get to see quite a bit of the unique nature of Iceland as well. Enjoy!

Joseph El Ghanim from Kuwait

Joseph from Kuwait posted his first, as he calls it, decent movie. He got a new camera for this project and did his best to make that parking garage look interesting! His backwheel combos are looking smooth anyway. Next time we would like to see an outdoor spot and some Kuwait scenery. Joseph, when is the next video coming out? ;)

Sietse van Berkel - Jungle Rider Edit

Super smooth new edit by Sietse for Jungle Rider! It was filmed during the last summer and autumn. There are a bunch of interesting tricks in there like a one-footed pumped crackpacker. Enjoy!

Australia: Paul Chamberlain wins Downunderground Round 3

Paul Chamberlain won the Downunderground round 3 at the Melbourne Museum today. Congratulations! There are a couple of clips on the Flatland Australia Instagram

Pro results: 
1st Paul Chamberlain 
2nd Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan
3rd Grant Cruise

Dustyn Alt - Flatark Trip

Going to Japan for a big contest is a dream for many riders. Dustyn had the chance to do it and documented his trip to the Flatark contest in this video. It's not only contest footage but also some practice and travel scenery .. check it out!

George Manos - NLIGHT

More progress by George at the pegless front! Those combos keep growing and there are plenty of new variations. Enjoy the Manos show!

Simon O'brien - Promo edit

Check out Simon O'brien's my new edit for his sponsors Biggest&Baddest and the The Bboy Spot. As usual Simon is killing it with impossible switches. Watch the whole edit - non stop action!

Canada: Maple Vibes 2017 Date

Thanks to Jamie Sinyard for sharing the date of the next annual Maple Vibes contest at the Toronto International Bikeshow. Next year it's going to be March 3 - 5. Save the date! The location is the well known Better Living Center and there is a 4000$ pro purse.

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