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Vienna Jam Photos and Video

The annual Vienna Jam took place 3 weeks ago. Thanks to Erik for making sure that we get to see photos and a good video of the event. Enjoy!

Photo gallery: Vienna Jam 2014 by Jana Sabo

Website of the photographer:

Flat Ark Live Stream + Qualification Results

Don't miss the live stream of the Flat Ark finals in Kobe this weekend. It's scheduled for sunday October 26 from 2:30PM to 6:30PM local time. Moto qualified first today, well done! Let's see how the finals will go tomorrow!

Live Stream Link:

Local time in Kobe: click here

Qualification Results

Novice class
1st Yu Katagiri
2nd Yu Shoji
3rd Shiyu Orikawa

Open Class Qualification
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Yohei Uchino
4th Viki Gomez
5th Dominik Nekolny
6th Matthias Dandois
7th Jean William Prevost
8th Hiroya Morizaki
9th Dez Maarsen
10th Takahiro Ikeda
11th Tomokazu Morinaga
12th Waldemar Fatkin

BFWC and Overground Highlights

Lisias Tabarelli and Gilberto Rocha are keeping us updated on the growing Brazillian contest scene with these two great highlight videos! Be sure to check out Gilberto's right here (link).

BMX Trini Styles - Brad Lee and Kestrel Roopnarine

Brad and Kestrel are holding it down in Trinidad and Tobaggo! Nice mix of styles and tricks here as two of the best young guns out there take turns dropping links in this dual edit.

Quest BMX - Turbine Pegs

The Turbine Pegs are the latest generation of Quest BMX pegs. From their website: "Quest BMX pegs are carefully designed with input from dozens of today's top flatlanders. These are made in the USA from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC-machined to our specific design. Internally relieved to be lightweight and reinforced at the inside and outside edges for strength. 6061 absorbs impact which helps frames, hubs, axles, and bearings last longer. 3+ years in testing for the perfect knurling design keeps them grippy yet it lets your feet move around easily and doesn't hurt your hands when you grab them."

- Length: 4.5" (114.3mm)
- Diameter: 1-5/8" diameter (1.625" / 41mm)
- 3/8" axle hole (14mm available upon request)
- Weight: 126g / 4.44oz per peg

They are now available on and soon on

October Sessions with the Neubrandenburg Crew

Rayk Hahne, Nico Konkel, Markus Reich and Steffen Peter have been riding together for half of their lives. They are all from Neubrandenburg and the surrounding area in the north east of Germany. Check their latest session edit!

Japan: Champloo Game - Flatland Finals

Good footage of the Champloo Game finals in Japan. We haven't heard about this contest but it must have taken place at the end of September. Check it out! Tons of Japanese skills!

James White - Emer Record Collection c.2000

This is proof that James has been awesome since pretty much forever. Filmed around the year 2000, it's neat to see how good he was even then, and compare styles. If you've seen how far he's taken some of the ideas in this with his riding today, it should be very inspirational!

Scott Powell - Security Cam Edit 2

There's quite a lot to take in here, but the stem and crossbar techniques stand out. Scott's got some wild looking decade variations and links here, but those multiple backwards rolling whiplashes on the stem are something else! To see that and much more, hit play!

France: Vibrations Urbaines #17 this weekend

Better late than never! We missed the Vibrations Urbaines contest in France this weekend. As usual it's part of the annual festival week. The contest is on saturday and the finals will be part of the big after party. Check the photo gallery of the 2013 event for some impressions. More details a link to the website: Vibrations Urbaines #17

Maxime who took the photos of the 2013 contest just launched a new photography website. Check it:

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