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Colombia: Esteban Palencia wins Summer Flat Ride

We continue our result posting spree with an update from Colombia. Last weekend the Summer Flat (and Street) Ride contest took place in the capital Bogota. Local rider Esteban Palencia won the flatland contest. Congratulations! Find the top 3 below and a few photos on the starbike colombia Facebook page.

1st Esteban Palencia (Bogota)
2nd Alejandro Guerrero (Funza)
3rd Sebastian Buitrago (Tulua)

Best trick winner: Sebastian Buitrago (Tulua)

Japan: Ohmigyu Jam Results - Takahiro Enoki wins again!

It was another busy contest weekend in Japan. Takahiro Enoki made it to the final battle of the Tokai Twelve on Saturday and also won the Ohmigyu Jam on Sunday! Last weekend he won the Saga-No-Run contest. Nice series, congratulations! 

1st Takahiro Enoki
2nd York Uno
3rd Kyosuke Okuda 

1st Kenji Tokoro Miyazaki
2nd Minato Sato
3rd Jigen Omotehara

Girls & Kids
1st Shiyu Orikawa
2nd Minato Sato
3rd Naotada Ymada

Japan: Tokai Twelve Results

The Tokai Twelve contest took place on Saturday July 26. Twelve riders in the Tokai area of Japan were invited and battled for the victory: Yasuhiro Uehara, Yoshihiro Shinde, Yasushi Tanabe, Junpei Goto, Takayuki Gulliver Iwate, Yorihisa Qchan Shiota, Yukihiro Sato, Kazuaki Saeki, Jah Taa, Hiroki Uchiyama, Takahiro Enoki and Tomoaki Yoshimura.

Takayuki Gulliever Iwate won the first place after the final battle against Yasuhiro Uehara and Takahiro Enoki. Congratulations!

You can find more photos on

TSB14 - Full Movie

Wow! Epic video from Julius Salo with parts from riders world wide! Definitely check this out! Riders: Aleksi Ritsilä, Aapo Airas, Camilo Gutierrez, Alberto Moya, Dong-ho Lee, Josh Briars, Jenza Kamai, George Manos, Julius Salo, Asko Relas, Roland Chlouk, Ville Castro Huusela, Markus Manninen, Patrick Alaspää, Jorma Sonninen, Martti Kuoppa, Jussi Laukkanen, Thomas Hirsch, Varo Hernandez, Erik Laev, Bert Ribul, and Érico Melo.

Flatland Session Vol 3 in the Czech Republic

For the third time Tomas Vejmola is organizing the Flatland Session contest in Hranice, Czech Republic

Date: August 23rd
Classes: Master and Pro

Find the time schedule and poster in the event section: Flatland Session Vol. 3

Underground BMX flatland in India

Flatland in India is something we see very little of, although it does exist. Thanks Red Bull for the insight and profile of Annul, a flatland rider battling the odds to ride and grow the sport there.

"Life as a BMX rider in India is harsh. Riders are constantly harassed by the police and the public as they struggle to find places to ride around town. BMX flatland rider Annul talks about his struggle from being a pizza delivery boy to fully embracing the lifestyle as a BMX rider, as he tries to bring the sport up from the underground in India."

Russia: Action Sports Weekend Flatland Video

2 weeks the Action Sports Weekend Contest took place in Russia. Here is a cool video of the flatland contest and you can find edits of the other contests on their VK page:

We also found the results but lack the Russian skills to translate them. Who can help?

1 место - Савичев Артем
2 место - Неретин Евгений
3 место - Вальтер Арнольд

Hoffman Bikes - Matt Wilhelm Signature Frame

Something is wrong here.. Why wasn't there a Matt Wilhelm signature frame before? We must have missed something. Here are some photos of the new Hoffman frame that Matt posted on Facebook. The prototype has a 18.9" TT, 75 Head Tube and 70 degrees Seat Tube Angle.

We would love to see a little promo video and Matt would like to have your input on a name.

Jason Plourde - Voodoo Jam Hype

Holy smokes! Jason is looking to be in top riding form in his hype video for Voodoo Jam. No filler in this one, just trick after trick! Don't miss that front to back wheel line ender!

Ivan Makushev in Izhevsk City

Wow! Impressive riding skills from Ivan, who seems equally at home on ramps or on the flat ground. When's the last time you saw a flatland rider do a double whip over a box, a flair on a quarter, and a 720 right along with great flat links?!

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