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Hiro Morizaki - Battle In The Rockies Entry

Here is Hiro's Battle In The Rockies entry! There is no music so it does seem a bit calm at first. But it's not! Check those jumps from the seatpost to the front wheel. Props!

Real City Spin Results - Jason Plourde wins Pro + Final Battle Video

This weekend Real City Spin contest went down in Montreal, and by the looks of it, they had a great turnout! Riders from many countries came to battle it out in this event, hosted by DUB.
Videos of the top 3 qualifiers are online here (link), and the final battle video above.


1-Jason Plourde
2-Alex Jumelin
3-Stephan Cerra
5-Tyler Gilliard
6-JF Boulianne
7-Percy Marshall
8-Masashi Itani

1st Joe Cicman
2nd Todd Carter
3rd Ron Monis
4th Bryan Huffman
5th Mannie Nogueira
6th Pino Montagne
7th Miyuki Dezaki
8th Rob Shaw

1st Scott Denoncourt
2nd Craig Gaudet
3rd Mike Nogueira

1st Etienne Bergeron
2nd Bri-Jon Dodington
3rd John Simmons

Bombarderos - Viki Gomez and Martti Kuoppa

Wow! We've been waiting for this one. Two of our flatland heros reunited in a video. Both have awesome parts in the video. Martti blew our mind with his stemstand variations! You just have to see them. His part is at the end of the video. Viki's part is longer and full of hard combos. Enjoy and watch twice, at least!

Oh and try not to break your neck when attempting stemstand whiplashes at home ...

Akihiko Takahashi - Battle In The Rockies Entry

It's been a little while since we've posted a video from the guru of backwards rolling links and this does not dissapoint! There is just a single big trick here, but it is a BANGER!! Click play to see for yourself!

Flatland One Session

Honestly, the title of this video made me wait to watch it...I thought, oh man, a 7 minute edit from one session?! Never have I been so wrong, and so glad to go back and click play! This edit is massive, awesome, diverse - everything you'd dream of in a scene video! Really, it felt like watching a well-loved DVD. To be clear, this is a mixtape edit from some of the very top riders of Brazil, all in one edit, and it rules. It's actually one of the biggest edits we've shared lately, so definitely make the time to enjoy it!

Riders include: Mateus Beckmann, Bruno Zebu, Gilberto Rocha, Erik Soares, Ederson Ferreira, Thiago Maldonado, Francisco Lima, Pekeno Sergio, Ricardo Santos and Clailton Silva

100 PSI Contest 2014: Dominik Nekolny vs Waldemar Fatkin

We filmed the final battle of the 100 PSI Contest for you. It's a very good one featuring two of the best riders out there: Dominik Nekolny vs Waldemar Fatkin.

Who do you think deserved to win? Make your decision and click here to check the results.

Sietse van Berkel 2014

Here's a new one from Sietse by Omar Lammers! Sietse keeps it fresh with lots of interesting moves and switches, and plenty of hang time on the pedals too. Some really good riding here, check it out!

Oliver Kallai wins Bauer Flatland Contest

Seems like there is a contest in Hungary every weekend. This time Oliver Kallai won the pro class of the Bauer Flatland Contest. Congratulations!


1st Mezei Dávid
2nd Orosz Csaba
3rd Jobb Máté
4th Bálint Gábor
5th Tóth Attila
6th Bálint Balázs


1st Kállai Olivér
2nd Szabó Dávid
3rd ifj. Sinkó Lajos
4th Kollár Balázs
5th Császár Balázs

Germany: Dominik Nekolny wins 100PSI Contest

Congratulations to Dom! He won a tough final battle against Waldemar today at the 100PSI Contest.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Waldemar Fatkin
3rd Kevin Nikulski

Yasu FREE #2

Here's a little inspiration, going into the weekend. Yasuhiro Uehara brings great style to this edit - lots of smooth flow and a great variety of cool looking spots as well!

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