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Pit Stop with Bert Ribul and Erik Laev from Estonia

Bert and Erik made a pit stop at the global office on their way to the Bike Days. We managed to film for a couple of minutes before they continued their journey. Bert is recovering from a knee problem and relearning his combos. That decade to the pedal was a b*'$% ... enjoy!

Bike Days 2016 Roundup

There is a lot of footage of the Bike Days available! Time for a roundup .. the official highlight edit is embedded above and you can find plenty of single runs and other edits below.

- Alex Jumelin
- Lee Musselwhite
- Yohei Uchino
- Benjamin Hudson
- Jean William Prevost
- Dominik Nekolny
- Matthias Dandois 
- Kevin Nikulski
- Moto Sasaki 
- Viki Gomez 
- Viki Gomez + Best trick

- Dan Hennig 
- Jenza Kamai 
- Matthias Dandois 
- Chris Vasileiou 
- Thomas Noyer 
- Sakis Doumas
- Lee musselwhite 
- Moto Sasaki
- Jean William Prevost

Other footage:
- Flatlande Best of
- Benja, Dom & Uchie Bike Days training

How to McCircle with Matthias, Alex and Frank

Matthias and Alex invited Mr Spin aka Frank Lukas to their latest Can You Make It episode. The perfect guest to teach you the McCircle!

Previous episodes:
- Boomerang 
Forkglide and barspin

Fishbones Frame and Forks Prototype

Fishbone shipped their prototype frame and forks to the team for testing. Big surprise - it's not a straight tube frame! The 19.2" TT frame leaves you some extra space and hopefully remains strong due to the oversized downtube with a gusset. There are more clever details like the integrated chain tensioner, integrated seat clamp and the forks which have 0 and 15mm offset dropouts for female hubs. As far as we can see there are rear brake mounts and cable mounts on the prototype as well. Pretty refreshing and promising frameset!

Switzerland: Viki Gomez wins Bike Days + Photos

Viki won the Bike Days in Solothurn again this year! Congratulations! The Bike Days were the first stop of the World Circuit which makes him the current leader. There is a pretty cool photo live feed on the website with plenty of picture of the flatland contest. 

Top 3:
1st Viki Gomez
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Dominik Nekolny

Photo: Michael Suter

Paul Dezeix - Dents de Scie Welcome Edit

Another welcome edit from France! Paul Dezeix is from now on representing the clothing brand Dents de Scie with his smooth combos: "To celebrate my new sponsor I made this welcome edit ! Dents de Scie is a dope french brand , handmade and made in Montpellier my hometown ! I am deeply proud to represent this awesome brand!"

Jason Plourde rocking Carre D'Youville

Boom! "Brutal decadery and advanced pivotry" is waiting for you in Jason's new edit. Check the upside down decade and all the other madness. It's all filmed at his usual spot Carre D'Youville in Quebec which is under construction now. We hope there is a good alternative spot for him.

Yannick Chauvel - Wenro Welcome Edit

Wenro is sportswear brand that has been supporting the Yannick's Astrolabe contest. He is also part of their team now. There aren't many edit of Yannick so this is a good chance to check his unconventional and original riding style. Check the one-handed rideout around 2:15 for example and his fast frontwheel pedal tricks.

How to Boomerang with Matthias and Alex and ...

New episode and new special guest on Can You Make It?!. Dennis McCoy is helping you to learn the Boomerang. In the last episode they explained the Decade which can be a pretty hard trick to learn. It's probably better to start with the Boomerang and come back to the Decade later. 

Previous episodes:
Forkglide and barspin

Germany: 100 PSI Contest in August

Same great recipe as last year - the 100 PSI contest takes place on August 20 in Dresden, Germany. The locations remains the same and we assume there will be 2 classes with 600 euro price money for the pros. Poster and link: 100 PSI

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