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Moto Sasaki - 2014 Part 4

The 4th part of Moto's 2014 video series is online. Obviously one of those edits that you shouldn't miss. Enjoy the show!

Tivadar Laszlo Summer 2014 Edit

Fresh out of the Sevisual studio .. here is Tivadar Laszlo's new edit! Don't miss the banger around 1:20. We guess it took more than 1 try to film that one! Enjoy!

Japan: Moto Sasaki wins Umikaze Jam

Umikaze Jam took place in Yokosuka, Japan last Saturday. The result was posted on the G&B blog.

Open class:
1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Nao Yoshida
3rd Shin-ichiro Hara

1st Takumi Suzuki (Zucky)
2nd Yuya Shiga
3rd Shohei Iwanaga (Tenga)

1st Miyuki Shiga
2nd Masappe
3rd Takoyaki

Best Trick Jam Winner: Tomoaki Yoshimura (Bekko)

Malaysia: Shintaro wins Karnival Orang Muda YSB 2014 Contest

Today is the annual Malaysia Day which is a public holiday over there. As part of the Karnival Orang Muda a flatland contest was held at the YSB Skatepark in Alor Setar. Shintaro came, saw and coquered! Congratulations!

1st Shintaro Misawa
2nd Pakphum Poosa-Art aka Toon
3rd Sheikh Muhammad Taslim
4th Renz Viaje
5th Wasan Suesat
6th Worawee Srivichai
7th Hafiz
8th Heru Anwari
9th Mohamad Izwan Roslan
10th Nurhazmie Bin Janis

Photo: Kayuhbmx

Czech Republic: BIG SHOCK! energy BMX Flatland Contest by Dominik Nekolny

Dominik Nekolny would like to invites you to a 2nd annual BIG SHOCK! energy BMX Flatland Contest - in cooperation with SPORTlife tradeshow. All rider from Czech, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Swiss are welcome! The contest is going to start at 11:00 and finals are going to be at 16:00! All riders will get welcome packages with some drinks and snack for the day! The judges are going to be Dominik Nekolny and 2 more who will be announced soon. The contest floor is made of concrete, like at Voodoo Jam. The size will be around 12x12m but in the middle there is metal lane, check out our video from the first year so you know! Cool trophies, some little pricemoney, but really nice atmospher and audience. We are looking forward for you! - Dom

Date: November 8

More details: BIG SHOCK! energy BMX Flatland Contest

Battle in the Rockies Video Invitational Winners

If you've been following the posts, you know that riders have been submitting video entries for a chance to get a free flight to this contest. The full results were posted, and we are sharing that post here. Huge congrats to the 3 riders who won!

"The results are in! I can honestly say this was one of the toughest contests I have ever judged! Big respect to all of you that threw down in the one minute format and gave us all so much motivation, and us the judges a headache! 
Myself and James McGraw went back and forward and after much deliberation rather than fly two riders out, we are flying three!

Jean William Prevost
Thomas Noyer
Cory Fester

This was without a doubt one of the best contests I have seen, congratulations to Dub, Thomas Noyer, and Cory Fester! We will see you in Denver, Colorado in November!

1- Jean William Prevost
2=Thomas Noyer / Cory Fester

4Dez Maarsen
5-Lee Musselwhite
6-James White
7-Moto Sasaki
8-Shintaro Misawa
9-Hiroya Morzaki 
10-Tsutomu Kitayama 
11-Alexis Desolneux 
12-Simon O'Brien 
13-Sebastian Grubinger 
14- Laszlo Tivador
15-Mateus Beckmann 
16- Viki Gomez"

Art Thomason 2015 Strowler Edit

Art Thomason gives us a great first look at the new 2015 Strowler frame from Hoffman Bikes, in motion. He says it feels perfect, and it definitely looks like it's working for him!

France: Flatland Jam and Contest in Onet Le Chateau Photos and Results

We're a little late with the results but we have many cool photos of the flatland jam and contest in Onet Le Chateau, France that took place last weekend. If we remember correctly it was the same location as the last Ninja Spin. First of all congratulations to Quentin Pelorson on his victory!

1st Quentin Pelorson
2nd Jean Bulhon
3rd Alexis Desolneux

We have some cool photos by Maxime Cassagne (Gallery 1) and Rouchdi Aroua (Gallery 2). Thanks guys!

Flat Compilation with Pal Gyenes, Marcell Horvath and György Krautsieder

They write its just a rough cut but we think this is already a really great video! Can't wait for the final cut?! Thanks to Pal Gyenes, Marcell Horvath and György Krautsieder from Hungary for this cool edit.

Yoshihiro Shinde wins C3 Jam in Komatsu

Congrats! Yoshihiro Shinde won the final round of the C3 Jam in Komatsu today. You can find a few photos on his blog and the C3 Jam Facebook page.

Open class
1st Yoshihiro Shinde
2nd Takahiro Enoki
3rd York Uno

1st Takahiro Ito
2nd Takumi Isogai
3rd Yasuhito Watanabe

1st Minato Sato
2nd Rin Isogai
3rd Yuu Katagiri

Girls & Kids 
1st Minato Sato
2nd Kira Komagata
3rd Yuu Katagiri

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