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Sosh Freestyle Cup Flatland Finals Footage

Here is the recording of the live stream if you missed the broadcast of the Sosh Freestyle Cup yesterday. Skip the first 30min - the action starts around 30:00. Enjoy!

The final results have been post as well:
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Benjamin Hudson
4th Jean William Prevost
5th Yohei Uchino
6th Raphael Chiquet
7th Viki Gomez
8th Dominik Nekolny
9th Dez Maarsen
10th Didier Genet
11th Alberto Moya
12th Lee Musselwhite

France: Matthias Dandois wins Sosh Freestyle Cup

Big contest weekend in Europe! Matthias won his own contest at the Sosh Freestyle Cup. Congratulations!

Top 3
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Ben Hudson

Photo: @igiflatbmx Instagram

Czech Republic: Martin Drazil wins Flatland Session IV

Congratulations to Martin Drazil who won the 4th Flatland Session contest in Hranice, CZ.

Top 3
1st Martin Drazil
2nd Mates Tucek
3rd Gergely Szajer

Photo: Mates Tucek IG

Japan: Real Toughness 2016

In about 2 weeks the finals of this years Real Toughness contest are going to take place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. As usual its going to be a big battle of Breakdance, Skateboard and BMX. The Real Toughness Challenge at Murasaki Park in Tokyo (June 18) was the qualification round for the finals. Above is the highlight edit of the qualification round. The top 8 riders make it to the finals (Japanese result list). Takuya Higa took the first place.

Details and poster for the final round: Real Toughness 2016

IGI - Bordeaux Team Reunion

The IGI Crew (Taku, Ben and Dub) reunited in Bordeaux which is an excellent place for a little team meeting ;-) Awesome spots and great weather! Visit Bordeaux if you get the chance. The guys made good use of the spots, Dub is obviously killing it on the back wheel. Enjoy!

If you haven't seen it yet then check out their adventure in south america: Against All Odds - Full Movie

Four Wonderful Guys from Japan

Yukipkoproject dropped another cool edit titled "Wonderful Guys 2016"! The Japanese description reads like some kind of old school police movie and if you watch the outro of the video then it all makes sense ;-) Before that you get 4 sick combos from some of Japan's finest riders including Moto's hitchhiker to backpacker kickflip.

Netherlands: Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2016 on July 1

If you are coming to Germany for the BMX Cologne contest then you could hit another contest with a little detour to the Netherlands on Friday (July 1): "From 30 June until 3 July 2016 Pro Freestyle returns to celebrate action sports for the second time. After the first edition (The Hague, 2015) we are very excited to have Heerlen-Limburg as the first 2016 host city. Expect a 4 day full action sports tournament both pro and amateur in Skateboard, BMX Park, BMX Street, BMX Flat, Scoot, Inline and MTB Park."

There is a 1200 EUR pro purse and the list of confirmed riders already looks good (Dez, Dom, Matthias, Alex, Ucchie...). 

More details: Pro Freestyle Heerlen-Limburg 2016

Unreal nose manual session with Keelan

Keelan is not listening. He clearly mastered nose manuals and we already asked to move to on to the next trick ;-) However, it's happening again! Another insane nose manual session with 200% bike control. Enjoy!

France: BMX Flatland Summer Camp Contest 3

Only 10 days left! Paul Dezeix is inviting everyone to Peyrehorade in the south west of France for the third Summer Camp and Contest: "This year the contest is a step of the french flatland cup! So be there! Price money and a lot of goodies. Amateur , Expert, Master, Pro Qualification on saturday and Finals on sunday + a show on saturday in a night club."

Contact Paul on Facebook for more info and check the poster: BMX Flatland Summer Camp Contest 3

How to Hitchhiker with Matthias and Alex

Episode 10 of Can You Make It is here and it's super cool to see that Matthias and Alex keep working on this video series. Thanks guys! In this episode you learn the next rolling trick - the infamous hitchhiker ;-) Have fun learning that one!

Previous episodes:
- McCircle
- Boomerang 
Forkglide and barspin

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