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S&M Bikes - Chad Johnston Intrikat Bikecheck

This one slipped through the cracks, but it's definitely worth checking! Chad's sweet ride is featured, along with some pretty sick looking shots of new pegless tricks. See it all at S&M Bikes site.

TJ Perry - Tricktricktrick

It's not every day that TJ puts out an edit of his riding, but when he does, it's quality. Check that switch at the 8 second mark - you might have to rewind to appreciate it. Very nicely excecuted as always, and I'm not sure I've seen it done before.

Jason Plourde - Basic Training

This came out a couple days ago, and it is quite something! I almost thought this was in fast forward on the first view - he is getting FAST! Combine that with massive links and liquid stubble's and it's anything but basic! Good luck in Trinidad!

Yoshinori Al - Some backwheel magic

Yoshinori is showing a bunch of smooth backwheel combos and variantions in this new edit. Worth checking! Enjoy!

Trans Jam 2014 Schedule

We updated the event section with the missing Trans Jam stops. The first stop in Charlotte had to be canceled due to some last minute trouble. However, the next stop in Athens, GA is already this weekend. Here is the schedule:

April 26th in Athens, GA: Trans Jam @ Twilight
May 16th - 18th in Raleigh, NCTrans Jam and AMFLT Circuit Stop
November 8th in Greenville, NC: Trans Jam at Greenville BMX Fest 2014

Overground Flatland Series Stop 1: Results, Video, Photos

The first round of the Brazilian Overground Flatland Series 2014 took place last week. Romulo Guerra won it and therefore took the lead of the current series ranking as well. Congratulations!

The organizers M.U.F. dopped us some photos and uploaded footage featuring their usual cool TV broadcast look. The results and rankings of the other classes are available on their Facebook page.

1st Romulo Guerra
2nd Mateus Beckmann
3rd Sergio Ricardo aka Balu
4th Gilberto Rocha
5th Bruno Morotti aka Zebu
6th Francisco Pekeno
7th Willian Buiu

Best Trick: Sergio Ricado aka Balu

Photos: Overground Flatland Series Stop 1 + Fistaile Jam


DUB's riding here is mindblowing! I don't know if it's the Konkrete shoes or igi pedals, or just a lot of hard work, but whatever it is, it's clear that he's at the top of his game right now. Watch out for this dude at Trevlon Hall's Exams next weekend!

Simon O'Brien's - Made You Look Part 3

The third part of Simon's Made You Look DVD was released online. Click here for Part 2 and Part 1.

Alvaro Fernandez - Massive Edit

This one took me by surprise and blew me away. Alvaro has a pretty unique style, huge combos, and super technical switches done so quickly you'll probably be rewinding all through this one. He shreds!

Moto Sasaki - Jimalog Edit Part 1

Here is a little easter egg for you. The first part of what seems to be a series of Moto edits by the Japanese Jimalog. Moto never disappoints in his videos so lean back and enjoy the show!

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