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More nose manuals: Guiness Book world record by Remy Dunoyer

Today is nose manual day ;-) Remy Dunoyer from France attempted a guiness book world record for doing the most one footed nose manual spins in 30seconds. He managed to do 18! 

Thomas Deschenaux - Stranger nose manual contest leftovers

We can't get enough of Thomas' nose manuals. Here are some leftovers from his recent entry to the Strange nose manual contest.

Waldemar and Camilo leaving deepbmx/autum

As the title says those two are leaving the team and asked us to post this statement. We are looking forward to their new project and wish them good luck!

"We are Waldemar Fatkin and Camilo Gutierrez, professional bmx riders from Koblenz, Germany and Lima, Peru respectively. We have been ridden for the project deepbmx/autum bicycles from Berlin, Germany more than 6 years.

Unfortunately since our last trip to Japan, we have decided to leave the project together for many reasons. Waldemar was the first BMX team Rider and Camilo the first international rider at the deepBMX crew. We've invested a lot of energy, LOVE and time in the sport to improve the project. Since the beginning of it, we have been promoting the brand and the project in its own internal changes, from deepBMX to Autum Bicycles.

Now we are heading forward for new projects together. With the respect that we have to each other like Athletes and friends. Please feel free to contact us for bmx performance, sponsoring or any other projects.

We wish Autum team riders good luck for the future."

More stem trick ideas by Herve William

Herve William continues to develop his stem trick skills. Most tricks are not perfectly dialed yet but you can see a bunch of cool ideas here. Are you practicing any stem tricks at the moment?

New Company: Pegasus BMX by Jeff Desroche

One of our favorit riders of all times started making his own parts! Jeff Desroche from Canada just launched Pegasus BMX together with co-found Jeronimo and their first team rider Dez Maarsen (check the team page). We asked Jeff what his plans are with Pegasus: "I rode for almost every company in flatland to date. For years I have wanted to make my own products, I’ve had many ideas over the years of riding and It’s time to finally produce something of my own design. Please stay tuned for many different products to come on this page. In time I will be adding many new and different product ideas."

We added the first products to the parts section. You can also find (and order!) them directly on

Bar Knuckle Bar Ends
Hali Bars
Silver Bullet Pegs
Well D Pegs

Lee Musselwhite - Seminal - Wow!

Bangers, bangers, bangers! Lets not waste too many words. You have to watch Lee's new video!

Czech: Mates and Martin Interview by Aaron Barnett

Here is a nice highlight before the weekend. Aaron Barnett filmed Mates Tucek and Martin Drazil from the Czech Republic and also added a few interview parts between the combos. We would love to see more videos like that! Thanks Aaron!

Haro Bikes La Bastille Frame Promo - Matthias Dandois

Looking for a new frame? Matthias introduces his new signature Haro frame in this promo video. We think this is one of the best presentations of a flatland frame. Good job! We want one now ... below are some more details from the video description. Click here for more photos of the frame.

Matthias Dandois signature product for street, flat, dirt, vert whatever you like to ride. Built strong and also short and responsive.

- Full chromoly frame with integrated head tube and “hour glass” mid BB shell.
- Double butted top and down tubes.
- Butted and tapered seat stays and chain stays.
- Heat treated head tube, BB shell and dropouts.
- 5mm CNC machined dropouts.
- Welded integrated seat post clamp.
- Fully removable brake mounts and cable guides.
- 19.5”, 20.25” or 21” top tube sizes.
- 75.5 degree head tube angle, 13.25” RC, 11.5” BB height.
- 4 lbs 7 oz.
- Colors – Black, Blue or Caramel

Masashi Itani Bikecheck

This is probably the first Motel Works bike check we post. Masashi Itani from Japan kindly shared his current setup with us. Nice clean look! Masashi is also busy rocking contests, he recently got 6th atFlatlands Unlimited in Toronto.

Frame: Motel Works "Ambassador"
-Top tube length: 18.8"
-Chainstay length: 12.8"
Fork: Motel Works "Ambassador" Fork
-Offset: 10mm
Handle Bar: Motel Works "Ambassador" Bar
-Height: 8.25"
Grip: Odi "longneck"
Bar End: Odyssey "Par End"
Stem: Magic Fruits "E30"
Seat: Cult *integral with Seat post
Cranks: Profile
-Arm length: 145mm
Sprocket: Tree "Heat Treated Spline Sprocket (25T)"
Pedals: Wellgo "Nano Flatland Pedals"
Front Pegs: Ares "Uma2 Plastic Pegs"
Rear Pegs: igi "Microphone Pegs"
Front Wheel:
-Rim: GSport Birdcage
-Tire: Motel Works "M825"
-Hub: Proper
Back Wheel:
-Rim: GSport Birdcage
-Tire: Motel Works "M825"
-Hub: Nankai

Photo of the Day: Sakis Doumas - The Easy Rider

One of our favorit tricks! Sakis Doumas and what he calls The Easy Rider. The photo was taken a few days ago in Athens, Greece by Rodposse Photography. Check out Sakis' Facebook page for more photos and videos of him ...

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