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Dub - Puro Flat 3

Dub has a little goodie for us in the xmas season:

"2018 riding by Jean William Prévost, Part 3 of PURO FLAT video series filmed during Summer and Fall. The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through The Flatland. Filmed at 3 spots in Canada and 2 more in spots in Japan and China.

There are 2 new tricks I`m really happy with in this edit, some new combos and the rest of it layed out with some chill vibes until the end. I hope you enjoyed the PURO FLAT series. Don't hesitate to follow, like or comment on my videos on my channel."

Watch the previous episodes of Puro Flat:
Puro Flat 2 Spring
Puro Flat 1 Winter

Tim Knoll 2018 Edit

Once again Tim Knoll is on a mission to mix flatland with an artistic kind of ghetto workout. His video already had half a million views on Facebook within a couple of days. Thanks to Red Bull for showing flatland to a big audience even if it's a slightly different style of riding. Check it out and enjoy the shows!

Fight the Winter 2019 Contest

The 2019 date of one of the best German flatland contests has been announced: February 16. There will be a pro and master contest with 1000 eur price money. It's also the first stop of the German Flatland-BMX Championship 2019. All the details: Fight the Winter 2019

Under 15 Contest Highlight

Thanks to Hiroshi for dropping us this highlight edit of the recent Under 15 Contest in Tokyo. 8 of the best next generation riders from all over Japan have been invited to this battle style contest. Congratulations to Yu Katagiri on the first place!

1st Yu Katagiri
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Kazumi Toyota and Minato Sato

Joe Cicman - 2018 Edit

A lot of no-handed magic from Joe + video editing magic by Jim McKay = fun to watch edit! On top of that we even get a little motivational speech by Shia Labouf.

Australia: Gonzalo Bellanti wins Downunderground

Following the video round the finals of the Downunderground series took place in Melbourne last weekend. They went for a more relaxed format this year. All the riders had 3 x 2min runs and the best 2 runs counted towards the final result. Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Gonzalo Bellanti
2nd Heru Anwari
3rd Paul Chamberlain

1st Chris Letchford
2nd Philipp Frueh
3rd Shaun Jarvis

1st David Rooney
2nd Rusty Pyko
3rd Paul Grzinic

Ares V Frame - Viki Gomez

For 2019 Viki will have a Ares signature frame and it doesn't look like a regular street frame! The name come from the initial letter V of Viki Gomez and the V-bend of the top tube. The current plan is to release the frame in 2019 and it will be available worldwide. The price and colors will be announced when the release date is confirmed. A matching signature handlebar with a V-bend of the crossbar is planned as well.

TT length: 19.5"
CS length: 12.8"
Head Angle: 75 °

Japanese Flatland Girls Edit

Misaki Katagiri put this relaxed edit together of her and 4 other talented female riders from Japan. Thanks for showing the world some riders that we don't get to see every day.

Riders: Eri Funatsu, Sona Yoshimura, Aya Ozaki, Sakura Kawaguchi, Misaki "Gyaos" Katagiri

Hungary: Sport Zone Contest Results

A lot of riders showed up for the final Sport Zone contest of the season in Hungary. The pro podium is really international and makes you wonder where Adam Kun is hiding ;-) Congratulations to Dom on another victory! Check out his final run.

School Class A
1​st Zsoldos Andor
2​nd Kriston Patrik
3​rd Szabó Olivér
4​th Zala Lázár
4th Filip Marcel
4th ​Zala Peti

School Class B
1​st Deak Ede
2​nd Kriston Emma
3​rd Biró Zsiga
4th Dudás Misi
4​th Tamás Balázs
4​th Tóth Martin
4​th Huszka Balázs

Amateur Class
1​st Bordas Ákos
2nd Bordács Attila
3​rd Varga Tamás
4​th Kollár Balázs
5th Markóth Szabolcs
6​th Koncsecskó Tamás
7th Orosz Csaba
8​th Császár Balázs
9​th Mezei Sebastian David

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Martin Drazil
3rd Matti Hemmings
4th Keelan Phillips
5th Fulop Vidakovich
6th Davis Dudelis
7th Sebastian Grubinger
8th Frane Granic
9th Miklosi Peter
10th Adam Gelencser
11th Leon Vignjevic
12th Pavel Dort

Vladimir Isaev in Chengdu

Vladimir Isaev from Russia had a successful weekend taking the 2 place in the Amateur class of FISE Chengdu. Check out his trip edit with some footage from the contest as well as practice sessions.

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