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Comme A La Maison Vol 3 Jam Video

Red Bull Comme A La Maison Vol 3 is a jam at the most famous spots in Paris. Matthias, some of his Red Bull team mates and the local riders had a great day in the French capital. In the video description it says "in memory of Vincent Loisel". The young French rider died earlier this year. Ride in peace!

Armour Bikes - Matti Hemmings Signature Pegs

Matti Hemmings is working on signature pegs in collaboration with Armour Bikes from the Ukraine. The pegs are probably based on Armour Bikes' Calibre pegs but come with round titanium caps. They should be available soon.

Diameter: 38mm, Length: 120mm
Weight: 95gr/peg
14mm with 10mm adapter
Silver and black colors

Jean William Prevost Video Interivew at Tafisa Games

Dub is currently on some Indonesia tour or better to say winning-streak ;-) At the Tafisa Games he did this video interview and they added some riding footage as well. Dub is quite the traveller - it's always interesting to hear about his adventures.

King of Paris and Flat the Power Footage

Double feature last weekend in Paris .. the King of Paris was a regular contest and Flat the Power a battle between the locals Matthias and Alex. There are cool highlight edits of both events online. King of Paris is embedded above and for Flat the Power you click here. By the way this was the second round - the first round took place in April: Alex vs Raphael.

Hong Kong - Joe Lee's Golden Haro

Thanks to Wildschnitt for this rare look into Joe Lee's BMX collection: "Short clip about the Bicycle BMX Workshop in Hong Kong, where his owner, Joe Lee, has a BMX oldschool bikes collection. He shows his amazing 24k Gold paint Haro Master 1988."

That bike is a piece of art! Nevertheless, Joe, please make sure you ride it every now and then ;-)

Tangent Flatland Jam Results

Congratulations to James McGraw on winning the Tangent Jam this year! Organizer Leland Lavender dropped us the results together with the invitation for next year: "We welcome all who comes into the Tangent Family, we look forward to next years Jam."

1st James McGraw
2nd Austin Luberda
3rd Bo Wade
4th Bryan Huffman
5th Brian Gavagan
6th Todd Carter
7th Ryan Russell

1st Frank Ruiz
2nd Zunwu Zhou
3rd Ed Jodie
4th Lalo Jimenez
5th Ben (Freedom) Zartost
6th Kevin Washington
7th Leslie Hall
8th Harb Lill

Old’s Cool
1st Bill Nitschke
2nd Gary (Gator) Knecht
3rd Jodie Settles
4th Gary Lee Clark
5th Sean Porter

1st Johnny Filth
2nd Jimmy Sanchez
3rd Leland (Applesauce) Lavender
4th Ken Kitley
5th Urijah Sanchez
6th Coda McGraw

Photo: Leland Lavender

Indonesia: Jean-William Prevost wins Tafisa Games 2016

That was easy! We could actually copy and paste the top 3 result from last week's IOXC contest ;-) Another victory for Dub in Indonesia! Congratulations! A comment from his Facebook page: "Tafisa Games is over and very proud to say I did two flawless runs with different tricks today. Floor was bearable but the sun was BBQing our skin out here in Jakarta."

Dub's next stop is probably the Urban Sports Festival in Jakarta next weekend. Let's see if he can continue his winning streak.

1st Jean-William Dub Prevost
2nd Benjamin Hudson
3rd Toon Pakphum

Photo: Dub Facebook

France: Matthias wins King of Paris

What could be better than a victory at home? Congratulations to Matthias who is the flatland King of Paris now! Later today the Flat The Power battle will take place in a club where Alex and Matthias will battle.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Joris Bretagnolles
5th Thomas Noyer

Photo: Joris' Livestream on FB

Matthias Dandois - VANS Edit

Really nice new VANS edit of Matthias showing his daily routine and basically a typical working day in the life of a professional flatland rider and fun-haver.

From the video description:
"We were fortunate enough to have Matthias at VANS US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach this summer, where he rode flatland demos next to the pier, supported his homies at the Van Doren Invitational BMX contest and generally dove into the typical Cali vibe.

Join Matthias on a regular VANS US Open day and get a glimpse of how his routine works on a daily basis - from waking up and having breakfast, to taking care of emails and taking photos at the contest, to riding demos and even chilled solo sessions on the beach. And also, meet Suzy the Dolphin, Matthias´ new partner in crime."

Russia: Flat Fights Competition in Moscow

On October 15 the Flat Fights competition will be held in Moscow, Russia. We found a few details on Instagram and VK: "The best riders of the country will come together in the final battle of the year. Incredible competitive atmosphere, cool music and positive emotions are waiting for you! Competitions will be held in two categories (Pro and Am). The winners will receive cash prizes and gifts from Gorilla Energy Drink!"

More details and poster: Flat Fights

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