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First BMX Tartiflat Jam

We asked Etienne Giraud about the new project Tartiflat. At the end of October there was the first Tartiflat jam at the famous (and beautiful) spot at a lake in Annecy. Whats next? 
"Tartiflat is the name of our association created by Thomas Deschenaux, Kevin Fessenmeyer and me. The goal is to create a flatland event like a contest or simply a jam. Also, we want to use our association to have an access to a hall for the winter days.
The name of tartiflat come from a famous local dish, "tartiflette" : potatoes, cheese (reblochon), beacon, cream, oignon. May you know if you have already came to ski in french alps.
We have organized a jam at end of October to celebrate the creation of our association. We plan to organize a second jam the next spring."

Australia: Paul Chamberlain wins DownUnderGround Round 3

Congratulations to Paul on his victory at the final round of the DownUnderGround series 2015! Thanks to Flataustralia for the podium photo and top 3 results.
1st Paul Chamberlain
2nd Lee Kirkman
3rd Grant Cruise

1st Matty Wootton 

2nd Phil Frueh

3rd Shaun Jarvis
1st Saxon Kirkman
2nd Seth Elward-Pyko

From Russia With Love - Moscow Riders

We're happy to see flatland is alive in Russia and in the capital Moscow! This edit is showing a couple of riders from Moscow at their local spots. In the middle of the edit there is some contest footage. We haven't heard of events in Russia this year. Let us know if you have some details about contests that we missed this year or upcoming events:

Featured riders: Sergey Shanko; Niaz Zaripov (Kazan'); Vova Isaev (Rostov); Danila Bezushko; Ivan Chaplygin; Oleg Efimov (Krasnoyarsk).
Edited by: Ivan Chaplygin. (@ivanchaplygin)

On another note, there is also a rather young show team from Russia:

Takumi Isogai - 13 Years

We watched this super cool edit of the Isogai family at their daily practice session. It's really impressive! This could be the most talented flatland family on the planet! If we understand the description right this is Takumi Isogai (who successfully competed at the KOG already) and his sister at their daily practice session. In the description it says "Takuya Isogai" but that's probably a typo.

However, when checking for Takumi's correct name we came across the edit above which is only 2 months old and didn't get much attention as it seems. Check it out! 

Level Vibes 2015 Highlights

Two highlight edits of the Level Vibes contest are already online. In this short (but sweet) edit you get to see lot's of stem magic from Martti, Keelan showing his nose manual progress and of course creative whiplash and nose manual variations by Michele form Italy. Worth watching!

Click here for the second video which is 9min long.

UK: Martti Kuoppa wins Level Vibes

Martti is on a mission to win everything ;-) Congratulations! First place at Level Vibes for him. Fun fact .. it looks like Navid Saleki competed in all classes. He won the expert class and moved up to pro, that was probably part of the contest format. However, in the old school class we see him as well. What about the beginner class, Navid?
Cool to see Michaelle Maiolani from Italy on the podium. We are looking forward to some contest footage!

1st Martti Kuoppa
2nd Michelle Maiolani
3rd Keelan Phillips
4th Gonzalo Bellanti
5th Alex Jumelin
6th Matti Hemmings
7th Navid Saleki
8th Steve Green
9th Andy Hale
10th Jason Forde
11th Denes Katona
12th Rob Alton
13th Amos Burke

1st Navid Saleki
2nd Jussi Laukkanen
3rd Lee Wilson
4th Gregory Frigoris
5th Yinka Thomas
6th Johann Chan
7th Pinoski
8th TGM Maz
9th Andy Wood
10th Mike P
11th Howard Avery
12th Stuey
13th Oliver Griffin

Old School
1st Rob Alton
2nd Julian JJ Morton
3rd James White
4th TGM Maz
5th Jason Forde
6th Stuey
7th Chris Job
8th Johann Chan
9th Amos Burke
10th Navid Saleki
11th Neil Waddington
12th Dini Kennedy
13th Morgan Gleave

1st Darren Claggett
2nd Simon Coulson
3rd Dini Kennedy

Flatland Tricky App now available for iOS for free

We already mentioned Flatland Tricky several times and now it's finally available for iOS: "Imagine being able to study BMX Flat tricks in dynamic 3D so that you can really see how they are done. Designed by riders for riders, Flatland Tricky brings you thirty great flat tricks with a completely innovative viewing control so that you get right in close to the action. Learn how simple and complex tricks are done so you can push your own performance to new limits."

Features for each trick:
- browse the trick in 360°
- choose your point of view with the free viewpoint player
- freeze the action
- navigate frame by frame
- zoom in on points of interest
- lock on the Rider-Cam to follow the rider during the trick
- track your progress

The tricks have been grouped by difficulty. So far the following tricks are available:

Basic: Basic Trick, Cyclone, Rollback, Boomerang, Barspin, Peg Wheelie, Hangfive, Megaspin, Frontyard, Footjam Tailwhip
Intermediate: Turbine Hangfive, Turbine Steamroller, Hangfive Seatgrab, Halfpacker, Xfoot Steamroller, Gerator, Lawnmower, Time Machine, Spinning Karlcruiser, Hitchhiker
Advanced: Xfoot Whiplash, Cliffhanger, Time Machine Pedale, Decade, Spinning Switchhiker, Hangfive to McCircle, Turbine Whiplash, Xfoot Steamroller Barspin Steamroller, Teakettle, Turbine Hitchhiker

This is an awesome project and we would like to thank Quentin and the team around him for their hard work. Spread the word!

Download for iOS from the App Store: Flatland Tricky

Trans Jam: BMX Fest Greenville Results and Video + Year End Winners

The final round of Trans Jam 2015 took place last weekend. As usual it was the BMX Fest in Greenville, NC, USA. Dane Beardsley won the flatland pro class. Congratulations! At the beginning of the official highlight edit there is some footage of the flatland contest.

Flat Pro
1st Dane Beardsley
2nd James McGraw
3rd Joe Cicman
4th Todd Carter
5th Isaiah Jordan
6th Keith King

1st Troy Haynes
2nd Kevin Washington
3rd Andrew Sheltraw
4th Kyle Hogue
5th Justin Morrison

1st Justin Oh
2nd Colin Carter
3rd Camden Carter
4th David McDuffie
5th Todd Shoemaker

The Flatland Year End Champions have been announced as well:
Pro: Keith King
Expert: Andrew Sheltraw
Beginner: Todd Shoemaker

George Manos - Promo Edit

George got injured very early when the Heresy team met in Vienna to film their sick new team edit. So unfortunately we didn't get to see many of his tricks then. Now here is an update and for once it's not one of the very artistic edits but simply George in bright daylight ;-) Enjoy some creative pegless tricks!

Simon O'Brien Interview on TCU TV

The Come Up BMX is interviewing many flatlanders these days. This time it's Simon O'Brien's turn. They are covering many topics from his early days of riding aaaaall the way to winning the X Games, his DVD project and so on. The interviews are available on Soundcloud and iTunes as well if that works better for you. This week they also posted an interview with Tim Knoll. Lots of listening for those boring winter days ...

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