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BMX Flatland World Circuit 2016 Schedule Update (Brazil)

The BFWC crew completed the 2016 schedule with the missing stop. It's going to be a contest of the Overground circuit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can find details in the updated schedule below - the exact date of round 3 is to be confirmed. Like last year the best 3 results will count for the ranking. The top 6 riders will be invited (flight, hotel, registration, food) to the Flat Ark contest in Kobe at the end of October.

1st stop: Bike Days
Date: 20-22nd of May
Location: Solothurn, Switzerland

2nd stop: BMX Cologne
Date: 2-3rd of July
Location: Jugendpark, Cologne, Germany

3rd stop: Overground Round 3
Date: July 23,24 or July 30,31 (TBD)
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

4th stop: Real City Spin

Date: 27-28th of August
Location: Montreal, Canada.

5th stop: FLATdev
Date: 24-25th of September
Location: Mahkota Parade, Malacca, Malaysia.

Soulcycle BMX Championships - Flatland Highlights

Wouter van der Linde is a talented photographer and also knows how to use the video function of his camera. He filmed all the runs and put together some highlights of the Soulcycle contest in Amsterdam. The final battle was already uploaded yesterday. Thanks Wouter!

Australia: Simon O'Brien wins DownUnderGround Round 1

Today the first round of the Australian DownUnderGround series took place in Adelaide. Simon O'Brien won the open class, congratulations! Flataustralia posted a lot of clips on Instagram throughout the day.

Open Class Top 3
1st Simon O'Brien
2nd Paul Chamberlain
3rd Lee Kriman

Photo: Flataustralia IG

Netherlands: Dominik Nekolny wins Soulcycle BMX Championships

The flatland finals of the Soulcycle BMX Championships took place friday evening in Amsterdam. The schedule is a little unusual but the usual suspect were obviously ready to compete! Congratulations to Dominik who took the first place followed by Dez Maarsen and David Hoffmann.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Dez Maarsen
3rd David Hoffmann
4th Sietse van Berkel
5th Gilles van de Sompel

Photo: Mike S

Matthieu Bonnecuelle - Cloudy Edit

Matthieu's new edit is called Nuages which is cloudy (?!) in French. His combos are smooth as those clouds in the background and there are some original moves. We wish the camera was a bit closer tho. Enjoy!

Kevin Nikulski - Summer in Berlin

This is like a spot-check for Berlin. Last summer Kevin filmed this edit with Kaleidoscope Visuals at different spots in the German capital. Enjoy!

How to Steamroller with Matthias and Alex

This week on Can You Make It: the steamroller! Matthias and Alex are explaining you forward and backward steamrollers. Those are a little more advanced than the previous tricks so take your time ;-)

Previous episodes:
Forkglide and barspin

Czech Republic: UCG Flatland Battle Vol. 1

The Urban Culture Games in Prague, Czech Republic are going to host a flatland battle on June 11th. Martin Drazil shared a few more details with us. There will be an expert and pro class, a little registration fee of about 6euro and the door will open for practice at 10:00 in the morning. Poster and details: UCG Flatland Battle Vol. 1

Japan: Moto Sasaki wins KOG Round 1 + Footage

KOG 2015 winner Moto started the new season with a victory in Nagoya. Congratulations! Below are the results of the different classes from the G&B Blog and Yasushi Kajiwala already edited some footage of the pro class. Enjoy! 

1st Moto Sasaki
2nd Tomoaki Bekko Yoshimura
3rd Takahiro Ito
4th Takahiro Ikeda
5th Hotoke
6th Takuya Higa
7th Shinichi Kiba
8th Ryosuke Takagi
9th Yoshinori Ai
10th Yorihisa Shiota

1st Yukihiro Yukichan Sato
2nd Masashi Itani
3rd Takahiro Enoyoung Takahiro

1st Masato Tajanatsu
2nd Yushi Ueda
3rd Tetsuya Kamano

1st Rin Isogai
2nd Ruan Tsuda
3rd Misaki Katagiri

1st Airu Komagata
2nd Ryuta Kobayashi
3rd Ruan Tsuda

Astrolabe 2016 Highlights

The 6th edition of the Astrolabe contest took place in the north of France 2 weeks ago. Etienne Taraud prepared this highlight edit. Thanks! If you want to check Matthias' winning run click here.

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