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Haro In Malaysia: Take The Risk Video with Matthias

A little update from Matthias: "Last August, Haro sent a part of the team (Ty Fernegel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson, Colin Mackay and I) to Malaysia to shoot a video, shoot photos and discover the amazing culture there. It was less than a month after I got out of my cast so I wasn't 100% riding wise but I can say I still had the best time over there. The video (by Christian Rigal) is now online."


Com'In Lyon 2014 Photos by Maxime Cassagne

We have some more impressions of the Com'In Lyon contest for you. Maxime kindly shared his photos with us. We're also looking forward to some footage of the event. Did we miss something? Let us know:

Check the photos: Com'In Lyon 2014 Photo Gallery and follow Maxime on Facebook for more cool pics.

Battle In The Rockies Pro Highlights

Brandon Woldridge kindly put together this massive edit from the epic BITR contest. Although the finals are not shown here, there's plenty of awesome riding to catch up on!

Dustyn Alt - Training in Spain

Dustyn spent 5 days after shows in Spain stacking up some clips. We get to see the learning process here, and of course some really sweet links too. Click play to check him out!

Dez Marrsen, Benjamin Hudson, and James McGraw Session

Here's a video that will definitely bring out your inner Kool Aid man! Had me saying "oooh YEAH!" all the way through! Can we just stop and comment on how insanely good "the new guy" Benjamin Hudson is for a second?! Wow!! In addition to his jaw dropping moves, Dez and James are also right there bringing the bangers! Check it!

Kotaro Arai and Hiroshi Uehara in Tokyo

Looks like someone really wanted to try his new fisheye lens ;-) Enjoy this little fun edit of Kotaro Arai and Hiroshi Uehara .. the slowmo manual to decade attempt looks painful.

France: Flatland Jam Contest in Royan 2015

Our event list looked a bit empty but now it's filling up again with 2015 event! One of them is a contest in Royan, France which will be part of a bigger sport festival in the city. The poster looks cool, the schedule is already prepared, the first riders get free accomodation .. looks well organized to us! Be there or be square! June 5 to 7.

All details: BMX Flatland Contest Royan 2015

Argentina: Dickens Flatlive Contest

The next Dickens Flatlive Contest is scheduled for December 6. The Chacabuco Park in Buenos Aires is the place to be again. Check the video of the previous event for some impressions.


Here is a gigantic, awesome video featuring most of the riders supported by Autum! Many of these guys have had some incredible clips go online this year, so you definitely want to tune in and see more here! Check out the lineup: Ivan Makushev. Ludwig Luzifer Schimmel, Keiji "Tamao" Nakamura, Thomas Deschenaux, Kai Sproll, Waldemar Fatkin, Oscar Martens, Charles Paty, Marcel Gans, Camilo Gutierrez, Tom Behrendt, Tomokazu "Mo-Rich" Morinaga, and Dominik Nekolny.

Edit by Mark Reschke
Beats by Saiaa
Filmers: Marc Reschke, Valentin Hansen, Hans Friedrich, Alex Schmitz, Thomas Hirsch, Eric Herschke, Taichi Kunieda, Daisuke "Halu" Nishida, Dennis Fischer

Takayuki Iwate - One Combo

Awesome switches in this short single combo edit from Autum flow rider Takayuki Iwate, filmed during the holiday jam at the Komazawa park spot. Lots of style here, check it out!

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