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Viki wins Overground Round 3 and World Circuit

Aaaand it happened again! Viki Gomez is the winner of the BMX Flatland World Circuit 2016. Congratulations! It's his second victory in a row and like last year the decision is made before the final round. The best 3 results count for the final ranking and Viki already won the first 3 out of 5 rounds. In Brazil Benjamin Hudson and Ucchie joined him on the podium of the Overground Round 3! The organizers didn't post the full results of all the classes yet but you can find podium photos on Facebook.

Pro Results - Overground Round 3
1st Viki Gomez
2nd Benjamin Hudson
3rd Yohei Uchino
4th Moto Sasaki
5th Jorge Gallardo

New Autum Website and Shop

The new Autum website is online with a big team section and an online shop. In the team section there are great photos of all the riders and brief bikechecks. All their 2016 products are available as well including the cool looking Black Swirl parts: "Creating a limited and exclusive production line was in mind when we planed the AUTUM BLACK SWIRL Edition! All products in this line are made in a special limited production run and include some techniques which are the first time used on the BMX market like for example our SWIRL THE KATZE frame edition. Enjoy having a special and exclusive detail with one of our AUTUM Swirl products on your bike!"

For now they are shipping to the EU, Norway and Switzerland. You can find other international distributions partners on the website. Click click:

Real Toughness Photos by Jason Halayko

Thanks to Jason Halayko for sharing his pics of the recent Real Toughness Finals in Tokyo with us! The gallery is huge with plenty of photos of all the riders during practice and the actual contest. The crowd looks quite impressive as well!

Gallery: Real Toughness 2016 by Jason Halayko

Visit Jason's website and facebook as well.

France: Com'In Lyon 2016 in November

This year the Com'In Lyon is the final of the French Flatland Circuit. It's going to feature 4 categories: amateur, expert, master and pro with 2000 euros of prize money (pro and master) and a lot of goodies. With the registration you get free lunch saturday and sunday, free entry for a party with a concert on a barge with free beer. Sounds good? See you in Lyon on the weekend of November 12 and 13

Details: Com'In Lyon 2016

Viki Gomez - Core Riding Edit

If you remember the good old VHS times you will love this one! Viki set out to combine oldschool and newschool:
'I am sending you the first episode of my video called "Viva CORE", where the feeling is raw old school filming and editing but with new latest tricks that I am working on for the true spirit of flatland and freestyle where technicality is the core.'

Japan: Real Toughness Final 2016 - Result + Footage

About 2 weeks ago the Real Toughness Finals 2016 took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. As usual G-Shock organized a proper show and invited a few international riders to the finals as well. In the end Ucchie took the first place followed by Tsutomu Kitayama. Congratulations! We haven't really seen any footage yet except for this nice little edit on the Casio channel. Enjoy!

Titosh Bikes from Turkey

Murat Özdemir is one of the best flatland riders in Turkey and also the head Titosh Bikes. The small brand started with small handmade titanium parts like those hollow stem bolts. A couple of days ago Murat posted photos of his prototype signature frame. We assume this one isn't made of titanium but still very light (1700g / 3.7lbs) and with a short tt of 17.8". It's good to see that flatland is alive in Turkey! You can find more photos on the Titosh Bikes Instagram and Facebook page.

Matthias Dandois wins Belgian BMX Open

Team Red Bull visited the Belgian BMX Open ;-) Congratulations to Matthias who won followed by Viki! Sietse van Berkel from the Netherlands made it to the podium as well.

Top 3
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Viki Gomez
3rd Sietse van Berkel

Photo: Matthias Dandois Facebook

Kevin Nikulski in Berlin

Nice black and white edit of Kevin including a little interview. Looks like everything was shot in his new hometown Berlin. The guy behind the lens is Benjamin Arena and it says "Part 1" in his video description. So maybe we'll see more cool flatland edits soon!

NASS Footage Roundup

The NASS flatland contest was well documented! Above is the official highlight edit and James White posted all the single runs which you find below. Enjoy!

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Takahiro Ikeda 
3rd Matt Wilhelm
4th Viki Gomez
5th Alex Jumelin
6th Dez Marson
7th Jean William (Dub) Prevost
8th Dominik Nekolny
9th Raphael Chiquet
10th Terry Adams
11th Pakphum Poosa-Art (Toon)
12th Dan Hennig

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