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Fusion Jam: Gergely Szajer wins + Photo Gallery

Not only the Mulafest had a bunch of fun contests but also the Fusion Jam in the Netherlands. You can find all the results below. We assume the hard crash award wasn't planned and wish all the best to Gilles who looked a bit destroyed by flatland crash standards ;-) Gergely Szajer from Hungary / Germany won the regular contest. Congratulations! LastMinute Media shared a big photo gallery with us including some ramp and concert photo as well. Check it out: Fusion Jam 2015 Gallery

Progressive rider award: Jorrit van Drumpt.
Hard crash: Erik Hogers (tie with Gilles van de Sompel... get well soon!)
Bike limbo: Gilles van de Sompel
Rolling trick battle: James Alberto
Knock out game: Pim van den Bos
Fork glide race: Ruud

Normal tricks jam:
1st Gergely Szajer
2nd Barre Neijrynck
3rd Sietse van Berkel
4th Omar Lammers
5th Aborigino Sandino Stuart
6th Jorrit van Drumpt
7th Ron Lichtenberg
8th Kiran Kertodirjo
9th Jos Hady

Spain: Matthias Dandois wins Mulafest Flatland Contest + Video

Update: Moya is uploading the final runs. Above is Matthias' winning run. We'll add links the other runs to the results list.

 won the Flatland Contest of the Mulafest in Spain. Besides the fun contests (we posted the winners yesterday) there was a seeerious contest as well. As you can see below a few international pros showed up besides the usual suspects from Spain ;-) Congratulations Matthias!

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dez Maarsen
3rd Guelo Monzon
4th Miguel Tardio
5th Alberto Moya
6th Alex Jumelin
7th Mario Garcia
8th Varo Hernandez

1st Jose Sanchez
2nd Inigo Arroyo
3rd Byron Vela "Seco"
4th Guille Street
5th Alvaro Sardinero
6th Carito Peich
7th Lucia Gomez
8th Roger Gracia

Mulafest in Spain - Many Results!

There are jams and contest all over the globe today. The first results we've seen are from the Mulafest in Spain. The guys did a lot of fun contests with a little price money of 10 to 20eur. Below are the lucky winners!

Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Suicide: Miguel Tardio
Forkglide Race: Mario Garcia
Longest Steamroller: Varo Hernandez
Longest Gerator: Varo Hernandez
Fastest Spin: Varo Hernandez
Ride with other bike contest: David Carmona
Best Trick Pro: Alberto Moya
Bet Trick Amateur: Byron Seco Vela
Jam Fight: Dez Maarsen

Megatech - Kakara Stem

The Kakara stem is the latest product of the Indonesian brand Megatech. It weighs 230g / 0.5lbs and comes with 33mm reach. You can find more details here in the parts section. Thanks to Yunfian for sending the specs. The stems are being sold for 31USD, contact Yunfian on Facebook for details.

His name is Ivan Makushev

Wow! Here is your daily dose of awesome from Russia! Ivan is dropping so many hard tricks in this video called "My name is Ivan Makushev"! He almost did the Ucchie flip - upside down wheelie on the pedals to .. rideout to the pedals. Check it! In the title of the video it says "last edit 2015". We don't hope so .. more please!

Hungary: Transdanubian Championship and Holiday Contest VI

We just added 2 new Hungarian events to our list. Both take place in July. The Transdanubian Extremesport Championship on July 4 is a street and flatland contest in Tapolca which is not too far from the famous lake Balaton. There will be a master and pro class contest.
Two weeks later on July 14 it's time for the VI. Holiday Bmx Flatland Contest - JK! Edition in Kecskemét (one hour south of the capital Budapest). The organizers dropped us some more information:

"This year, Kecskemét Flatland Crew is preparing a huge surprise for the national flatland community. The well-established and highly anticipated Holiday Cup is under transformation. Our goal is not a secret - to make Flatland BMX even more popular. We want more people to get to know the sport and therefore encouraging young people to try and start this amazing exercise. The court of the Kertészeti College was a perfect setting for conducting flatland competitions, but fell outside of the periphery of the public. This year, we have re-imagined the event; working together with Kecskemét Jóképű Club we are organizing the competition within the frameworks of a magnificent sports day.The location is going to be the popular Domb Beach." - the schedule and more details are available here.

Michele Maiolani rolling like a champion!

Michele is one of the few Italian riders out there and is showing his latest progress here. He is obviously focussion on rolling tricks and is getting seriously good at all kinds of whiplash and nose manual variations. We are impressed, keep progressing Michele!

Quentin Pelorson avoiding Steamrollers

Quentin is an awesome guy and an awesome rider! You have to watch his new video, full of hard switches and as the titles says without any steamrollers ;-) Quentin is riding for and we found his comment on their blog:

“Steam Roller is one of the first tricks beginners learn in BMX Flatland. This trick can be linked with almost any other, it became an easy to handle trick in the middle of a combo. By removing this trick from my combos, I was obligated to discover new tricks to build my combos. Ever since my combos have become smoother and more dynamic. Sometimes, thanks to a limitation, you get over your own limits.”

Germany: Munich Mash Flatland Jam this weekend

Last minute ... Daniel at Kunstform told us about a flatland jam in Munich, Germany which Kunstform is supporting. It takes place this weekend from June 26 to 28. The location is the Olympiapark. 

Poster: Munich Mash Flatland Jam

Sosh Freestyle Cup Gallery by Benoit Freulon

Benoit Freulon shared 60 cool photos of the Sosh Freestyle Cup with us. We love the one of Waldemar above with the crowd and hills in the background. Check the gallery for more, we added them to the photos that we posted earlier on the weekend: Sosh Freestyle Cup Gallery

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