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Michael Sommer in the White Room Project

If you missed that video earlier this week then it's time to take a look! Michael Sommer is back on his bike! His focus shifted towards music in the last years and this video mixes both of his talents perfectly. From the original description: 

We had the idea to make a video of putting together a bmx bike and making the music for the video only from the original sounds we recorded during the video shooting. The sounds have then been processed and manipulated with different fx and tools like reverbs, resonators, delays and many more to achieve tonal and rhythmic parts for the final soundtrack. The task was to NOT use any other samples, sound generating sources, synthesizers, drum machines or whatsoever.

Check Michael's Soundcloud as well:

Biciexpo Photo Gallery

Here are some photo of the Biciexpo that took place last weekend (results). Thanks to Jonathan for sending them. As usual we want to know more about the scene in Mexico. What's the next contest? Let us know.

Photos: Biciexpo Gallery

Flatark 2014 - Short Highlight Edit

This is the first official highlight edit of the Flatark contest in Kobe. Really cool to get some more impressions of the event! It's called "short highlights" so we assume there is a longer video coming soon. Enjoy a first taste!

Williams Perez - New Athletic Edit

Straight outta Lima, Peru! Here is Williams Perez' new sponsor edit for New Athletic.

Mexico: Jonathan Camargo wins Biciexpo

Jonathan kindly share the results of the BICIEXPO that took place last weekend in Mexico. As he told us riders from several countries came over to compete. This year Jonathan took the win and Diego (who won last year) got second. Congratulations! A video is also coming soon. 

1st Jonathan Camargo
2nd Diego Tejada
3rd Ramiro Sandoval
4th Fernando Herrera
5th Kalet Huerta

Kevin Nikulski in Barcelona

Why so serious .. those guys are bringing fun into their flatland edits. Kevin and his friends spent some time in sunny Barcelona this summer and put this entertaining edit together. Enjoy the summer vibes!

Kevin Nikulski wins Vibrations Urbaines 2014 + Photos

Everyone was looking at the Flatark in Kobe but there was also a contest in Bordeaux, in the west of France. Kevin Nikulski from Germany came, saw and conquered. Congratulations! 

1st Kevin Nikulski
2nd Kevin Jacob
3rd Didier Genet
4th Thomas Noyer
5th Jean Bulhon
6th Kris Gauthier
7th Etienne Giraud
8th Maxime Luchetti
9th Aurelien Similie

We prepared a photo gallery of the contest for you: Vibrations Urbaines 2014 Photos

Flat Ark 2014 Finals - Yohei Uchino vs Viki Gomez

That was quick, here is the final battle of the Flatark contest between Ucchie and Viki in case you missed the live stream. Enjoy!

Yohei Uchino wins Flatark and World Circuit 2014

Big day for Ucchie in Kobe! He won the Flatark contest and therefore the World Circuit 2014, too! Congratulations!

Flatark Open Class
1st Yohei Uchino
2nd Viki Gomez
3rd Jean William Dub Prevost
4th Hiro Morizaki

World Circuit 2014
1st Yohei Uchino
2nd Viki Gomez
3rd Takahiro Ikeda

Photo: Kenta Raw Matsuda Facebook

Vienna Jam Photos and Video

The annual Vienna Jam took place 3 weeks ago. Thanks to Erik for making sure that we get to see photos and a good video of the event. Enjoy!

Photo gallery: Vienna Jam 2014 by Jana Sabo

Website of the photographer:

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