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Yasu FREE #2

Here's a little inspiration, going into the weekend. Yasuhiro Uehara brings great style to this edit - lots of smooth flow and a great variety of cool looking spots as well!

Photo of the Day: Zimmi Akhmad on Bali

Our friend Zimmi from Indonesia keeps sending us awesome photo. He recently moved to the island Bali which belongs to Indonesia: "I realized that in Bali always the surfing culture was dominated and I'm the only flatland rider on Bali. I won't stop here just because Bali is about surfing, I want to represent what BMX is and especially flatland. To make flatland grow up like in my hometown Surabaya."

We love the minimalistic look of the photos and wish Zimmi all the best on his new home island!

William do Prado from Brazil

Here is a new name from Brazil! William do Prado aka Buiu is showing his skills in his first edit (at least as far as we know). Thanks to Gilberto for sending the link!

Kevin Jacob Summer 2014

Kevin has progressed a lot! Really an impressive amount of new tricks in this one, and lots of surprises too! Keep an eye out for stem tricks, forward to backward jumplash, and whiplash to x-foot g turn nose wheelie. Tons more great moves here too - check him out!

Germany: 20 Years of BMX - One Love Contest

Markus Reich is riding BMX for 20 years now and is celebrating this anniversary with a contest in Friedland, Germany.

Date: October 4
Classes: Master and Pro

More details: 20 Years of BMX - One Love 

Are you organizing a contest or jam too? Let us know by posting it here.

DUB - Real City Spin TV Interview

Jean-William Prevost has a fantastic interview here which aired on Global Montreal TV. The interview helps promote the Real City Spin contest this weekend, but even more - flatland in general. Bravo, DUB, that was flawless! 
He mentions that right now the evolution of flatland is ripe for the public to see, and it looks like he is correct. Check out the video, and if you're able to, make your way to Montreal for Round 3 in the Am Flatland Circuit. Should be an epic contest!

Flatland Session Vol. 3 Highlights

That was quick, there is already a highlight edit of the Flatland Session Vol. 3Dominik won the contest last weekend. A few photos have been posted on the official Facebook page.

San Antonio Flatlanders in Dallas

This weekend some of the San Antonio, Texas riders made a fun road trip to Dallas to have a little session jam at the London Bikes shop. Fun vibes, and lots of quality riding went down. Looks like a good way to keep from getting sunburned too ;)
Featured riders: Bobby Burge, Diego Tejada, Scott Ditchfield, Will Redd, Nikola Olic, Gino Palencia and Jeremy Jones.

Dylan Worsley - Backward Hitchhiker to X Foot Backpacker

If you like quick, hard tricks this one is for you! Dylan does a crazy switch from backwards hiker to x-foot backpacker and nails it. Nice one!

Dominik Nekolny wins Flatland Session Vol. 3

Not only Adam won a contest in his home country this weekend but also Dominik! Congratulations as well! The third Flatland Session contest took place in Hranice, Czech Republic this weekend.

1st Dominik Nekolný
2nd Martin Drazil
3rd Alex Hruby

1st Vašek Albrecht
2nd Honza Stavárek
3rd Jan Malant

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