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Takahiro Enoki wins Saga-No-Run

What a huge contest weekend all over the world. There were even 2 contests in Japan. The Saga-No-Run contest took place on July 20th in the Saga-pref, Japan. Congratulations to the winner Takahiro Enoki.

We found a podium photo on Facebook and the top 3:
1st Takahiro Enoki
2nd Seiichi Fujii
3rd Takuma Kawamura

Ucchie wins Shonan Open

The Shonan Open contest took place on July 20th in Kanagawa, Japan. 8 riders all of whom have their own style were invited and battled for the victory: Akira Okamura(!), Yoshiki Hotoke Uchino, Kotaro Tanaka, Tsutomu Kitayama, Hiroya Morizaki, Shinichi Russia Kiba, Yohei Uchino and York Uno. Yohei Uchino won the final battle against Tsutomu. He also won this contest last year, congratulations on the second victory in a row.

There is an article in Japanese and photos on Kotaro's blog:

BMX Cologne: Full Best Trick Round and All Final Runs

Mission accomplished! We heard there was a little trouble with the live stream and uploaded all the final runs for you. After the regular runs there was a bonus round that worked like a best trick contest. We uploaded the whole bonus round for you including Moto's seat post repair and the infamous no handed whiplash ;-) Enjoy the show!

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Matthieu Bonnecuelle
4th James White
5th Alex Jumelin
6th George Manos
7th Waldemar Fatkin
8th Dez Maarsen (first 1 or 2 combos missing)
9th Alberto Moya
10th Takayuki Iwate
11th Guelo Monzon
12th Raphael Chiquet
13th Kevin Nikulski
14th Shintaro Misawa

Bonus Round aka Best Trick

Flatland Fracas 2014 Results - Masashi Itani wins

We already posted a lot of BMX Cologne coverage but that was not the only contest last weekend. The Flatland Fracas contest took place in East Bridgewater, MA, USA. Even a few Japanese found their way their and Masashi Itani won the expert class (there was no "pro" class). Congratulations!

There is a good photo gallery on Flickr where we also found the photo of Todd that you can see here. Check it! Podium photos and more information have been posted on the official facebook page.

1st Masashi Itani
2nd Rich Upjohn
3rd Gabe Kadmiri
4th Brian Chapman
5th Todd Carter
6th Danny Sirkin
7th Jim Cavanaugh
8th Seonteak Kwon
9th Mannie Nogueira
9th Sunny Sigh
11th Steve Jordan
12th John Simmons

More Footage from Cologne: Moto and Matthieu

We're uploading more footage of the Pro Finals step by step. The top 3 runs are online now:

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Matthieu Bonnecuelle

Stay tuned for more!

Dominik Nekolny win BMX Cologne 2014 Finals + Video

Dominik did it! Congratulations! The Pro Finals were amazing. Not only Dominik but also Moto and Matthieu had absolutely impressive runs. In the bonus round Matthieu pulled a no-handed whiplash (video)! That was one of the the highlights of the day for us and we already put it online for you to see. Moto had some bad luck in the bonus round. His seat post broke but with the help of the spanish riders he replaced it in just a few minutes and finished his bonus run by pulling the combo he wanted to do. Well deserved 2nd place! At the end of the finals things got a bit hectic due to a storm warning that forced the organizers to interrupt the event. Luckily the flatland contest finished just in time for that storm.

Pro Flatland Results:
1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd Matthieu Bonnecuelle
4th James White
5th Alex Jumelin
6th George Manos
7th Waldemar Fatkin
8th Dez Maarsen
9th Alberto Moya
10th Takayuki Iwate
11th Guelo Monzon
12th Raphael Chiquet
13th Kevin Nikulski
14th Shintaro Misawa

BMX Cologne: Flatland Finals Live Stream

Today at 3PM local time the flatland pro finals of the BMX Cologne are going to be broadcasted live. Hector Garcia is going to be your host and moderate the live stream. Enjoy the show!

BMX Cologne Photos and Qualification Results

What a day! More than 50 riders in the pro qualification today. The bumper car tent looks super cool but it was also quite hot in there. Many riders had great runs and were there to take some photos for you. We managed to get pics of most of the pro riders. Alex Jumelin took the first place and will be in the finals tomorrow together with the top 14. We posted a photos of the result sheet on our Facebook page.

Photos: BMX Cologne Pro Qualification Gallery

C3 Jam Nagoya Video

A few days ago we posted the results from this jam, and now we have a great video from the event. With 70 riders, it looked like a big success, even with a little rain. Riders of all skill levels competed, including some incredible young riders! Stay tuned till the end as the pro class was stacked with top riders!

Flat Lights - Mantoc Ovidiu

Here's a very cool, artistic edit of Romanian rider Mantoc Ovidiu. We don't hear much about riders from Romania - so if you are one, please say hello!

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