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Overground Series - Round 1 Results

The first round of the Overground Series took place in Brazil last week. Congratulations to Romulo Guerra on his first place in the pro class! The next round is scheduled for the first weekend of August. MUF Midia posted a big photo gallery on Facebook. Check out Luis Arroz's video if you're keen to see some footage.

1st Romulo Guerra
2nd Bruno Zabu
3rd Mateus Beckmann
4th Francisco Pekeno Lima
5th Leo Claro
6th Gilberto Rocha
7th William Buiu
8th Sergio Ricardo Balu
9th Luis Arroz
10th Gabriel Gomes
11th Caio Alves

1st Alex Marques
2nd Reinaldo Poreca
3rd Reggys da Silva Mingal
4th Sergio de Oliveira
5th Jose Nilton Aribu
6th Evaldo Fernandes
7th Juliao Ferreira

Alex Jumelin wins FISE Edmonton

Congratulations to Alex who defended his first place from the qualification in the finals of FISE Edmonton. Hit the play button above to watch the recording of the finals. You can find Alex' semi final run here and the full semi finals here.

1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Matthias Dandois 
4th Kevin Nikulski 
5th Moto Sasaki
6th Benjamin Hudson 
7th Viki Gomez
8th Ishizaki Hidenori

Finland: Flatstyles 15 Date

Flatstyles is an annual flatland jam & party in Helsinki, Finland since 2004. It's hosted by the Too Small Bikes crew and according to them: "Good times guaranteed!" ;-)

This year it takes place on August 4. You can find more details here: Flatstyles 15

Watch FISE Edmonton Live

This weekend the FISE Edmonton will take place! As usual they are providing a live stream. The semi finals will be on Saturday followed by the finals on Sunday. Below you can find the starting times of the broadcast but it might be easier to check the countdown on youtube (just hit the play button above). Enjoy the show!

19:35 UTC-6 / 03:35 UTC+2 (15th July) / 09:35 UTC+8​​ (15th July)​ Semi Final

18:30 UTC-6 / 02:30 UTC+2 (16th July)​ / 08:30 UTC+8​​ (16th July)​​ Final (live stream link)

Fabien Stephan - 2017 Edit

The footage of this edit seems to be from 2017 but was released now. It was worth waiting for tho! Fabien and Afphoto are delivering a high quality edit with pretty spots and many creative links. Enjoy!

The Story of Che from Nigeria

This is a fantastic little short film about a bike project for a flatlander from Nigeria. You may have seen videos of Che riding his dusty flatland spot. Thanks to Mark Locke and all the supporter for getting Che a rad bike. Here is the story that started in 2016:

"Che was riding this crappy old midschool bike but showed potential and deserved something better, so we pooled efforts and with the help of StMartin in France and putting money in ourselves (plus other riders from UK and USA chipping in for shipping and customs costs) we managed to get him a brand new modern flatland ride.

The story coulda kinda ended there, but in the year that followed (this is the amazing part) Che dedicated his life to riding flat, and went from being able to do not much at all to starting to get really good, and on dirt! Flat on dirt.... Woah." - Mark Locke

FISE Reims Results + Photos

FISE Reims took place last weekend. It was the second stop of the Coupe the France. Congratulations to Kevin Jacob on his victory!

Djou Nien kindly shared his photos with us. Check out the gallery: FISE Reims 2018

1st Kevin Jacob
2nd Raphael Chiquet
3rd Thomas Noyer
4th Anatole Rahain
5th Varo Hernandez
6th Romain Dodelier
7th Joris Bretagnolles
8th Etienne Giraud

1st Jean Michel Chauvel
2nd Roman Mitride
3rd Gregory Gonzalez
4th Romain Labroche

Photo: Djou Nien

Belgium: Urban Waves Results and Footage

Congratulations to Dub on his victory at the Urban Waves contest in Belgium last weekend. It looks like a bunch of international guests stayed in Europe after the contest in Cologne including Yu Katagiri who made it to the podium again. 

There was a very good live stream. The recording is still available in case you missed it.

Pro Results
1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Yu Katagiri
4th Dominik Nekolny
5th Benjamin Hudson
6th Dustyn Alt
7th Yohei Uchino
8th Masato Ito
9th Lee Musselwhite
10th Dan Hennig

Germany: Wolfgang Sauter wins Eastcoast Flatland Jam

Wolfgang Sauter won the Eastcoast Flatland Jam in Germany today with an almost flawless run. Congratulations!

1st Wolfgang Sauter
2nd Markus Reich
3rd Daniel Fuhrmann
4th Markus Schwital
5th John Krämer

1st Steffen Peter
2nd Malte Orth
3rd Attila Bordacs
4th Florian Kluth
5th Benjamin Hill
6th Martin Drews
7th Benjamin Kücher
8th Luca Seifert

Oleg Efimov - Moscow Edit

Oleg Efimov made a little stop in Moscow during his trip to the Bike Days contest. Ivan Chaplygin filmed this little edit with him at a famous spot in the Russian capital called VDNH. 

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