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Camilo Gutierrez - GZuck Welcome Edit

Camilo is now riding for Peru based clothing company GZUCK and bringing some south american styles to Berlin. Enjoy his welcome edit!

Ruben "R-Dog" Castillo III - LIFERS: Episode 4

Here's a really cool video about Ruben! It's an awesome flashback on his history in bmx, his thoughts on freestyle, and a look at his current riding. Such a good watch, check it out!

BMX Flatland History with Martin Aparijo at Woodward West

We're not focussing much on the old school scene but this a cool interview with a flatland pioneer from the early days. Martin Aparijo was one of the first freestyle riders who specialized in flatland. We had to do a little research on and he is actually the inventor of the Cherrypicker and other old school tricks. This is the first episode of a series of BMX History videos by Juca Favela. Follow him on vimeo to stay up to date.

We The People - Helix Freecoaster

We The People designed and released a freecoaster. It's called the Helix and WTP says: "The long awaited Helix Free coaster. We took the tried and tested features from the best free coasters to date and then developed our very own patented clutch retention system, making this thing the most durable and reliable free coaster of it's kind. Paired up with our new free coaster hub guards, the Helix hub will take you backwards in style and hold up to any peg abuse that comes its way."

With a weight of 641 g or 1.41 lbs it's a bit heavier than for example a KHE flatland freecoaster. It comes with a 9T driver, 14mm axle and is made of 6061-T6 alloy. Check the promo video with street rider Ed Zunda to see it in action.

More photos and details: WTP - Helix

Japanese Madness! The Discovery Volume 2 - Trailer

Hanawa Shimpei is working on a new video project: "7 years have passed since we released the dvd "the Discovery". Now, we're ready to release the second edition of it "the Discovery Vol.02". New rider, new tricks etc... "the Discovery" features the Kansai region in Japan."

The trailer looks sick and we're really looking forward to the full video!

Featured riders: Hiroki "Tangmeng" Iwata, Shinichi "Russis" Kiba, Tomokazu "Mo-rich" Morinaga, Masashi Itani, Jun Katayama, Shunsuke Komatsu, Shimpei Hanawa, Yoshiyuki Sawai, Shinya "Günter" Matura, Tomohiro Kiyoku, Morishii, Takahiro "Kyoro" Higaki and Hidenori "Soncho" Ishizaki

Follow F***FlatlandEntertainment.TMBS on Facebook for the latest news on that project.

Keelan Phillips is on UK fire

Keelan is on fire! His new edit UK Fire was just released. Everything was filmed in one session. Check his latest tricks!

Original combos? Dane Bearsley!

Want to see some original moves? Dane is here to help. His new sponsor edit for DK Bicycles doesn't only have a bunch of creative combos but also street and park riding. Enjoy!

Naoto Tamaru - London - GoPro

Here's a sick li'l edit I'm very happy to share! Naoto met up with James Smith in London for this incredible video shot with a GoPro. Someone give James an award for best GoPro flatland footage already! The star of this is obviously Naoto though, who absolutely KILLS it here. Incredible riding throughout - click play on this one!

Spring Session in Lyon

Those videos always make you want to go to Lyon. The locals had a spring session at the usual spot. Check it out! Good times!

Riders: Mickael Vest, Sam Osamwal, Kevin Jacob, Gaoussou Issabre, Romain Dodelier, Cyril Bugnon, Alexandre Nazaret, Rémy Dunoyer and Jimmy Weeky

Germany: Ruhr Games Contest in June - Apply now!

No BMX Cologne? No problem! Mike S and Frank Lukas got big plans in June! 'A positive note: Frank Lukas and I will organize a Flatland contest at an event called "Ruhr Games" There will be €3000,- in prize money with the following judges: Viki Gómez, Dominik Nekolny and Benny Grossjohann. The OSB riding area will be 10mx15m. Please check the link, register or contact us for further information.'

We like the idea that 2 of the best contest riders out there will be judging and 2 very experiences riders are organizing the flatland event. Sounds good! Be there!

To register/apply for the event you need to submit a video: 'Riders can apply by video. The video should show the applicant taking part in BMX Flatland / BMX Spineramp / MTB Slopestyle. The applicant must be clearly identifiable in the video while taking part in BMX Flatland / BMX Spineramp / MTB Slopestyle. The video can be a maximum of 60 seconds in length and should show the applicant's best moves, preferably in a run. The evaluation criteria are: talent, performance and style. A panel of experts will rate the applicant's suitability for the Ruhr Games.'

Schedule: The qualifications will be on Friday (June 5) and the finals on Saturday (June 6). On Thursday there are fun contests and practice.

Poster/Details/Link: Ruhr Games 2015

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