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Rad Girls 2014 - Full Edit

Paula Callery finished the Rad Girls 2014 edit: "Ladies (and gentlemen)! I present to you THE Rad Girls 2014 full edit. Thank you everyone who has participated and helped out in this project, it truly is a group effort. Please share."

Cool 80s flavour in the beginning and obviously a lot of good parts by Anne Sophie Chips, Lona Adams, Bo Stankov, Yuki Shinkawa, Eriko Ono, Irina Sadovnik, Liberty Armstrong, Nori B, Irais Pichardo Resendiz, Jazz Pintasilgo, Miyuki Dezaki, Feer Green and Kim Klisiak. 

Awesome project, props to Paula! Check the Rad Girls Facebook group as well.

Alex Jumelin presents LA Christmas Jam

Here is a last minute info for all the riders in or around LA. Alex is organizing a jam at Long Beach: "I used to do this in Paris for so many year so for the 1st time in LA this year. A good day at the beach, I will bring some give away freegun for the winner of the fun contest we will organize like the legendary longest scuffing tricks and more..."

France: Astrolabe 5 on April 24

Yannick dropped us the first details on the next Astrolabe 5 contest in France. It's going to take place in Conde sur Noireau again. They are planning to have four classes: amateurs, experts, masters, and pro with 2000 Euro prize money for the pros. The contest floor will be made of wood and a bit bigger than a tennis court. Sounds good to us!

Details and poster: Astrolabe 5

Shuichi Osada wins Shonan Bicycle Festival

Shonan Bicycle Festival took place in the Kanagawa pref., Japan today. Kazuma Sako upload podium photos and the results. As we heard that it was rainy so they moved the contest to a roofed place. Shuichi Osada won the open class. Congratulations!

1st Shuichi Osada
2nd Takahiro Ikeda
3rd Takuji Izumi

1st Takumi Suzuki
2nd Yu Shoji
3rd Hiroshi Sugimoto

1st Yu Shoji
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Sekiguchi

Sietse van Berkel - 2014 Year End Edit

We just got this great compilation edit from Sietse! If you like originality, definitely check this out. Lots of flow, lots of neat creative moves!

Gonzalo Bellanti - Europe 2014: Amsterdam and Paris

We completely missed the first part of Gonzalo's Europe 2014 edit. Check the Amsterdam part here. Above is the brandnew part with his stop in Paris.

Who is planning a eurotour next year? Drop us an email and check in at the Global Euro Office ..

KTGM Jam 2014 Edit

It's been a few weeks since the annual KTGM Jam took place in Budapest, Hungary. Oliver Kallai made good use of that time and finished this edit of the jam. Great job!

Featured riders: Pál Gyenes, Gábor "Spix" Bálint, Norbert Schmelhaus, Dávid Mezei, Olivér Kállai, Máté Jobb, Marcell Horváth, Gábor Szmetankó, Gábor Nagy, Mikey, Dénes Katona, Ákos Bordás

Aleksi Ritsila's "TSB14" Part

Part of the full length TSB14, Aleksi's incredible part is now online to enjoy! Killer riding here!
Aleksi says:

"In 2012, I made a decision to fully revamp my riding and leave my old tricks behind to explore a new style. 

We filmed this part with Julius during 2013, and though I feel I just started this new journey in bmx, I´m happy to bring you this: no pumps, “pedal to pedal”, simplistic flatland style, with some sketchy street riding.
As I continue this pursuit of new expressions in bmx, I find my motivation for riding at an all-time high.
Thank You & Ride on!"

Everyone Clothing Brand Promo Edit - Fred Page and William Herve

Everyone is a new clothing brand by Fred Page and William Herve from France. They sent us this promo video and we're looking forward to seeing some of their cloths. Good luck guys!

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