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Dan Hennig - Underground Session

Dan is SHREDDING in this new edit shot at a cool looking underground spot. There's massive switches, unorthodox moves, lots of style, and technical xfoot moves on the pedals. Check it out!

Alberto Moya - Video Portrait

Nauzet Gaspar filmed this cool video portrait of Moya for! We think he did a great job and it's actually a good film if you want to show flatland to someone who is not too familiar with it.

Best BMX Tricks Ever - One Love Jam 2015

Tim Knoll just dropped this highlight video from One Love Jam. There's tons of wild moves from new and old school riders in this one; and some truly inventive riding in Pat Fisher's section around the 2:39 mark. Check it out!

Shintaro Misawa - MID #1

It's Shintaro time! In this new edit he takes his buttery smooth style to the back wheel and lays down an incredible amount of tricks! One of the most controlled riders out there, this is just a great watch - he even makes scuffing look cool ;)

Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin at One Love Jam

Here's a great video of the Frenchies really busting out seaside at One Love Jam by Matthias! Check it out!

Ride Fast, Live Slow - Life on Wheels with Brian "Yellow" Gavagan

Yellow’s been a good friend and inspiration to me for years now, so I’m stoked to share this rare glimpse into his world! He’s got an amazing outlook on riding and daily life, and rides almost every bmx discipline there is - including flatland. Filmed during a 7 day trip hitting spots in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Frisco and Breckenridge, CO. Enjoy!

Takuma Kawamura - Madrid

What happens when two great riders and a camera get together? A video of course! Here's a nice and sweet edit of Takuma by Alberto Moya to start the day with!

Matt Wilhelm - Roll Call DVD Part

Enjoy this solid video part of Matt Wilhelm from the Roll Call DVD. Great tricks, spots, filming, editing! Gotta love the bikeflip at 2:45! That's how you start a backwheel combo ...

Water Frame Prototype by Joe Cicman

We're always happy to see new frames and parts by young flatland brands. Yesterday Joe Cicman posted a photo of the Water Frame. It's a prototype featuring a 19.1" top tube (Joe wrote 19.0625", of course), 14mm extraTherm drop-outs and if you ask us a pretty good looking design! We asked Joe if he is planning to sell the frames one day: "To be determined. I need to ride it for a while". Maybe it's going to be the second QuestBMX frame?

Update: ok, early April fools. If this frame reminded you a bit of a certain Heresy frame then you might be right ;-)

Billy Whitfield - Hello 2015

Right now it's Winter in many places, and riders take to covered parking lots to keep up with their progression. Billy is one of those riders, showing an incredibly smooth, flowing style here and also one of the drawbacks of garage riding - slippery floors!

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