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Paulo Gepulango - Enemy Promo

Check this out! Paulo filmed this edit for his sponsor Enemy. The cool thing is that it's filmed at his new homespot that he recently built. Looks good! Who would like to have that spot in his yard?

Fast Video Magazine #05 - Spring in Nagoya

Last weekend there were 2 jams in Nagoya, Japan. Fast Video Magazine was there to film and put this fresh edit together. Enjoy!

Spring Session with Percy Marshall and Lachlan Cameron

It doesn't look like Percy and Lachlan were lazy this winter. Lots of great combos in this spring session edit!

Revolcon Finals - Raw Footage

The filming may not be perfect but its nice to see the full finals of the Revolcon contest. You'll find Dub's and Pete's great runs at the end of the video. 

igi SweetSPOT Pedal Release

It's not every day that a new product that can actually open doors to new potential comes out. DUB's new igi SweetSPOT Pedal may be that rare component. Click here to see it in action!
I talked with DUB about this, and he had this to say:
"To the riders of the Flatlands ,
Some of you might have noticed the ‘’igi’’ logo here and there. The idea of the ‘’igi’’ logo/concept comes from the word Original, or Origins. We must give out respect to our origins, especially in Flatland where whoever came first worked really hard to get us to this point in time in the evolutionary ladder of Flatland. 
Igi will represent what I have been thriving for in Flatland since I got into it, it is the sum of my years spent  on the bike and of the experience I have gained throughout these many fun years of spinning, turbining and pivoting on the peg and now on the pedal.This is  a pedal which for some won’t change much, but for the ones who see the potential in it, it might just do miracles for them. 
I have withheld on developing products for years because I thought the world had enough products in use and in it’s dumps and oceans already, though now I see how something positively charged can enhance the Flatland experience and contribute to, and accelerate the progressive process. Within that process is the will to make the world a better place. I want to make you feel better riding flatland, keep more people practicing  on the bike and having fun, thus keeping people away from the oh so awful consumerism which has taken over our era.
Flatland is still in it’s infancy and if we feed it right it will grow beyond what we ever thought possible. I won’t prone to hold the ultimate truth, though this product might help you find it!
I have been testing this shape for almost a year, and it enabled many things I thought impossible; I am at the final prototyping phase and will be entering into production this summer.
I thought I would let you guys know what I was up to, the Microphone pegs will be available early summer.
Jean William Prévost"

Deep BMX at work- Demo and Workshop

Just another day in the office for Deep BMX ... not really! A few days ago they hosted shows and workshops at a Bike expo in Deep's hometown Berlin. It's cool to see them teach the kids some basics. We can't say often enough how important it is to show flatland to kids who haven't seen it before and give them the chance to try it. Thanks to Deep!

Webicycles - Equation Frame

Webicycles is a younger US-based company. They are making custom frames and are also offering Pete Brandt's signiture model frame. We took a closer look at their website and Facebook and found the following specs for Pete's frame: 18.7" Top Tube, 12.7" Chainstay, 5.5" stand-over, 75° head-angle, 12" BB height, 71 seat tube angle.

According to their website all frames are constructed of "top quality True Temper supertherm 4130 chromoly. Handcrafted in the USA."

Unfortunately we haven't found many good photos but the few we found are in the parts section together with some more details: Webicycles - Equation Frame

Besides the Equation frame they are making the Gov Bar as well as custom bars. A sprocket with teflon coating is coming soon.

James McGraw - My Life At 44

Happy birthday James! Putting out ANY edit at 44 is an accomplishment in itself - but putting out a banging edit with new moves like this one should be an inspiration to us all. Well done man! Killing that back wheel!

James had some words to say about this edit, and it's such good stuff, I thought it deserved a post too:

"Good bye 43 and hello 44. In the world of Bmx the number 43 has a lot of meaning, for me it was one of my best years ever. I regained my health100% and got back on my bike. I pushed myself to what became the most progressive year in my 30 years of riding flatland. It has been six months now since I went brakeless and found a new flow to my riding. Hell I come from the Rad generation that consisted of balance and hopping tricks. (we had locking brakes) 44 will mark 30 years since I first competed in a flatland contest. The evolution of flatland has happened right in front of my eyes. I have been blessed to have traveled the world and see so many talented riders that share in the passion that is flatland. This is my life at 44!! I am a father, a business owner, a classic car enthusiast and a Bmx flatlander. For thirty years now I have put blood, sweat and even some tears to get where I am today and when it comes to my riding, this video is a compilation of what I believe to be some of my finest work. Enjoy and Thanks for watching."

Lee Musselwhite - Welcome to DECO

Lee is on fire! So good to see such an original rider getting hooked up via DECO. Lee is looking unbelievably dialed here, and floating through plenty of impossible looking original moves. Don't miss this!

News: Alex Jumelin's Flatland School In New Orleans

Some pretty cool news to report tonight, Alex is going to be teaching a select group of kids at the International School of Louisianna, flatland, from 8am to 3pm every day for two weeks. That sounds like awesome news, and we wish them luck! Hopefully we will have some cool updates to report as this gets underway. Do you think a flatland school for kids is a good idea? 

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