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France: Alex Jumelin wins Open BMX Flat Baillargues

Alex won the 1st round of the French Flatland Cup (Coupe de France) at the Open De BMX Flat De Baillargues. Congratulations! 

Top 3
1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Thomas Noyer
3rd Raphael Chiquet

Photo: @cepious IG

Dustyn Alt wins Urban Culture Games

Sounds like a German invasion of Prague .. Dustyn Alt won the Urban Culture Games in the Czech capital followed by Wolfgang Sauter. Congratulations! Where was Dominik? Probably planning a counterstrike. Thanks to Martin Drazil for sharing the results.

Top 3
1st Dustyn Alt
2nd Wolfgang Sauter
3rd Michal Kupec

Coupe de France Schedule 2018

3 stops of the the French Flatland Cup (Coupe de France) have been announced. They are all managed by the FISE organizers. The first event is this weekend in Baillargues. The following two are FISE Xperience events and it's cool to see flatland being part of even more FISE events. You can find more details and links below.

June 16th - 17th in France: Open de BMX Flat De Baillargues
June 29th - 1st in France: Fise Xperience Reims
September 26th - 30th in France: Fise Xperience Grau-Du-Roi

Aloha Jam Promo Videos

Just in time before the 2018 Aloha Jam we get 3 beautiful promo clips with footage of the 2017 event. Above is the first one of the three. Here are part 2 and part 3. If you like what you see then it's time to book your flight to the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The next Aloha Jam week is starting in about 3 weeks from July 3 to 10.

Ark League aka Flatark 2018 announced

The date of the annual Ark League competitions have been announced. There will be the famous Flatark contest as well as a skateboard competition (Skateark). 

Date: October 26 - 28
Location: Meriken Park, Kobe, Japan

More details will be available soon. You can find the poster links here: Ark League - Flatark

Germany: 100 PSI Date 2018

The annual 100 PSI in the beautiful city of Dresden will take place on September 1 this year. The contest will be at the usual outdoor spot which offers a lot of space. This year there will be bmx workshop for kids but further information are to be announced. Save the date! Poster and links: 100 PSI

OG Marton - Monday Morning Routine

There are no information except for the title but obviously this is OG Marton's Monday morning routine. Other people might go to the office, Marton goes to the parking lot. Living the dream and still killing it!

Alberto Moya - In Crescendo

Absolutely beautiful new black and white edit by Alberto Moya. You have to watch this one! Find the official description below.

In Crescendo is a self filmed and self edited BMX Flatland video by Alberto Moya. It was filmed in different spots around Japan: Nagoya, Noda, Kawasaki and Matsudo: "In this video I try to play with the tempo of the riding and the tempo of the classic musical piece by Edvard Grieg In The Hall of the Mountaing King. My goal is to make it visible that BMX Flatland is about the Rythm and Tempo"

HF Monthly - April and May 2018

The HF Monthly edit for May is short but sweet. Pretty high level of riding in this nightly session with Ryuji Nakamura and Yasuhiro Uehara.

Here is the April edit in case you missed it.

Belgium: BeMX #1 Results + Schedule

The first round of the Belgian BeBMX contest series took place last weekend. Congratulation to Gilles on his first place. The BeMX series is something like the Belgian BMX Freestyle Cup. All stops will include a flatland contest. You can find the schedule below.

Round 1 Results
1st Gilles Van de Sompel
2nd Barre Neirynck
3rd Nils Buyse
4th Saky Kipirtiais

June 30th - 1st in Belgium: BeMX #2
August 5th in Belgium: BeMX #3
September 1st - 2nd in Belgium: BeMX #4

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