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Hungary: KTGM Weekend Jam on September 11

This year it looks like there won't be a flatland contest at the Offline Sports Games in Budapest, Hungary. Nevertheless the locals are organizing the annual KTGM Jam on the same weekend. The official jam date is September 12 but there will be session during the whole weekend: "This year riders from all around Europe will meet up on the huge spot of KTGM (3500m2, 38000ft2) for 3 full days of riding, from Friday to Sunday, to train, chill and get motivated."

More details and a collection of video of the previous years: KTGM Weekend Jam 2015

OG Update with Raddad and Dez

The OG in Austin, Texas is one of those legendary spots that every rider should visit once. Here is the latest OG edit featuring many locals and also a guest from the Netherlands .. 

The video quality is nice as well, for the video geeks: it was filmed with a Panasonic AF100 as we read in the description.

Hungary: Bauer Flatland Contest on August 29

Our annual Bauer Flatland competition is going to be organized this year too, at Homokbödöge, Hungary on August 29. Last year everyone had a great and they hope it's going to be a fun weekend once again! There is no entry-fee, free camping (bring your tent) and a party on saturday evening. In case of bad weather, the event is going to take place one week later on the 5th of September. More details: Bauer Flatland Contest 2015.

Viki Gomez - Something in the way

Brilliant new edit! Viki has been working on this one for half a year. It's called after the old Nirvana song "something in the way" but there is absolutely nothing standing in the way between Viki and his combos. Watching this video makes you think that he can do anything he wants on his bike. Watch the video and go out to keep pushing your limits like Viki does!

Check his comment as well: "Creativity is a blessing, it is my life! This "unfinished" project have been filmed from January 2015 until August 2015, trying to find a new me, trying to go out of my comfort zone and trying to be different. When I go my own way I feel free.These are moments that I want to share and give to Flatland. It is infinity! The search never ends, it feels infinity when you search! Keep the search..this is life!"

Germany: Mates Tucek wins 100 PSI Contest + Photos

Today the annual 100 PSI contest took place in Dresden, Germany. Once again the weather was perfect for a session on the huge tarmac field. There was a Master and Pro class contest. Mates Tucek and Waldemar Fatkin had amazing runs. In the end Mates got first. Congratulations! We posted a couple of photos: 100 PSI Gallery

1st Mates Tucek
2nd Waldemar Fatkin
3rd Kevin Nikulski
4th Dustyn Alt
5th Camilo Gutierrez
6h Markus Reich
7th Konstantin Chernov

1st Tomas Vejmola
2nd Jan Schmidt
3rd Sascha Heydemann

Real City Spin 2015 Promo

With Real City Spin Contest quickly approaching, this amazing video is sure to get you hyped! This year top riders and judges from around the world are gathering for this epic event which is the 4th round of the BMX Flatland World Circuit and the third round of the American Circuit.
For more info including registering, please check

Hungary: Denes Katona wins Over 8 Bar Flatland Contest

Denes Katona won the Over 8 Bar Flatland Contest this year! Congratulations! The contest was last weekend following the camp on the previous week days. Watch the edit for a few impressions of the event, the top 3 results of the different classes are posted below.

1st - Denes Katona
2nd - Oliver Kallai
3rd - Adam Gelencser

1st Fulop Vidakovich
2nd Balazs Csaszar
3rd Attila Bordacs

1st Gabor Nagy
2nd Norbert Schmelhaus
3rd Bence Venczak

Nao Yoshida - Motel Works Welcome Edit

Nao is now riding for Motel Works and JYKK Japan. He posted a statement in Japanese on his blog together with this fresh edit. It's great to see how he keeps developing his pumping and spinning styles over the years. Enjoy!

Vladimir Isaev edit for Ziq&Yoni

Vladimir Isaev is from Russia and shared his new edit with us. It's his entry for a video competition of the clothing brand Ziq&yoni. The winner will get a sponsorship. What's much more remarkable is that he has a serious health problem. To deal with his kidneys failure he has to undergo hemodialisys 3 times a week for 4hours. Despite this problem he finds the energy to ride as you can see. We'll ask Vladimir to share more of his story with us. Stay tuned!

BMX Jam at Hip Hop Open Stuttgart Edit

Here is an update from Stuttgart, Germany. The BMX Jam at the Hip Hop Open Festival took place a few weeks ago. Kunstform was the main sponsor and they also released this highlight edit now with some flatland and ramp footage. 

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