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There's only one thing to do when you can't sleep - go ride! Lisias put together this nice creative edit based around that idea that's full of original style, check it out!

Event Update: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and USA

We have a bunch of event updates from South America and the US. One of them is a last minute info from Bethlehem, PA, USA for the coming weekend.

May 30th in United StatesThe Star Steel City So Long Spring Jam
June 14th in Colombia: Festival Extremo Kennedy
July 18th - 19th in Colombia: Summer Street Ride
September 5th - 6th in Mexico: Clandestino Jam
November 7th in Chile: King of M2

Check our event section to find all the contests and jams.

Viki Gomez - Flamenco Flatland

Here's a neat new video of Viki riding with Flamenco dancer Lidon Patiño. Of course, Viki kills it, and it's a pretty cool comparison to see the two styles together!

John Yull - DECADES

John Yull dropped a bomb today with this massive new edit! So many original moves here! Stop what you're doing and click play!

Toronto BMX - Freestylin'

The Toronto crew welcomed Shogo back with this great jam! Lachlan, Brandon, Shogo, and Percy have parts in this, so don't blink! Percy is shredding right now after winning Trans Jam and you can see why - lots and LOTS of tricks and concepts!

Pegasus BMX - .45 Silver Bullet Pegs

Jeff DesRoche kept working on his new company Pegasus BMX. The Silver Bullet Pegs are now available. They were designed by Dez Maarsen who recently joined the team: "Pegasus BMX is proud to welcome the Dutch shredder Dez Maarsen to the team. Dez is one of the top flatland riders at this moment. He possess all round flatland skills, from technical front wheel switches to single bangers. With a big bag of signature tricks he's been pushing his riding with smooth pivoting tricks combined with an amazing flow. His passion for flatland is big and he always wants to promote flatland in the best way he can. As we are both driven to push flatland we're stoked to collaborate to develop new product! Starting with Dez' first signature product, the .45 Bullet Peg."

The pegs have replacable end caps. You can have round caps for easier pivoting or flat caps. A pair of the pegs weighs 243g / 0.5lbs. More details: Pegasus BMX - .45 Silver Bullet Pegs

C3 Jam Series 2015 - Round 2 - Minato Sato wins

Yesterday the C3 Jam Round 2 took place in in Osaka, Japan. It was a contest only for kids class riders. Because of the risk of rain, the place was changed to an indoor spot but nevertheless 36 riders took a part in it. York Uno uploaded some photos on his blog and you can find the result below. Congratulations to Minato Sato who won the highest class.

UPDATE: And now we have a great video of these talented kids! Check it out by clicking here (link)!

Kids Low class:
1st Mizuki Kondo
2nd Shun Ishikawa
3rd Takato Moritani

Kids High class:
1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Ryuta Kobayashi
3rd Takato Moritani

Kids Super High class
1st Minato Sato
2nd Rin Isogai
3rd Jigen Omotehara

Podium Photo: C3 Facebook

Steffen Peter - Spring Session

Straight outta Neubrandenburg, Germany - Steffen Peter shared his new edit with us. He seems to be a great shape! Lots of solid combos from a weekend session at his homespot!

King of Ground 2015 - Round 1 Photos + New Website

The KOG is probably one of the most famous flatland contest series out there. We're happy to see that after all these years the organizers are still motivated to make it happen every year and also manage to find time to update their website. The new KOG website looks much more friendly and there is a Facebook page as well.

The first round of the 2015 series took place a few days ago. Yoshihiro Shinde kindly shared his photos with us. Many of them show the kids class and you'll find a few pics of the more experienced riders: KOG 2015 Round 1 Gallery

Luis dos Santos from Brazil - Flat and Street

Thanks to Luis for sharing his latest edit with us. He is rocking a bunch of spots including one that looks like a tiny private backyard spot. Enjoy some freestyle from Brazil! Flatland and street!

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