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Toyosu Jam Vol. 6 Highlights

Yuki Itoh is doing great edits of the regular Toyosu Jams but those jams are so regular that even has some problem keeping up ;-) Here are the highlights of the 6th jam which took place in May. In the meantime the next already took place. As usual super cool editing and riding. Check it out!

We tried to look up the date of the next Toyosu Jam but couldn't find it yet. Let us know if you see the date: submit new event.

BMX Cologne 2017 - Flatland Pro Final Highlights

Let's take a look at the best combos of the pro finals at BMX Cologne this year. We filmed all the final runs for this edit. Enjoy!

Scott was doing a great job on the mic but the camera was right behind him when Matthias did his last looooo...oong combo during the finals. So we have a lot of Scott on tape and not so much Matthias ;-) you can watch his full run from a different angle here

Dominik Nekolny - Final Run at BMX Cologne 2017

As far as we know there wasn't an official live stream of BMX Cologne but don't worry here is Dominik's winning run from the finals. Almost live .. Enjoy!

Other runs that have been uploaded already:

Dominik Nekolny wins BMX Cologne

Congratulations to Dominik! He had an excellent final run in Cologne and made it to the top of the podium.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Masato Ito
4th Alex Jumelin
5th Jean William Prevost
6th Wolfgang Sauter
7th Sietse van Berkel
8th Dez Maarsen

Photo: @saky_bmx IG

Erin Fricke aka Donato 2017

It's always great to see some (rare) footage of Erin! John Dowker filmed and posted this video of her. She is super dialed as usual. Check it out!

Over 8 Bar Flatland Camp & Contest 2017

The annual Over 8 Bar contest and camp in Hungary will take place from August 8 - 13. As always you can find a very affordable accomodation in Komarom and the entry fee is low, too. They are planning 3 classes (expert, master, pro) and every rider will have 2 runs with the first one on saturday and the second on sunday. For more details: Over 8 Bar Camp & Contest 2017

Copa BMX Brasil Results and Highlight Edit

Last weekend the Copa BMX Brasil contest took place in Uberlandia, Brazil. Mateus Beckmann won the open class. Congratulations! Also big thanks and congratulations to Bruno Zebu for his second place and the cool edit that he posted. Check it out!

Open Class
1st Mateus Beckmann
2nd Bruno Zebu
3rd Gilberto Rocha
4th Romula Guerra
5th Sergio Balu
6th Francisco Lima
7th William Do Prado Costa
8th Camilo Verissimo D.Santos Braz
9th Luis Dos Santos
10th Erik Soares de Oliveira

You can find the full results of the open class here and the master class results are here.

Enjoy the Trick 2017 Jam Date

New year same place - the Enjoy the Trick Summer Jam will take place on September 9 at Smith School in Portland, OR: "Riding will start at around 11am, and will be followed by a BBQ and gathering at Scott Hagnas’ house nearby. Flatland vids and festivities ’til late, and you are welcome to sleep over". It's the same day as Voodoo Jam so you got 2 cool options for that weekend.

More details and links: Enjoy the Trick 2017 Jam

Com'in Lyon 2017 Date

The preparation for this year's Com'in Lyon contest are in full swing. It's going to the final of the French Flatland Cup 2017. So mark November 4 and 5 in your calender and stay tuned for further information. As always you can find the poster and links in the event section: Com'in Lyon 2017

NASS Highlights and Runs

Let's take a closer look at some of the footage from last weekend's iBMXff world championships at the NASS festival. Above is the official flatland highlight edit which is a little short. Luckily Effraim posted some of the full pro runs on Youtube so we can watch Matthias' world champion run. The good old Band of Horses song brought him luck once more. Some of you will probably remember it from a previous run in Cologne (?!). Below are links to the top 5 runs.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Dustyn Alt
5th Raphael Chiquet

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