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Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3

Yesterday the 3rd round of this year's AFA circuit took place in North Carolina. Congratulations to Dub on his first place in the pro class and to all the other winners. There are recordings of the live stream on the AFA Facebook page. You can find the full results below!

1st Ty Howell
2nd Justin Griffin
3rd Justin Oh
4th Kim Klisiak
5th Bri Welch

Old’s Cool
1st Bert Williams
2nd Paul Vail
3rd Lee Mejia
4th Dan Hull
5th Fox Kinsman
6th Todd Shoemaker

1st Ed Jodie
2nd Rennace Tomko
3rd Kevin Edwards
4th Ron Monis
5th Marc Joseph
6th Anthony Schneidewind
7th Sean Porter
8th Kevin Washington
9th David McDuffie

1st Jean William Prevost
2nd Austin Luberda
3rd James McGraw
4th Jean-Francois Boulianne
5th Dax Wolford
6th Art Thomason
7th Steph Cerra
8th Will Redd
9th Bryan Huffman
10th Michael Shao
11th Joe Cicman
12th Nikola Olic
13th Todd Carter

Photo: AFA Facebook

Poland: Musztarda Master Jam #15

The 15th Master of Mustard Jam in Poland would like to invite all of you to the city of Torun on August 10. This year they are bigger than ever with price money for the podium and a lot of gifts from their sponsors. You can find more details here: Musztarda Master Jam #15

Vancouver Flatland Jam

The Vancouver crew is taking the local jam to the next level bymaking it a multi-day event with the schedule as follows:

"July 18 - Squamish & Whistler trip. We travel on the super scenic Sea to Sky highway (google it) in the morning with a first stop in Squamish (about an hour from Vancouver) and do a little hike (the Chief) or rock climbing for those who want. Then lunch then we continue to Whistler resort (famous snowboarding spot). We ride there the whole afternoon. Back to Van in the evening.

Friday July 19- Circle session! This day we ll ride the perfectly smooth concrete circle spot at the Olympic village in front of downtown and the north shore mountains. This is the day of the IGI best trick contest with prizes from Dub. Barbecue in the evening.

Saturday July 20 is the official day of the jam with upwards of 20 riders amateurs and pro from US-Canada and maybe others. . Spot will be on a concrete double basketball court. Party in the evening tbd.

Sunday July 21 is the post jam day. We ll ride another spot with whoever wants to. During the afternoon, most people will start going back home."

More information: Vancouver Flatland Jam

Soulcycle Championships 2019

The Soulcycle BMX Championships will take place for the 3rd time in Amsterdam. The Museumplein square in the center of the city will host all kinds of bmx contest from June 19 to 23. Apparently flatland is first on June 2019 which is a Wednesday according to our calendar. Could be a good opportunity for a podium spot if you have time on Wednesday ;-) 

Details: Soulcycle BMX Championships

FISE Montpellier 2019 Results

The next round of the UCI Flatland World circuit took place at the FISE Montpellier last weekend. Congratulations to Misaki and Dominik on their victory! Check out the recording if you missed the live stream. Below you'll find links to the top 3 runs as well. 


4th Takumi Isogai
5th Alex Jumelin
6th Terry Adams
7th Sietse Van Berkel
8th Matthieu Bonnecuelle

UCI Women
1st Misaki Katagiri
2nd Julia Preuss
3rd Irina Sadovnik
4th Céline Vaes
5th Ekaterina Kruglova
6th Louise Seigneur
7th Caroline Carbonne
8th Erin Fricke

Watch FISE Montpellier Live

FISE is coming home to Montpellier this weekend. They are providing a live stream for all the finals including pro flatland which is scheduled for Sunday evening (local time). You can find the live stream above. Enjoy the show!

Montpellier 17:30 CEST / Hiroshima 00:30 JST+1 / New York 11:30 EDT

Joey Gaze - One Handed Flatlander From Malaysia

We thought flatland was pretty hard as it is but imagine you only had one hand? Seems impossible? Joey Gaze from Malaysia proves the opposite. He dropped us this short edit and it's simply impressive. Keep riding Joey!

Voodoo Jam 2019

The Voodoo Jam is back in 2019 at the Generations Hall in New Orleans. Mark the date in your calendar and stay tuned for further information.

Date: August 17

Bike Days Results + Video

Congratualtions to Matthias on his first place at the annual Bike Days contest in Switzerland. There is a little clip on the official YouTube channel which looks like they've had a lot of fun! Check it out!

Top 3
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rdAlex Jumelin BMX

Astrolabe 2019 Highlights

Check out the official highlight edit of the annual Astrolabe contest in Condé sur Noireau, France. It's featuring riders from all the different classes including the kids class with all the up-and-coming young riders from the local flatland club. Congratulations to Alex who took the win in the pro class!

Pro Top 3
1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Raphael Chiquet
3rd Anatole Rahain

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