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BMX Flatland World Circuit Schedule 2017 + Ninja Spin Date

The BFWC crew is working on the schedule of the 2017 series. We know that many of you have been waiting for the new schedule. So far the first 3 stops are planned and presumably the 5th stop would be the Flatark contest in Japan but that's not announced yet. The scoring system remains the same. The best 3 results will count for the final ranking so we might have an early decision again. As you can see the Ninja Spin is back this year after a 6 year break?! Check the link below for details.

Round 1
May 5 - May 6 in Switzerland: Bike Days
Format: 3 min and last trick
Judges: Alexis Desolneux, Michael Sommer, Frank Lukas, Martti Kuoppa

Round 2
June 10 - 11 in France: Ninja Spin

Round 3
July 22 -23 in Germany: BMX Cologne

Round 4 (TBD)
Round 5 (TBD)

Dub wins AFA 2017 Round 1 + Footage

Dub won the first round of this year's AFA series! Congratulations! Dom got second and seems to be in total weekend-warrior-mode traveling to north america every other weekend. Maybe you watch the pro runs live on the AFA Facebook page yesterday. The expert, novice and old school class live stream recordings are available here. Probably the pro class footage will follow?

1st Jean-William Prevost
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rd Will Redd

Photo: AFA Facebook

Gabriel Anane Asmoah from Ghana

Flatland isn't very big Africa so we're exciting to show you this video of Gabriel Anane Asmoah from Ghana. Dub seems to be in touch with him and this video found it's way to the IGI channel on vimeo. Check it out! Anane is introducing himself and his friends in it.

"This video depicts the thoughts and hopes of West African Ghanaian Flatland Rider : Gabriel Anane Asmoah. Flatland is a worldwide movement only flatlanders will take care of, we are the ones we are waiting for. Let's move flatland and help the riders worldwide to develop and promote their skill of Floor BMX, for riders like Anane, Flatland is a way out of the system and working hard on the BMX means opportunities to see the world, make friends and be part of an international community of riders, events and above all, a part of the family."

New TNB Complete Bike - Trickster 18.9

The Japanese brand TNB came up with the new Trickster 18.9 complete bike. It's not too expensive (around 650eur/usd) and probably a good option for beginners. The frame, fork and handlebars are original TNB parts. It's nice to see some good old crossed tubes. They are not dead yet ;-) Delirium distribution is selling the bike in Japan. Check their website for more information and the promo clip to see the bike in action.

Dominik Nekolny wins UK Flatland Championship

Another victory for Dom! This time in the UK at the Flatland Championship in Manchester. Congratulations!

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Francisco Lima Pekeno
3rd James White
4th Phil Dolan
5th Markus Schwital
6th Andy Hale
7th Miguel Pargas
8th Dino Jeffers
9th Misael S Mizo

1st Michal Pietruszeski
2nd Dan Margetts
3rd Misael S Mizo
3th Lucas Santos
5th Dino Jeffers
6th Stuart McLaren
7th Mik Penar

Photo: Matti Hemmings

Jamsado - Flatland Games in Bogota

Remember the Jamsado poster? The actual contest was even more funny. Because of the weather there wasn't much time and the guys made the best out of the situation by having a couple of fun contests to get those sponsor goodies in the hands of the riders. IGI, Tienda Flat and Fade Footwear supported the event.

- KICK BIKE , 5 rounds with 5 finalists and one finals to know the champion who won FADE shoes
- SCUFF JAM, the person who could hold a scuffing trick the longest to win a pair of FADE shoes
- HANG IN THERE , the longest HANG 5 for a pair of IGI SWEETSPOT pedals
- KOREAN ARM WRESTLING to win final prize ; a pair of IGI MICROPHONE PEGS

Enjoy the video! That looked like a fun day despite the rain!

Mateus Beckmann - Video Bike Check

Let's take a closer look at Mateus bike! If you know his riding then you know that this bike has to handle a lot of punishment ;-) The video proves that, besides the bikes you get to see a bunch of flatland and street riding. English subtitles would have been perfect but the close-up shots of the bike are good, so you can see what's what.

Indonesia: Haris Effendi wins Galaxy Contest

The annual Galaxy Contest took place at the Galaxy Mall in Bekasi, Indonesia last weekend. About 35 riders were competing and Haris Kediri was the winner at the end of the day! Congratulations! A local website published a little story about the contest in Indonesian.

Top 3
1st Haris Effendi (Kediri) 
2nd Yunfian Rivand (Jogjakarta) 
3rd Ian (Bekas)

Photo: @flatindobmx on Instagram

Events: AFA Round 2, York Jam and Chris Böhm Jam

The events dates keep flowing in which is great! Today we have 2 from the USA and one from the Philippines. AFA Round 2 is going to be in May - check the recent info on the scoring system as well. Believe it or not but it's going to be the 27th York Jam this year. Closing in on the 30 but never getting old. Speaking of growing up - Chris Böhm is a dad since a couple of days. Congratulations! However, that doesn't stop his relentless show schedule. He is going to visit the Philippines and the locals will organize a contest and jam for him.

April 21st in Philippines: Chris Böhm Flatland Jam and Contest
May 13th in United States: AFA 2017 Round 2
June 3rd in United States: York Jam 27

Alexis Desolneux Interview by Roy Christopher

Roy Christopher who describes himself as a write and scientist sent us a link to an interview with Alexis Desolneux which he did for his personal website. Apparently he was just looking for a new frame when he discovered his fascination with Heresy: "After watching all of their videos and finding out everything I could about the brand and the riders behind it, I built up my own Heresy frame with as many of their parts as I could get. Given my fast fandom, I knew I needed to talk to their leader."


Photo: Heresy Website

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