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Sebastian Grubinger - Vienna Session

Heresy team rider Sebastian Grubinger and Tom/Sevisual hung out for a weekend in Vienna. We asked Sebastian for a comment: "Tom visited me and that's what happened". Well, there you go ;-) Enjoy some technical moves and bunch of outtakes!

Landscapes online

Steward Munro's latest project "Landscapes" is online. There aren't many people who are still taking the time to put something like the good old flatland VHS tapes or DVDs together. But this is one of those project - 51 minutes featuring some of the best riders out there. Speaking of DVDs .. remember that you had to pay for them? ;-) Landscapes is for sale now as a download for 8,99USD.

Riders: Simon O'Brien, Alex Worden, Yorihisa Shiota, Seppl Pospischil, Viki Gomez, Iwata Tang-meng Hiroki, Masashi Itani, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Thomas Noyer ,Brandon Fenton, Paul Chamberlain and many more!

Julio C Dias Augusto - 45 Years

Julio C Dias Augusto is one of those guys that you often see behind a camera but not in front of it. After documenting major events in Brazil for the last 10 years it was time for Julio to step in front of the camera for once! He says that there is nothing surprising in this video but that he is happy to be able to still enjoy riding at the age of 45. See for yourself .. 

Here is his Youtube Channel with maaaany video of contests in Brazil: julioflat

USA: James McGraw wins Texas Flatland Roundup X

More results from the epic contest weekend! James McGraw won the Texas Flatland Roundup X in San Antonio, TX, USA. Congratulations! already posted a highlight edit of the pro class. Enjoy!

1st James McGraw
2nd Dax Wolford
3rd Will Redd
4th Art Thompson
5th Diego Tejada
6th Chris Anderson
7th Adam DiClaudio

Malaysia: Matthias Dandois wins FLATdev

Check those happy FLATdev winners on the podium in Malaysia! Matthias took the first place. Congratulations! There are a few photos and clips on the official Facebook page.

1st Matthias Dandois 
2nd Jean William Prevost 
3rd Moto Sasaki
4th Yohei Uchino
5th Bejamin Hudson
6th Takahiro Ikeda
7th Toon Pakphum
8th Takumi Isogai
9th Takuya Higa
10th Naoto Tamaru

Photo: FLATdev

Netherlands: Dez Maarsen wins Tilburg Fietse Jam

It was a big contest weekend all over the world. In the Netherlands the Tilburg Fietst Jam took place. They did all kinds of smaller contests. Dez Maarsen won the "normal trick" contest ;-) Congratulations!

Bike limbo: Sytse Winkel
Fork glide race: Barre Neirynck
Scuff battle: Gilles van de Sompel

Normal tricks contest:
1st Dez Maarsen
2nd Gilles van de Sompel
3rd Gino Stuart

Photo: @sietsevanberkel IG

Japan: Shinichi Kiba wins KOG Round 2 and 2016 Series

Shinichi 'Russia' Kiba won the second round of the KOG 2016 in Yokohama, Japan yesterday. This year the KOG had 2 rounds which makes Mister Kiba the winner of the 2016 series. Double congratulations! You can find the full results and podium photos on G&B and the official KOG website.

1st Shinichi Russia Kiba
2nd Nao Yoshida
3rd Takahiro Ito

1st Nao Yoshida
2nd Takahiro Enoyoung Enoki
3rd Ryo Katagiri

1st Ryuga Matsumura
2nd Yuta Watanabe
3rd Shigeki Ouchi

1st Ryo Ishikawa
2nd Shun Ishikawa
3rd Takato Moriya

(only 2 entry)
1st Aya Ozaki
2nd Sona Watanabe

KOG Yearend Results 2016

1st Shinichi Russia Kiba
2nd Takahiro Ito
3rd Tomoaki Bekko Yoshimura

1st Takahiro Enoyoung Enoki
2nd Masashi Itani
3rd Yu Shoji

Japan: Thomas Noyer wins Bougnat Street Festival Contest

Congratulations Thomas Noyer! He won the Flatland contest at the Bougnat Street Festival in Clerment Ferrand, France this weekend. Jean Bulhon organized the contest in his hometown and made it to the podium as well. Thanks for sending the results!

1st Thomas Noyer
2nd Jean Bulhon
3-Rodolphe Clavelier
4th Romain Dodelier
5th Thomas Infantelino
6th Anne Sophie Chips

Photo: Jean Bulhon

Charles Paty - Windless III

This was amazing! Charles Paty's new edit is not exactly short but those 8 minutes are worth watching for sure. Expect the fastes spins on earth and water .. frontwheel, backwheel, grinds, a beaver .. it's all there! Enjoy!

If you can't get enough this is the third part of the windless video series - check the rest here.

Indonesia: 3 Flatland Events in October

It's going to be a busy flatland-October in Indonesia. There are 3 contests planned during the first 2 weeks of the month. All of them are part of bigger sports festivals. We couldn't find all the details yet but the posters and links to the websites are available in the event section:

September 30th - 2nd in Indonesia: Indonesia Open X-Sport Championship
October 6th - 12th in Indonesia: Tafisa Games 2016
October 12th - 15th in Indonesia: Indonesian International Urban Sports Festival

Do you know about events which are not listed yet? Submit them here.

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