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Sneak Peek: Colony Exon Tires

@flataustralia posted a photo of the new Colony Exon flatland tires. As you can clearly see the maximum pressure is 110 PSI and there was probably no way to write that even bigger ;-) They come as 20 x 1.75 and should be a great addition to the Colony Exon flatland range. More details are yet to be announced.

France: Perche Riding Festival Results and Footage

The Perche Riding Festival already took place 2 weeks ago. Congratulations to Thomas Noyer on his first place! There is a little video of the event with some footage of the flatland contest towards the end. It's not the most spectacular edit ever but check it out if you want to get an impression.

Top 3
1st Thomas Noyer
2nd Joris Bretagnolles
3rd Gurvan Le Bloc'h

Toyosu Jam Vol.8 Highlights + Next Jam Date

Yukipkoproject keep those Toyosu Jam edits coming. Here is the August edit! Super relaxed and fun to watch as always. Enjoy!

The September Toyosu jam is going to take place this weekend: Toyosu Jam Vol.9

Matthias wins FISE Edmonton + Dub wins 2017 Series

We have 2 winner today - Matthias won the finals of the FISE Edmonton on Sunday and Dub took the second place which gives him enough points to win the overall FISE World Series 2017. Congratulations!

You can watch the recording of the finals above. Enjoy!

Results Edmonton:
1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Jean-William Prévost
3rd Benjamin Hudson
4th Raphael Chiqeu
5th Alex Jumelin
6th Moto Sasaki

Watch FISE Edmonton Finals Live

On Sunday afternoon (North America) or evening (Europe) the flatland finals of the FISE Edmonton will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook. The Youtube player is embedded above. Set your timer and enjoy!

Scheduled time for flatland finals:
1:50pm – 2:40pm MDT (Edmonton) /​​ 21h50 – 22h40 CET (Paris)​ 

FISE Edmonton - Semi Finals Footage

The FISE crew is doing an excellent job again with live coverage of their stop in Edmonton. Matthias took the first place in the semi-finals. Find the recording of the complete semi-finals above and a link to Matthias run below. We'll post a link to the finals later.

Flat Pro Semi-Final Results
1st Matthias Dandois - watch his run here 
2nd Jean-William Prevost
3rd Alex Jumelin

Voodoo Jam 2017 - Pro Finals

Missed the live stream? No problem, Ride BMX put up raw footage of the Voodoo Jam Pro finals. 30 minutes featuring some of the best riders out there. Check it out!

Wheels and Fins: Results and Photos

Last weekend the Wheels and Fins Festival and flatland contest took place in the UK. Matti Hemmings was organizing the event and kindly shared some photos with us and the results. Dominik won the pro class followed by Lee and Davis which made it really international podium! Click here for a few more photos.

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Lee Musselwhite
3rd Davis Dudelis

1st Michal Pietruszeski
2nd Yinka Thomas
3rd Dino Jeffers

Matthias Dandois wins Voodoo Jam + Footage

Matthias did it once again! Congratulations on winning the Voodoo Jam 2017. The final battle was betweem him, Alex and Viki. The recordings of the live stream are available on the official Voodoo Jam facebook page.

1st Matthias Dandois 
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Viki Gonez
4th Raphael Chiquet
5th Jean William Prevost
6th Benjamin Hudson
7th Fumiya Kanna
8th Masato Ito
9th Yohei Uchino
10th Naoto Tamaru
11th Toon Pakphum
12th Terry Adams
13th Bo Wade
14th Gonzalo Belanti

Photo: @footprints_in_the_spam IG

Joel Schallhorn Show Reel

We admit it .. guilty of being a Joel Schallhorn fan! How can you be good at literally everything? Check this Show Reel of a professional all-round man.

"The culmination of what I've spent my life doing thus far. My life resume in a video. A bit long for a normal show reel but I don't care, come at me bro! I'll make another for more professional purposes, but this is the original.

This video shows my broad spectrum of skills and creativity within them also my education level (first and last clip). This video sums me up as a person. Every clip has been meticulously placed and has a purpose.

The video is a more serious parody from my favorite movie, Hot Rod. The some, the random words sprinkled in and the gut wrenching brick wall faceplant are all an ode to that movie.

Locations this video has been filmed: Elkhart IN, Columbus OH, Denver CO, Breckenridge CO, Santa Monica CA, Redding CA, Dalian China, Tianjin China, and Guangzhou China."

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