Original comment: The wait is over, I know usually I have an edit within the week of the jam but hey s**t happens.
10 years strong the #OneLoveJam2020 was held at the epic Newport Beach Spot. I’m not sure how many people showed up, the numbers are between 170-200.
All I have to say is thank y’all for making the journey and thank you to all the sponsors who have been holding down support from the beginning. Big S/O to Gabe and Matt Hoffman for donating a sick 2020 raw Big Daddy frame, Jay Marley for coming thru with the sickest flyers for all bmx events, Matt @Profile, Bizhouse, Poor Boy Steev, Fano @Primo BMXChad D @Deco BMX(thanks for stopping by) and to any of the sponsors I forgot because with out your there will be no OneLoveJam.
See y’all next year!

Film and Edit
Darin W

Upside Down-Diana Ross

Andrew Wickham
Ryan Russell
Mannie Nogueira
R Dog
Frank Ruiz
Joey Kyllo
Bobby Carter
Ahmed Johnson
Pete Brandt
Dane Beardsley

Posted: 3 years ago

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