The Idea in Brief - 2018


The Idea in Brief - 2018

Original comment: Joe Cicman - The Idea in Brief
The idea: Difficult, Dangerous, and Painful.

BMX Flatland Tricks that:
- Take a long time to capture.
- Need to be learned gradually to avoid catastrophe.
- Strain body parts that didn’t evolve for gripping.

JaffaWhip: in-front-of-the-bars, using ankles to grip the forks..
FajjaWhip: behind-the-bars, using knees to grip the bars..

These tricks were designed to be inaccessible to people unwilling to endure the pain to do them.
Let's see how long they remain exclusive content ;-)

This video project is a collaboration with Jim McKay, Executive Creative Director at JMK Pictures.

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Posted: 2 years ago

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