BMX | Ron Wilkerson v Mike Pardon |


BMX | Ron Wilkerson v Mike Pardon |

Original comment: - US BMX Pros against UK Pros First Time ever! The Kelloggs TV BMX Championship was a hugely popular TV Series hosted by Mick Brown and Andy Ruffell. The show was broadcast on the UKs Channel 4 in 1984 and 1985. The worlds biggest BMX racing stars from USA and Europe took part and it ran over six weeks at tracks all over the UK with a record Pro purse for the time. Old School stars like Stu Thomsen, Tim Judge, Richie Anderson, Gary Ellis, Eddie King, Andy Ruffell, Tim March, Geth Shooter, Andy Patterson, Brian Patterson, Nelson Chanady, Eric Rupe, Harry Leary, Tommy Brackens, Mike Miranda, Clint Miller, Greg Hill, Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez and may more took part over the two series..

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