Bike Check & Sesh - Etienne Bergeron's setup 2018 - BMX Flatland


Bike Check & Sesh - Etienne Bergeron's setup 2018 - BMX Flatla

Original comment: Here is the complete bike check of the new Flat setup I built recently. I just fell in love with the look of this bike. Thought that filming up big plans of it was enough to show you the perfect finition in its beautiful Flatland parts. The clips through the video were shot on my 2nd & 3rd session with the new bike. Hope you like it!

Here's the complete list of the components :
- Fishbone Rebel frame
- Fishbone Rebel fork
- Colony Teddy bars Mick Bayzand’s signature
- Odyssey Flatware stem 28 mm
- Krusher silver integrated headset
- Odi Longneck grips
- Odyssey Parends
- St-Martin EVO II crankset
- BSD Spanish silver bottom bracket
- Igi Sweetspot pedals
- Odyssey Intac seatpost
- Infinity KA Flatland seat
- S&M Tuffman sprocket
- Salt plus full link chain
- Alex DM22 rims
- Infinity front hub
- Federal V3 freecoaster hub
- S&M Trackmark 1.75 tires
- Igi black Microphones pegs, black tape, 7075 caps
- Igi silver Microphones pegs, clear tape, regular caps

Posted: 2 years ago

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