Original comment: This year Professional BMX Flatlander, Matti Hemmings was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his back. A career threatening injury, I caught up with Matti to discuss the injury, his lifestyle, recovery, what he's learnt from the incident, going private with operation and a whole lot more! This is a lilttle more indepth than the usual podcast so you definitely don't want to miss this!

00:53: Diagnosed with ruptured disc in back.

3:26: When did you start to think you had an issue with your back, as back injuries (pain) is quite common amongst flatlanders especially tall riders.

5:54: Deciding to go with private health care to get operation?

7:29: Was it quite stressful announcing the injury, dealing with sponsors and pulling out of shows?

8:50: Has the injury to your back made you question your lifestyle?

10:57: How long ago did you have the operation?

12:17: is it hard mentally being able to walk and to look physically fine to ride wth your bike just sitting there?

13:24: What is your recovery time?

14:07: What is Matti Hemmings doing to stay active during this injury down time?

15:03: Who are you sponsored by?

17:30: How much of your day is taken up with social media?

18:24: Mixing with celebrities like Pixie Lott and Peter Andre?

19:31: Where do you normally ride at when your injury free?

21:02: Besides BMX, I noticed you have a surfboard. Surfing? Tell us about it...

22:16: UK Flatland Championships in July?

27:13: You touched on the UK scene, and the struggle for new riders. Whats your feeling on that as a contest organiser?

30:19: Meeting Matti when he was 14 at NASS, big gap in his riding without competing. When did you start competing again?

32:26: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

33:24: What role has Matthew Dyer aka Denny played in your career?

35:18: Signature peg with Armour Bikes?

40:46: Moving back to contests. What's your opinion on the UCI now being involved with a move towards being an Olympic Sport?

46:08: We've had private judging sessions where we have judged riders, how has doing that changed your approach to riding contests?

50:25: Thank you's Matti to wrap this up?

Posted: 2 years ago

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