Original comment: I met Dan Margetts last week in Bristol for a flatland session. Dan was a regular on the UK contest flatland scene during the 2000's, and vanished all of a sudden. I said to Matti Hemmings, what happened to Dan? Find out more about this seedy fella who doesn't drink beer because it tastes like earwax.....

It seemed like the perfect time to find out what's going on with Dan and where his mindset is at. If you don't know Dan's riding, check the recent Worcester to Bristol edit out on Flatmattersonline!

00:57: Beginning riding in 1997

1:22: How did you get into flatland?

2:22: Being inspired by the early KHE videos.

2:52: Competing at King of Concrete

3:19: What did you feel like after competing for the first time?

4:22: What were your thoughts on the UK flatland scene growing up?

4:39: Who did you look up to riding wise growing up?

5:17: When did you start to create your own tricks and style?

6:01: What happened to Dan Margetts you were everywhere and then BOOM nowhere?

8:53: What was your first contest back?

9:53: The change of time, now less events, does that effect the flatland scene?

10:52: Long term plans if any?

11:05: Hows your riding spot now after being kicked off before?

11:57: Riding for KHE?

12:56: Growing up in the 2000 era do you miss print media?

13:47: What is flatland to you?

15:11: Following on from the DUB podcast, any contest rituals before your run?

16:37: If you could talk to the organiser of the UK flatland Championship (who is sat right behind camera) what format do you prefer? Three minute run or battle format?

18:07: What's a normal day for Dan Margetts?

19:12: Not drinking beer because it tastes like earwax?

19:29: What can we do differently top bring the UK flatland scene back?

20:27: Current bike set up?

21:19: Whats your preferred flatland surface to ride?

21:54: The floor fear?

22:11: Contest riding: how much of it is mentality?

23:07: Are you fussy about music at a contest?

23:50: Whats your opinion on the possibility of flatland going in the Olympics?

25:09: What tricks you working on nowadays?

26:32: Playing bass guitar, what music are you into?

27:17: Any final words and thank you's?

Posted: 4 years ago

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