Original comment: 2018 riding by Jean William Prévost, Part 1 of PURO FLAT video series entitled ''WINTER'' .

The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through Flatland before simplification for competitions and all other forms of it may it be shows or whichever...this is just me and the camera for the sake of the artform!!!

Here is a compilation of new tricks and / or combos filmed at Steve's house in Drummondville for the two months that I spent there during the blistering colds of this past winter dipping below -35 Celsius multiple times, sometimes weeks at a time! I would just have to walk down to the basement, get on my bike and ride!!! It's a house made especially for the practice of BMX Flatland, good way to spend winter time! I am especially happy with the last trick which will surely open doors to work around the bike pivoting on the pedals! Thanks for watching! Please like, comment and share with your friends!

Thanks Steve and much love!!
Song : Somebody Lonely and me - 2RAUMWOHNUNG (DJ KOZE Remix)

Posted: 2 years ago

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