Original comment: In December 2014, I got an email from George (Manos) asking me if I would like to send a few clips to the skateboarding group known as BA.KU. (Barrier Kult) as they offered to feature some clips of H E R E S Y riders in the friends section of their upcoming DVD. Being in contact for some time and having mutual respect for what we both do, some of us filmed a few moves in 2015 and sent the material. I had been willing to experiment with some lighting for some time and thought this was the chance to do something I had not done before with video. It was not about capturing rare tricks but just playing with lighting versus obscurity and spending a few hours one night by myself in a remote 2500 square meters warehouse on top of a hill, switching all lights off except for a halo. In the end, this footage didn't make it into the BA.KU. DVD so here it is. HALO.

EDITING : Sevisual
RIDING : Alexis Desolneux
FILMING: Alexis Desolneux
MUSIC : sunnO)))&Boris
"Blood Swamp", ALTAR, Southern Lord Records

Special thanks to Mathias Thomer and Cosanostra Skatepark (Chelles, France) for their precious help in this project.

Posted: 3 years ago

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