FTW 2018 Pre Jam


FTW 2018 Pre Jam

Original comment: Fight the Winter 2018 Flatland-BMX Contest presented by Automobilgruppe Siebrecht!
BMX Flatland Contest in Göttingen Master and Pro
600€ Pricemoney
First Stop of the German Flatland-BMX Championship 2018
Location: Kauf Park Göttingen, Am Kauf Park 2, 37079 Göttingen
Friday: 16.02.2018 Open Practice Day 10:00-19:00
Saturday: 17.02.2018 Contest Day 10:00-18:00
Registration: 10:00-11:00
Warmup: 10:00-12:00
Contest Beginn: 12:00
Contest floor: 16x7m OSB Indoor
DJ's: Bobby Bublé & Jimmy J. Jackson Junior
Host: Andy Menz
Judges: Frank Lukas, Michael Steingraeber & Sascha Heydeman
Hotels next to the Contest Area
Saturday Afterparty: The Breaks feat. Fight the Winter Aftershow at the jt-keller with free entrance for the riders
Thanks to all the Sponsors!
Kunstform BMX Shop
Oelle's Bike Service
Big Lebowski Streetwear
stay tuned... see you there!
Filmed with iPhone 5S edit by DasOwaL Productions
#CycleTeam #FightTheWinter #FightTheWinterStreetwear #OkkultBMX #MalakaBMX #WCCrew #HKKBMXTeam #StarbikeBMXTeam #BMXLife #GraffLife #LifeBehindBars #BooneAndBane #rideandsmile #ridewithfriends #4130Crew

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