DownUnderGround Bridport 10th June 2017


DownUnderGround Bridport 10th June 2017

Original comment: DownUnderGround round 2 took place back in Bridport Tasmania. It was in 2011 that the last DownUnderGround contest was held in the sea side town of Bridport. It was good to see the riders travelling from around Australia to attend.
The weekend was filled with good times starting with the bus ride out from Launceston to Bridport with all the riders in the bus.
The contest took place at the Bridport Aerodrome thanks to Flinders Island Aviation, a very unique location for sure. The spectator turnout was great with many people in Bridport coming out to watch. Semi retired flatland rider Damon Fox was there with his crazy weird bike for lots of people to ride which was a great opportunity to get people active.
The riding was crazy and the results were very tight, with consistency being one of the main deciding factors in the judging criteria. The whole weekend was great with it being like a road trip than a contest. Plans are underway for the possible return for 2018 to Bridport with round 3 the finals of this series, series 9 scheduled for Melbourne on the 25th November. Hope to see you there. Contest supported by Freestyle Now, Colony BMX and GAIN Protection, Solid Signs, Flinders island Aviation

Posted: 4 years ago

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