Chill Vibes


Chill Vibes

Original comment: Afternoon chill in my backyard spot.

This video is dedicated to my new friends back in our cebu trip last month.
Chris Böhm​ / Fumiya Kanna​ / Kevin Meyer​ / Khaled Huerta​ / Heesung Lee​ / Sebi Jaeger​ / Jamel EO​ / Rizal Ferrer Linao Jr.​ / Mario Rhaine / Ross Celino Rj​ / Anker Han Sam / Yan-Erika Pulvera​ / Jay Marquez Trinidad Jr.​ / Paulo Jerome L. Enguito​ / Arsen Zarate​ / Paul Daryl​ / Francis Claire​ / Andrew Cortes Pepito​ / Loy-loy Amongan Payupanin​

Thank you for the goodtimes my friends! see you soon.

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Posted: 3 years ago

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