Sakis Doumas - Master of Creativity 2016


Sakis Doumas - Master of Creativity 2016

Original comment: These are my best tries from the 6 new tricks i pulled during those 7 months.

There are tries from zero point to make each reality thats why i wanted to put some of them in this video to remember what happened at those 3 rounds and i added some bonus combos from warming up.

I was doing everyday yoga during the last round.This helped me to be flexible and strong to avoid injuries.
Also i am wearing 2 pairs of shinguards and one pair of kneepads for the last trick,which is my most difficult trick ever.I believe it cant be rolled more than 3-4 meters as you balance it only with your back and with no help from the feet.
My dream is to roll it out clean so i will work it this year.
For me flatland is about having fun,meet new friends,travel,and be yourself,i try to push my riding style through backweel pedal tricks as i think there are a lot of positions that are undiscovered.
Thank you

Posted: 5 years ago

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