Proseed Issue One - Side B


Proseed Issue One - Side B

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Juicy Vision's Proseed Issue One - Side B. Its been over 6 years since it was released, and theres no way to buy it now unless you live in Japan, and even then its hard to locate now. Theres a whole new generation of riders who will have never seen it and may never will, so I put it up here.

Juicy Vision doesn't seem to exist anymore but if theres anyone who has a problem with this being up, just send me a message.

日本人の方 - このビデオまだ日本で買えると思いますが、欧米人はこのDVDがもう買えないので、その人たちのためにアップロードしました。もちろんこれを反対したらご遠慮せずに連絡してください。その場合すぐ消します。

Posted: 4 years ago

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