SPORTS JAPAN - BMX Flatland [1080p HD]


SPORTS JAPAN - BMX Flatland [1080p HD]

Original comment: In BMX Flatland, riders compete on specially-adapted BMX bikes to show off an array of dazzling tricks on a flat arena. Tricks are executed by spinning and balancing on the bike in a variety of astonishing positions. Yohei Uchino, one of the world's top riders, shows us some of his incredible repertoire of skills, using all parts of the BMX as if it were an extension of his own body. He demonstrates what it takes to succeed on the BMX Flatland stage.
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The World Samurai Summit
At the World Samurai Summit recently held in Nagoya, the main events were a reenactment battle involving members of the public and experts in full 16th century samurai armor, and one-on-one duels. Ben Sharples, a classical martial arts enthusiast from the UK, takes part for the first time. He fails to qualify for the one-on-one combat, but joins the group battle, vowing to make it to the individual combat next year.

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