Experimental Sessions - Bicycular Dyslexia


Experimental Sessions - Bicycular Dyslexia

Original comment: A common trend this past year is I have chosen trick concepts and focused on them for a few months to see what I can learn and create. I've done wall tricks (2 videos), decades out of tricks, pegless, ground rails, and maybe some more. I like to do this to force myself in a new direction and apply what I know to a new format.

Many years ago a realized that if I want to link any of my backwards tricks with forwards tricks fluidly I have to do forward switch to get into backwards regular. So I've always had a natural proclivity to doing some tricks switch and opposite. Some tricks I actually feel more comfortable switch. Knowing this I've always wanted to spend time focusing on tricks either way but it's kind of a daunting task. Simple tricks become incredibly hard again. Well 4 months ago, after my pegless video project, I needed a new project so I decided that the time is now!

This video documents the tricks I've learned both ways and combos where I switch directions in the middle. For all tricks done either way I made sure to film the 2 on same day, same camera angle (sometimes same clip) as to show that it is true switch/oppo. No camera tricks and image reversal.

I feel like this project really helped me as a rider, gave me a new kind of bike control, expanded my repertoire and gave me a new realm of tricks, modifiers, and links to work with. One can double their tricktionary by learning everything the other way. Eventually I will do a part 2 of this. I really enjoyed this project and is probably one of my more satisfying projects.

Posted: 6 years ago

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