Freestylin 1


Freestylin 1

Original comment: My buddy Rock came with me on session one night, Turns out he's pretty good behind the lens, picked up my camera and started filming. This goofiness was the result!
I created a new aerobic activity, rapping a song while doing technical combos. Harder than you'd think! I challenge you to try it! The key is technical, not long hang-5 junk, we aren't in kindergarten here! Go out and have fun!!

1. I did not crap my pants! The ground is dirty and cliffhangers do that. especially to bright green pants like that.
2. Just because I know all the lyrics to Juicy J's songs does NOT mean snort Xanax and stuff. I find his music enjoyable out of its absurdity.

Posted: 3 years ago

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