UK Flatland BMX Championships 2016 GoPro Highlights


UK Flatland BMX Championships 2016 GoPro Highlights

Original comment: UK Flatland BMX Championships was created in 2011 founded by Matti Hemmings a Professional Flatland BMX from the UK with over 18 years of experience to bring the best BMX athletes from around the world to showcase them on the highest platform possible to create a high energy competition for all to enjoy. The team has grown since the start This competition Athletes travel to UK Champs within the UK but in previous years we have had over 15 countries represented. The spectators enjoy the energy of this event and how unique the sport is. The riders go head to head for a intense battles to be crown the UK champion.
Flatland BMX focuses on performance doing tricks and stunts. As the name suggests, on a flat ground with limited space, the participant moves along slowly, balancing him/herself while pulling out various kinds of tricks. On both sides of the wheel, there are 4 pegs in where the rider can place his feet. While placing his/her feet on the pegs, holds the handle and seat in different kinds of positions to perform some of the most difficult and out of this world tricks.

Posted: 6 years ago

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