The LasT RidE


The LasT RidE

Original comment: IN a day and age where owning an exotic car or a super bike is the new trend, there are those who have still not forgotten the roots from where these vehicles started.

There was a time when Cycles were a mode of transport, today they are on the verge of extinction. But through Television and Internet people are exploring new horizons for the use of cycles like Flat Land, Trails and exercise.

This documentary is on a few people (SharpTune) who have taken the sport of FlatLand seriously and in-spite of not having the facilities are still doing their share for the sport in India by spreading it across the country and teaching people. Before the cycle becomes extinct and a thing of the past.

Director : Waldron Fernandes
Shot by : Waldron Fernandes, Siddhesh Nair, Sharptune. (Some footage has been taken from google and youtube)
Sound: Kondrad Rodrigues
Music: Danosongs (Royalty free)

This video is not intended for any commercial purpose.

Posted: 5 years ago

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