Profile Z Coaster Test - GoPro HERO 4 - Shawn White


Profile Z Coaster Test - GoPro HERO 4 - Shawn White

Original comment: Testing the Profile Z Coaster ! One Word Insane! A+ Perfect all the way around! Made in Florida USA ! 2 Functions 1 hub BMX has Needed this for a long time! Invest in the best! Hit up DAN's Comp and get one Today!

Putting it to the Test! Forward and Backward on the Pedals on the pegs, Not one Problem. No pedal skip! When stepping on the pedal it Engaged smooth No crunching sound, works perfect!

After riding hubs that went south on me, Had to adjust to a perfect hub! I Bought this hub, Was not free! was not paid to do this, My 100% opinion and Love of the Product !

Now lets talk Tricks! I dropped a No Handed Roll back in this EDIT ! Original Trick, There is a Long List of Roll Backers ! Bob Haro "first guy to do them inspired by Any Given Sunday" Rick Moliterno "Standard Bikes" Kurt Schmidt,Trey Leeper, And Chuck Johnson 'Mr. Backwards" Inventor or the Reverse Hub ! after that long list of Roll Backers I am happy to say and Proud I did No Handed First ! Much Respect to the Riders who Inspire ! Sean McKinney always called me "No Handed was the name they Gave me" and Still No Hands!

Go Ride !

Check out the SUN ENVY Rim and Spokes and More!
Big Thanks to Matt Coplon over at Profile!
Big Thanks to Rayn and Frank over there at DAN's !
Super Stoked to get the Ultimate Wheel going !
Can you make a better wheel? That will never Happen !

Profile Z Coaster - How To build a Freecoaster back wheel

Profile Z Coaster Unboxing

Unboxing DAN's Comp!

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