Experimental Sessions - Playing With Fire


Experimental Sessions - Playing With Fire

Original comment: October 2014 - Dalian, China
This was my first contract in the stunt industry. definitely a trial by fire (no pun intended). I had this idea from the get go, I wanted to ride flatland on fire! My boss, Red Horton, told me if I learned all the roles possible for me he'd let me. So I learned 9 out of 11 total roles and appropriate stunts for each role. The 2 I didn't learn I couldn't, I'm not a woman for one and I can't jump a motorcycle 30 feet for the other. but I did learn to crash a motorcycle through fire! That was bonus! most don't learn that, but I went hard. Anyway, this was 2 weeks before the end of the 8 month contract.
The suit I'm wearing is a 5 layer fire resistant suit soaking in water along with the hat. All this posed a serious mobility issue so I couldn't get super tech so I kept it simple.
Thank you Red and my team for the support!
The comedic relief is Brodie and James, the loosest cunts I know.

Posted: 7 years ago

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