Chad DeGroot Deco Day inside a Penske Truck


Chad DeGroot Deco Day inside a Penske Truck

Original comment: My first GO FUND ME project to raise money to fix my local park called Candyland started in November of 2015. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. But with the blessing of the city and tons of thumbs up it all started. Want to thank every person, every dollar, and all who helped in this project to make it awesome. Donations from this and in store at Mr. B’s plus fund raising from DecoBMX/Mr. B’s/ Billy Richardson and all of you has reached $2706.02 and thank you all. With materials, transportation, and some unforeseen costs total needed to be raised is $3900 so that puts us $1193.98 short. I had additional expenses flying up to State College to rent a Penske truck to trek it back to Longwood. …sorry for the delay but this is a process. Serious problems here and there but all handled. So once we dropped the obstacles off I still had the truck for a few more days. Offered it to a few people to use for moving or other, but no one took me up on this. Then it rained one day and the idea to ride inside it blossomed. Check out and know this project was far from easy, but it did work and brought smiles to our community. And in the end I got a quick session in one of the tightest areas I have ever ridden in. Enjoy. -Chad D @chaddegroot

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Posted: 7 years ago

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