The Clocktower Tales


The Clocktower Tales

Original comment: In July I traveled to San Francisco to seek advice from Pete Brandt--one of the world's most indomitable flatland riders, and someone who has innovated and redefined the state of the art for over twenty years. He's also one of only a select few worldwide who can do blenders. A rider's spot is more than just a parking lot or an empty court; it's the landscape that helps define his or her riding and shapes people's perception of said rider. The Plywood Hoods had the Pit, Austin has the OG, Martti had the sterile basement; Pete's spot at the Embarcadero Clocktower is equally legendary and is one I dreamed of being able to session at ever since I started riding a decade ago.
My quest for the blender still continues on, but riding with Pete at the Clocktower and hearing him personally tell me I'm close might prove to be the motivation I need as I enter my 11th year of riding.
These are The Clocktower Tales.

Posted: 6 years ago

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