BMX School Stunt Shows


BMX School Stunt Shows

Original comment: Are you looking for an educational BMX school assembly that will capture your pupils attention? BMX Flatland school assembly show provides an energetic and choreographed show, that your pupils will truly enjoy and learn from.

The shows are educational and will grab the pupils attention, with a unique format that incorporates the bike tricks with positive messages in an inspirational talk, that encourage's pupils to stay healthy, fit and active not just within cycling but can relate to other areas and life styles. Along with remembering cycle safety, always wearing a helmet and the importance of practice and getting back up if you don't get things first time.

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Mobile: 07816984036
Twitter / Instagram @mattihemmings

Filmed & edited:
Burning Chariot Ltd.
Tel: +44 7481 722273 (Dir. Ben Morgan)
Tel: +44 7581 193098 (Dir. Owain Lewis)

Posted: 6 years ago

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