Experimental Sessions - The Wall (Part 2)


Experimental Sessions - The Wall (Part 2)

Original comment: In a burst of creativity I decided to play with and expand my wall tricks. As you can see I had a LOT of fun making this video!!! Because that's what BMX is, FUN!

Often times people take their riding seemingly too seriously. Like there has to be a certain formula or format to tricks. I won't name names but I was told by an individual who shares a name similarity to Deadpool, that certain of my common tricks simply don't belong in contests, well that individual only does peg wheelies and decades so I wasn't too worried. But that's a case in my point, this individual took it too seriously to the point certain tricks others do are unacceptable. Well that kind of close mindedness in our art should be unacceptable. We're all twirling and dancing on child sized bikes, remember that.

I dedicate this video to people who have fun riding, for the soul riders out there wanting to create not emulate. The ones that understand the meaning of BMX, a form of freedom, physically and creatively that should be done for the enjoyment. Whether you're a hobbyist or full time professional, don't lose your love and passion for the fun aspect of riding. Furthermore don't be clouded with a superficial objectification of an otherwise fundamentally creative and subjective sport.

And of course, I dedicate this video to my wall and walls everywhere.

filmed April 22, 2016

Posted: 6 years ago

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