Experimental Sessions - The Daily Grind


Experimental Sessions - The Daily Grind

Original comment: Filmed in early 2015 right before I left for China, I experimented with x-hand, x-foot, oppo and more to find new unique ways to grind. I had many more ideas in the works but didn't get to them all in the short time I had.

The ender grind is SUPER sketchy I know, but I did make it on the ledge then slipped off. It's a so so land. I'll refilm it someday for any nit pickers that would claim it wasn't pulled. That took me like half an hour to get. So frickin hard!! So please don't judge to harsh.
the final clip is just 3 ways I can do stem boomerangs back to back. I Love the trick, feels so good!
I hope you enjoy these ideas :) Now go ride your bike!!

Posted: 6 years ago

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