Jonathan Camargo BMX Flatland Colombia


Jonathan Camargo BMX Flatland Colombia

Original comment: BMX Flatland Colombia Bogota Jonathan Camargo deportista de BMX, deportes en Bicicleta,Starbike,deporte extremo,año 2015,patrocinadores, Saeta Sport, Monster energy,Community BMX,trucos en bmx,@jonathanbmxflat,facebook /jonathanbmxflat,eventos,espectáculos deportivos,comerciales.

Corte de vídeo N0 2 para Starbike Colombia.

Colombia flatland in south america , athlete Jonathan Camargo, tricks bmx, flatland , sports shows . sponsor, Saeta sport and monster energy. Xtreme Sport. world,sports action from all over the world. 2015.

Posted: 7 years ago

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