Experimental sessions The Wall


Experimental sessions The Wall

Original comment: It's been 3 days and already have a new edit. Totally different style. I slammed my seat to try new things, got distracted and this happened. All filmed in 1 session at Evolve Action Sports Park. Experimenting with ideas.
To me doing the same thing over and over again is boring. One of my favorite quotes is "Consistency is the last refuge for the unimaginative." I want to be consistent as rider in the sense that I can recall and land my tricks consistently, but I don't want to do the same things consistently for years and years and years. by switching up styles, trying new tricks, or old tricks in a new way that further reinforces the original idea thus resulting is consistency in the latter sense.
So by progressing you become consistent in the sense of landing tricks. It's a common idea in the educational field, progression reinforces older skills. You didn't get better by reading the same dr suess book for 20 years, NO you took that knowledge and skill then moved on to harder more complicated books, thus making you better at reading. This applies to flatland fully.
As a flatlander I want to contribute to the progression of our sport by bringing something new to the table, break through the walls of what is "normal" riding.
Well I hope you all like this video and the ideas presented!!! YAY BIKES!!!

Lastly, trap music sounds like a gangster haunted house music. It's horrible!!

Posted: 7 years ago

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