Brian Tunney BMX flatland: Insta Smith


Brian Tunney BMX flatland: Insta Smith

Original comment: Growing up, one of my all-time favorite tricks was a smith decade. About ten years ago, I took my back brakes off because maintaining them was a pain in the butt and I wanted a more simplistic approach to my bike setup. But I lost that one trick. This past summer, after a few dreams of doing that trick, I learned the brakeless version but wanted to incorporate more of the past and present into my riding, so I marched to Empire BMX and reinstalled a gyro, back brakes and all of the ridiculous detachable cable guides that come with my bike. The result has been a very good re-connection of me with my 15-year-old self. These are but a few of the things I've filmed with back brakes, '80s inspiration and abundant, humid sunshine in the past few months. More is on the way soon, thanks for watching.

Posted: 7 years ago

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