"Thriving In Decay" - a film by Pat Fisher


"Thriving In Decay" - a film by Pat Fisher

Original comment: Interweaving movement and narrative, “Thriving in Decay” examines the relationship between large-scale cycles of decay and the historical development of BMX and skateboarding. Having a solid understanding of how BMX and skateboarding have been influenced in the past is crucial for their development in the future, since popular over-simplifications can easily lead participants astray from addressing those factors which matter most...

This film is just one part to the larger Building Gnarnia project. Check out for more videos, articles, and a peak at the full-length book.

If you missed the introduction to the larger Building Gnarnia project, you can watch "Project Teaser #1 - Contextualizing" at

Lastly, this film was created created for others passionate about the future of BMX and skateboarding. If you would like to help, please visit

Hope you enjoy!
~ pat fisher

Posted: 6 years ago

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