Ukraine Scene Report


Ukraine Scene Report

Daniel Fuhrmann visited the Ukraine this year to check out the flatland scene over there. He would like to share his impressions with you and wrote down the highlights of his trips.

"How often have you heard about BMX-Flatland in the Ukraine? Never before? So I think it is very interesting to write some words about it.
I remember last year I got a message over ICQ: ´Hello my name is Vitaly from Kiew and I ride your bike! (KHE dafunction)´. It was a very nice feeling, because the Ukraine was a very strange country for me and someone in this country rides my bike! The first conversion was the beginning of a friendship and we wrote a lot of messages, nearly every day. I remember one day in winter..." read the whole article.

Daniel also sent a bunch of photos: Ukraine Scene Gallery

Posted: 49 years ago

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