New KHE BB-cup - AFFIX® bush system


New KHE BB-cup - AFFIX® bush system

Some high tech news of KHE:

At the moment we are testing a new kind of BB-cup which features the „patent pending” AFFIX® bush system and the proven quality of igus® bush bearings. These bush bearings, named iglidur® are principally used in the industry, primarily on permanently running applications at high temperatures.

The AFFIX® bush system features strong alloy cups to get the most resistant end-product. One alloy cup including the iglidur® bush bearing weights only 36g/ 0.079lbs. Compared to a regular MidBB (including spacers), the AFFIX bush system saves 120g/ 0.265lbs, while it´s more durable and maintanance-effortless.

We plan to offer the AFFIX® bush system for Mid BB, Spanish BB & Euro BB. A pic of the new system assembled on a bike: click here.

Ok, if you have problems trying to figure out the difference between iglidur and igus and affix then the point is: you can save another 100g with those cool new bearing ;-)

Posted: 49 years ago

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