Global-flat: Forum Usernames and Password


Global-flat: Forum Usernames and Password

Dear global-flat forum members,

1st Passwords: we thought it might be time for a ´heads up´ on the forum. Here are three general security hints for you:
- use a strong password, a guidelines for password creation can be found here
- don´t use the same password for all your accounts (forum, email, ebay..)
- change your passwords from time to time. It won´t hurt ;-)

2nd Usernames: today we would like to ask you to change your usernames ( itīs voluntarily). The forum is very anonymous at the moment and we would like to change that. Please, if possible, change your username to your real first and last name or at least your first name. A couple of members already set a good example and we also have a short tutorial online: how to change your username and password.

3rd Activity: if you like our community, we would like you to get active and use the tools that the forum offers. This includes the Report Button, and friendly PMs to your forum moderators.

In addition, we would also like to remind all users of the forum rules. With your help Global-Flat and the forum will stay a great community!

Posted: 50 years ago

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