Ticos Jam by Manuel Prado


Ticos Jam by Manuel Prado

The fifth annual Ticos Jam made history in Latin America. Local and international riders were thrilled with the event on Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th in San Jose, Costa Rica. Ticos Jam is one of the largest flatland BMX jams on the planet.
Some of the best riders in the world came to Ticos Jam to throw down trick after trick. Pros had 3 sessions of about 20 minutes each to show their best moves to the Costa Rican riders, spectators, and local TV. Names like Chase Gouin, Scott Powell, Justin Miller, Terry Adams, Alex Jumelin, Raphael Chiquet, Alain Masabova and spectator favorite, Matthias Dandois, were all there to have a good time.
Local riders from Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela were motivated to push their level of riding. During the final contest, the difference from last year´s level to this year´s was noticeable across the board. This means that Ticos Jam is serving its purpose; to keep the riders busy doing what they love most, riding their bikes.
For some, the Jam started a week prior. Some riders were in Costa Rica 7-10 days before the main event. Most went to Sámara Beach. In Sámara, the media scheduled many photo and video shoots, capturing world-class riding against a lush, tropical backdrop unique only to Costa Rica. There were many things to do besides riding flatland. Sea kayaking, snorkeling, body boarding, and canopy zip line tours, and surfing were also enjoyed on the trip. The days spent at the beach were fun. These trips are becoming part of what makes Ticos Jam a unique event. Each year we explore a different part of Costa Rica and share the experience with fans around the world. We hope to see you there next year!

Posted: 49 years ago

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