Global-flat: New Spot Section


Global-flat: New Spot Section

We´re proud to unleash the latest feature today. Straight outta global-flat coding lab comes the Spot Database.

Well what can you do with this first version of the spot database ? First of all you should add your own spots. Then you may want to invite your friends who are riding there, too. They can put their names on the list of riders of the spot. Present your local scene!

If you are riding a spot like the Green Mile in London then you probably have tons of photos and YouTube videos of your spot. Why don´t you attach them to your spot ? Just 2 clicks and the rest of the world can see what´s going on in your town.

Oh, you can´t see your own spot anymore ? Wait a few days until the first spots were added. Then you may want to try the search to find other spots in your area. It may be cold or wet outside these days so you may want to search for roofed spots only ;-)

If you notice any problems please drop us an e-mail:

Posted: 50 years ago

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