Remax Fieldcontrol results + more


Remax Fieldcontrol results + more

Oops, Matthias did it again and won another contest this year. This time it was the Remax Fieldcontrol contest in Portugal:

1st Matthias Dandois (France)
2nd Jesse Puente (USA)
3rd Frank Lukas (Germany)
4th Raphaël Chiquet (France)
5th Alexis Desolneux (France)

1st Bento Galado (Portugal)
2nd Vojtech Drda (Czech Republic)
3rd Wilson Benavides (Colombia)
4th Manuel Zamudio (Spain)
5th João Duarte (Portugal)

So far we gathered only a few photos of the empty location but more photos and footage will follow.

On the left side you can see some japanese ladies at the Special Element contest. Laurent was so kind to submit some impressions: boys and girls.

Posted: 49 years ago

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