BIDC Tour 2007: Chris Böhm takes the lead


BIDC Tour 2007: Chris Böhm takes the lead

Yesterday the 4th station of the Battle in da Club Tour 2007 took place in Braunschweig, Germany. Unfortunatelly a few invited riders weren´t able to come or got stuck in endless traffic jams. So instead of 16 riders only 12 battled for the valuable tour-points. Chris Böhm was still suffering from a cold but made his way to the final battle against Markus Reich and won it! Waldemar Fatkin didn´t come to the battle so he earns no points for the ranking and Chris is going to take his 1st place of the tour ranking. Results of station 4:

1st Chris Böhm
2nd Markus Reich
3rd Dan Hennig
4th Benjamin Großjohann

Photos of station 4 are online, too: BIDC Station 4 gallery.
Sascha Heydemann presented the brand-new and first Mankind flatland frame. It´s still a secret prototype but I took a spypic ( oops, this one ).
By the way if you need a new frame then don´t miss the raffle on A KHE Tantra with BIDC paintwork is waiting for you.

Posted: 49 years ago

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