Dub - Puro Flat 3


Dub - Puro Flat 3

Dub has a little goodie for us in the xmas season:

"2018 riding by Jean William Prévost, Part 3 of PURO FLAT video series filmed during Summer and Fall. The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through The Flatland. Filmed at 3 spots in Canada and 2 more in spots in Japan and China.

There are 2 new tricks I`m really happy with in this edit, some new combos and the rest of it layed out with some chill vibes until the end. I hope you enjoyed the PURO FLAT series. Don't hesitate to follow, like or comment on my videos on my channel."

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Posted: 2 years ago

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