Germany: Dominik Nekolny wins 100 PSI


Germany: Dominik Nekolny wins 100 PSI

Dominik won the 100 PSI contest in Germany for the second year in a row. Congratulations! This year the weather didn't play along but local rider Andy Menz saved the day with his cozy indoor spot. Check out the awesome video by Dustyn Alt who must have been quite busy filming and making it to the podium. 

1st Dominik Nekolný
2nd Mates Tuček
3rd Dustyn Alt
4th Wolfgang Sauter
5th Martin Drazil
6th Markus Schwital
7th Michal Kupec
8th Markus Reich
9th John Krämer
10th David Hoffmann

1st Benny Hill
2nd Benedict Zartost
3rd Steffen Peter
4th Malte Orth
5th Florian Kluth
6th Maik Speer aka El Murray
7th Julia Preuß
8th Selina Tov
9th Michael Bezold
10th Elisa Düngler
11th Felix Düngler

Posted: 2 years ago

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