New Events: Battle Square, Tarti Flat and KTGM Jam


New Events: Battle Square, Tarti Flat and KTGM Jam

We've added a bunch of great events to our list today. First of all the Snipes Battle Square in Rotterdam, Netherlands on August 4. It's kind of a kick-off event for a series which will feature 7 events in 2019. The pro class of this first event seems to be invitation-only while the amateur class is open. Check out the press release for more information. We can't wait for the 2019 series - this project sounds very promising!

Next up is the Tartiflat jam in Annecy, France at the first weekend of September. The concept evolves around French cheese, tricks and good humor: "On Saturday, jam and challenges at the spot of Les Villards-sur-Thônes: Reblochon and Tomme (local cheese) to win. Then in the evening, the aperitif and tartiflette will be served in the room near the spot. Sunday, hangover session at Paquier on Annecy lake sides."

The 9th edition of the KTGM Jam will take place on September 15 in Budapest, Hungary: "Riders from all around Europe will meet up on the huge spot of KTGM (3500m2, 38000ft2) for the weekend, crowned by the JAM on Saturday, to train, chill and get motivated. On Saturday afternoon, everyone can be part of the best trick contest. The top 3 riders can put their hands on the high-value prizes and the awesome trophies."

Posted: 4 years ago

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