FISE Reims Results + Photos


FISE Reims Results + Photos

FISE Reims took place last weekend. It was the second stop of the Coupe the France. Congratulations to Kevin Jacob on his victory!

Djou Nien kindly shared his photos with us. Check out the gallery: FISE Reims 2018

1st Kevin Jacob
2nd Raphael Chiquet
3rd Thomas Noyer
4th Anatole Rahain
5th Varo Hernandez
6th Romain Dodelier
7th Joris Bretagnolles
8th Etienne Giraud

1st Jean Michel Chauvel
2nd Roman Mitride
3rd Gregory Gonzalez
4th Romain Labroche

Photo: Djou Nien

Posted: 1 year ago

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